• Really glad to support all of you here at FDL! Just got my call this morning – since I missed the one last night lol. I thought it was a telemarketer because I keep getting calls from all over the US about how I’ve won cruises and all this other stuff. Anyway, love the slogan too – Independent Media. Kick-Ass Activism. Awesome!

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    As Americans begin to lose their rights to collectively bargain in Wisconsin (h/t DDay) and with the economy still reeling with a hefty 8.9% unemployment rate through February, it makes me shake my head when I see my friends on certain social networking sites advocating Gas Strikes and the like. We’re dealing with a ton of issues [...]

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    Well Ruth, I’m thinking pretty much the same thing. Trying to rethink how government should be run, and coming up with possible ideas. My last diary post is about how we need to find a way to get leaders who are actually good at leading, in that they actually help the society they represent, but [...]

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    It sounds so obvious: whatever job a person has, they ought to to it well. Thus, those best suited to perform a certain task should do so. Thus, one’s merit should determine whether or not they take on the responsibility of performing any such work in a given field. This is the basis for Meritocracy. [...]

  • So if one had any small bit of money that they would be trying to save away for oh, I don’t know, things like college and stuff… where would one want to have their money these days? Under the rug? Jeez… that seems like it’s the only way to keep from getting f@$#ed out of it one way or another….
    This is very, very depressing :(

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    That’s not the first time that idea was suggested. Maybe I should think about going that route instead of being the next Nader/”spoiler”…. lol

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    I’m glad I checked out this post. Great read, freesociety. More people need to realize the direction we’re heading, and you lay out our current path very well. Definitely deserves to be on the front page. Aslo, as far as all the CIA stuff goes, it’s scary how effective they were at toppling our own [...]

  • I’d do it, but I have no credibility. Got a long way to go (maybe I’ll be alright when I have a PhD) before that happens but I’m damn sure ready to start pushing back against all this crap.

  • How is Obama NOT being threatened with impeachment by now? We need to get his arse out of the WH before he REALLY does some damage. Oh wait…

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    The timing of the charges being brought up is what makes it all very suspicious. It’s also not too fair that these girls WANTED to have consensual sex with him, and then, in the course of the act, changed their minds. I understand their worry over possible STDs, but I disagree with their intent to forever label Assange a sex-offender because of broken condoms.

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    Thanks! I’m glad FDL’s linking tools were easy to figure out, since it’s the first site I’ve ever decided to try and somewhat-regularly blog on. Anyway, you’re right. I thought I was getting a little too long winded so I decided to cut it where I did. I plan to continue blogging, though, and that’s [...]

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    I’m hoping that more of my generation will start to catch on. I talk to my friends about this stuff and they agree that we need something different. The problem is figuring out what that something is. I’m working on idea that might eventually lead to that something, however, so I’ll be posting more on [...]

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    I may be young, but I think I have a pretty good BS detector when it comes to people trying to tell me the “facts”. It’s probably not too surprising that I rarely watch the news anymore, then. Not to say that I was not interested in what was going on in the world, it’s [...]

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    One question… what ever happened to Civil Disobediance? when are we gonna get people together and start making the Corporation to experience some fear for once? They keep making us try to shit our pants and we just sit around and take it… Civil Disobediance is brilliant and probably just what we’re gonna need now [...]

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    @ubetchaiam: I forgot to note in my post that I do not mean Transcendence by it’s traditional definition. I use it as a sort of substitute for Life and/or Consciousness. It is pretty much to emphasize the awesomeness of our ability to be compassionate and sentient, which I think is what makes us transcendent beings as [...]

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