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  • iphelgix commented on the diary post Black Bloc — or Black Water? by Jane Stillwater.

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    actually…funny you should mention footwear:


    “In August 2007, Quebec police admitted that “their officers disguised themselves as demonstrators.” On these occasions, some were identified by genuine protesters because of their police-issue footwear.”

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    for whomever has the time to dig, might want to start cross referencing G8 summit violence.

  • iphelgix commented on the diary post Have They Stopped Calling Us “Firebaggers” Yet? by EdwardTeller.

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    i wouldn’t say i’m happy about this eventuality, by any stretch… but i’m satisfied that realization is now smouldering One thing i’ve noted: Income/wealth distribution inequity being rampant and a problem seems to have been conceeded by all sides. So i’m waiting for MSM ( or anyone with a voice ) to start asking “what [...]

  • iphelgix wrote a new diary post: We, The People?

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    Short and not so sweet but: While the senate passed ( 63-35 ) a bill that would slap duties on products from countries with undervalued currency ( eg…China ), Boehner has stated the house won’t take up the bill. All fine and dandy in isolation, until you take into consideration the Chinese govn’t lobbying effort to kill [...]

  • iphelgix commented on the diary post Words to Live By by Vote Socialist.

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    i must confess to coming to this diary strictly on screen name alone, and i’m not disappointed :) now to the meat: I’m not sure changing the verbiage presented by either political party can counter the complete capture of our political system by business interests without cleaning house.it just means you’ll get fewer headaches while [...]

  • iphelgix commented on the diary post One Dimensional Checkers by iphelgix.

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    the only way to influence political discourse is to make it politically painful for people not to listen to you. this has been a sticking point on the left due to fear of harm when the ‘other’ is in power. SOTUS appointments, women’s reproductive rights and myriad other swords of damocles are dangled over us [...]

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    Fair enough, we are no longer his base. He does, however, occupy the top spot of the party that nominally counts on progressives for support. I suppose it’s not fair for me to single out Obama. Our political system has been subsumed for decades ( about 3, depending on if you want to start counting [...]

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    Labor Party…It’s hard to make labor a dirty word, and it already has a brand attached ( albeit from England ) that evokes some strong progressive ideals?
    I’m voting green up and down the ticket where available again. Fun times.

  • iphelgix wrote a new diary post: One Dimensional Checkers

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    So i’d started with the title, intent on going a different direction, however in the course of it I have come to a rather sad conclusion: Yes, our POTUS plays 11 dimensional chess. The only trouble is, he’s playing against his base. We are the ones who are being outmanouvered at every turn. Healthcare being [...]

  • iphelgix commented on the diary post The Next Financial Crisis Will Make the Last One Look Like a Church Picnic. by cmaukonen.

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    I’m not sure they really want to win this one. I’m not arguing that they aren’t trying to tank the economy again, but I think they’ll find that this method will pop the wheels of free-range capitalism as the desired mode of economic transportation. In other words, they should be careful what they wish for. [...]

  • It’s not gerrymandering per se, it’s vote splitting. There’s one dominant right leaning party and splintered left leaning ones. I’d expect to see a dominant NDP ,should they not squander this opportunity, in about 4 years time ( once they bleed off a smidge more of the Lib’s support ).

  • iphelgix commented on the diary post ElBaradei – If Israel Again Attacks Gaza, Egypt Might Declare a State of War by EdwardTeller.

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    I think they’re referring to the Joint Defence and Economic Co-operation Treaty of 1950 signed by the Arab League.

  • iphelgix commented on the diary post In Defense of the Jews by vector56.

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    I don’t support my governments policy in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan but i’m only recently in the majority on that front and fully expect those policies to change. The military does at it is told by the government ( yes, like here ) and the government do what the people tell them to do ( [...]

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    I’m afraid I don’t buy the “its the govn’t, not the people” argument. Not enough of the population of Israel find the treatment of Palestinians abhorrent enough to stop their government from behaving in the manner that they do.

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    Figure out how to convince people to stop voting against their own interests and you’ll have put a big crack in this particular nut…

    Using moral issues as a means to getting people to vote against their overall best interests has been highly successful, from what I can tell.

    Campaign contributions don’t vote, people do.

  • iphelgix commented on the diary post The “Gaza Youth Breaks Out” Manifesto – How Genuine Is It? by EdwardTeller.

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    It’s not uncommon for people and organizations to publically claim one thing ( “Fuck everyone” in order to win popular support ) while doing something entirely different ( accepting funding from the list of people they told to go fuck themselves ). Politicking aside, I can imagine the people made to suffer are sick to [...]

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    Stunted victories i’m afraid. Fiddling around the edges while the core issues collapse this once great nation. Wealth disparity-increasing at a breakneck pace. Living wages increasingly difficult to find. The greatest heist of middle class retirement funds with not a perp walk in sight ( don’t wave Bernie at me, the only reason he got [...]

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    Huh, and interestingly enough the insider trading probe appears focused on bit players who cut into the big fishes pie. FSM help us, because our government surely won’t.

  • If there is a comparable push to provide third/fourth/nth party choices, flat out primarying Obama ( to win, pushing people places they don’t want to go never works ) is a great stop-gap. Obama is merely the head of a government that no longer serves the needs of the majority of it’s constituents. He is [...]

  • iphelgix commented on the diary post Bernie Sanders Is Standing Up to the Economic Elite: A Real American Hero by one_outer.

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    Called my Senator ( Boxer ) asking her to support Bernie in speaking for the middle class and poor of our nation. I hope more do similar.

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