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  • For those of us who don’t win, Amazon says the hardcover version of the book should be available in 3 to 5 weeks. Kindle version is available right now, though it’s a little pricey at $14.99. Piketty’s book, which is setting conservative hair on fire, is also sold out. Bill Black is great. It’s a [...]

  • You can see 2014 ACA compliant plans at ehealthinsurance dot com. Put in the zip, birth dates for family members and answer two questions per member: smoke in the past 6 months? full time college student?

    If you want to put in an income amount it will also tell whether you qualify for Medicaid, how much your subsidy will be, and how much your tax fine will be if you go uninsured.

    Really, ought to just buy the danged thing.

  • The Bronze plans are definitely junk insurance for anyone of average or better health. In our zip for a family of 3 there are 34 plans available, and 12 are Bronze. The Bronze plan premiums are definitely cheaper ($871/mo. to $1480/mo.) though bad enough, but the real killer is the damned 5 figure deductibles ($10200/yr. to $12700/yr.). Barring a dire illness or injury, our family would never meet the deductible.

    This leaves us out of pocket EVERY YEAR for up to somewhere between $23152 to $29260 before the insurer ever pays anything.

    This sure looks like catastrophic insurance to me. But with an astronomical price tag.

    If it comes to it, I think we’ll just pay the tax fine, pay cash for doctor’s visits, labs and medicine and use bankruptcy as our catastrophic option. I really don’t see any other alternative.

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    You’re absolutely right

    ACA compliant plans on ehealthinsurance for our zip, family of 3, teenager, two mid to late 50′s adults is prohibitive. Of 34 plans, only 4 have premiums under $1200/mo. The lowest premium plan is worthless. It comes to $10450 a year in premiums with an absurd $12700 family deductible.

    So, we would be expected to spend up to $23000 a year before Blue Cross ever shelled out a cent. In my neighborhood that’s the equivalent of a new car, a year of college or half a house downpayment. Every fucking year.

    This is a sure road to bankruptcy for us, and for many others I’d guess.

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    Mitt Romney, like most of the oligarchy, don’t work for their money. It’s all gains. So they are excused entirely from SS and Medicare payments. If we taxed ALL income, not just the kind of income earned by us working stiffs, the deficit problem would just melt away in the mist.

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    I never liked Popeye, much. Too much fighting and a format that was way too predictable. In fact, the only one who did seem to like it in the family was my brother.

    I’m a traditionalist. Give me just two Looney Tunes – Froggy Evening and What’s Opera – and I’ll be happy all day.

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    Obama has been jonesing to cut entitlement, excuse me, ‘reform’ entitlement programs for years. In 2011, when the Repubs last took the economy hostage, Clinton offered them the chained CPI, which will result in a significant cut to SS. The R’s were just too damned greedy, stupid and/or disorganized to say yes. I think it’s too much to count on them throwing away that chance again.

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    Impeachment helped Clinton? That’s now how I remember it. I remember a President who was left belittled, humiliated, and unable to enact a single piece of significant legislation through the end of his term. Well, except for that piece of brilliant leadership he showed when repealing Glass-Steagall.

  • They simply will not be satisfied until they have stolen every last bastard cent. Obama won’t do a god-damned thing to stop it and Romney will do everything he can to enable it.

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    “Either you believe that zygote is innocent life, bearing only Original Sin to be washed away by baptism, or you don’t.”

    The Catholic Church doesn’t believe that zygote is innocent life. Priests don’t offer sacraments to miscarriages.

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    Last week in his speech to the AARP, Obama talked about “strengthening” Social Security. Those are the kinds of weasel words that make my not quite 60 year old heart miss a beat or two. Any politician saying he wants to strengthen, reform, protect, ensure the long term health of any program for the 99% [...]

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    I agree. He isn’t going to govern for the 53% who “take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” He’s going to govern for the 1% who will offer American nothing but financial predation, fraud, environmental rape and societal destruction. The people in that room with him were his only constituents and he, and they, [...]

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    I really think it’s all about Lady Ann. He clearly adores her and would love to give her the gift of hosting state dinners, the White House Christmas party and overseeing the White House re-decoration.

  • Mitt claimed a strong friendship with Bibi back during the primaries but Netanyahu denied it saying that they didn’t work in the same area and that, while he knew Mitt, they never socialized together.

    Of course, that could just be the PM trying to not rile up voters against Mitt who are in opposition to the more right wing elements of Israel’s political spectrum.

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    Let’s not congratulate ourselves too much just yet. The kazillions pulled together by Rove and the Kochs have barely begun to hit the airways. We all know there is a sizeable portion of the electorate who will believe any big lie if it’s repeated loudly and often enough.

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    No, he was born in Mexico so he only crossed once.

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    Read anything by William Black. He successfully prosecuted 1000 banksters after the S&L fraud-based collapse and has written extensively about the various fraudulent actions by today’s Wall Street con artists.

  • The march needs to happen BEFORE the election otherwise the results will stand and the protests, no matter how well justified, will be dismissed by the victors as more sour grapes.

    Republicans have done the calculus correctly and determined that their base is so ethnically, religiously, and age narrow and their proposals so odious to most Americans that they simply can’t win on the merits. Cheating is their only option.

  • Obama’s saying what he has calculated that he needs to say to win and will then govern as the same corporatist, center right, civil rights demolishing guy that he was in his first term.

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    As Whoopi once observed about Democrats:

    “Not a pair of balls among ‘em.”

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