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    Great Post! People don’t realize what this could mean. Just a few people basically would be running our Government and acting like dictators over us. This should be unconstitutional but our constitution means less everyday as it is. If people think now we no longer have a government of the people see what it would [...]

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    August Third will be a preview of our future whether they increase the debt cieling or not. They will not have solved one problem and only made things worse by not attacking the underlying problems that caused the debt and deficits. We won’t be bringing in any more money, spending less, and our economy will [...]

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    The debt ceiling should be raised to where we could borrow enough to get the country back to work so we can pay off the debt. We might try getting off foreign oil and solving problems, as well as rebuilding our country for the future. Cutting spending and crying over the size of Government will [...]

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    2.7 trillion of the fourteen trillion of debt is the IOU’s for the money they stole from Social Security. They would like to do away with it so they don’t have to repay it.

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    First things is their should be no party politics with in our halls of Congress. No majority or minority. Any mention of party or affiliation should be automatic expaultion. All members equal with no distinctions. No congress person should be allowed to run for office while holding office. All conversations should be a matter of [...]

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                    It seems most are worried about debt, deficits, and spending. Yet no one seems to be wanting to attack the real problems. Our fourteen trillion dollars of debt may have been run up by many bad choices, but paying it off won’t happen if we don’t fix the underlying problems. Some think spending is [...]

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    Bank of America should have been already taken down.

    If it.s worried, it’s because it’s got so many skelitons its’ worried about being dug up it can’t hide all the graves.

    If it was a totally above board Bank. It would be saying bring it on, because we are as clean as newly fallen snow.

    Hiring Lawyers is more a show of guilt then trying to protect themselves.

  • The United States might achieve the kind of growth needed if it actually was to do something to create that kind of growth.
    The Country did it’s best when faced with doing something. Something like building the west, building a cross country rail road, winning WWII, building the interstate system, going to the moon, all of which took industry and business to buck up and make it happen. All of which not only created jobs, but created business, and made many rich at the same time.
    Today the country is not being asked, or has the drive to do anything, or the will to want to do anything.
    We can’t fix our problems no matter what kind they are, and seem to be able to dismiss even the biggest and most costly.
    While we keep telling ourselves we are the best country in the world, and bragging mainly to ourselves the world is going to overtake us.
    Our Government only knows how to spend and give away money, but has no idea what to ask for the country to get behind anything. Even the wars we weren’t ask to pay for or get behind.
    Great ideas need great people to come up with them, and this country lacks these people in places to make anything happen. Business only looks at things that make a buck. Government and our politicians only look to fill their pockets. Acadamia has grand visions looking for the fantasic, but has done very little to solve any of todays needs and problems.
    So that single guy, or group of people, or the populus needed to make great things happen aren’t evidently in America, but they to must have been outsourced.