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    What is most striking about those trips to the Ukraine done by Brennan and then Biden was that there was an immediate escalation of violence in concurrence with those visits.

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    “First, the US doesn’t have either mob rule or constitutional democracy. Nor does the study show that the political system is paralyzed, in spite of all the complaints about excessive partisanship and stalemate in Washington. So someone is ruling. Who is it?”

    I picture is worth a thousand words.

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    The funny thing about my exchange with her is after I told her about the Princeton study and what they found about oligarchical interest and the interest of the majority, she basically claims there were benevolent oligarchs running the U.S. in the 1950′s and Cold War which the Princeton study said other wise.

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    “Hmmm. I’d say i) this is not being televised by the MSM pundits who are paid by the Oligarchical multinationals with vested interests, it’s a blog, for goodness sake! ii) I did not say that one *had* to argue with those of different opinion; iii) *facts* are hard to ascertain, but when we see patterns that seem to add up to ‘presented as facts’ news, yes, we do quote the sources and tend to believe they are ‘closer to the truth’, and that’s as far as I’m willing to Count Truth.”

    i)Blog, television, or in person, when someone is spouting complete bullshit shouldn’t reasonable people call it out for what it is?

    ii) No one is compelled to argue with anyone unless they want to, however allowing bullshit to fly around as facts is the very reason we are in the state of massive ignorance and control by the oligarchs.

    iii) Thus my emphasis on critical thinking skills, for without good reading comprehension and honed critical thinking skills you will never be able to discern the bullshit from the facts.

    “For instance: remember when Putin ‘finally admitted’ that he’d sent more military to the border, thereby mooting RT’s earlier claims?”

    Of course Putin was giving the “least truthful answer” just as he did when Snowden called about surveillance in Russia. But this isn’t surprising because he is doing what he was paid to do as well and that is to protect and advance Russian interest.

  • Kerry is just a puppet who happen to slip up and spoke frankly about the nature of Israeli policies, he will likely be punished for his transgressions and given the Carter treatment. Real change will not come about unless other nations who are not beholden to Israeli interest step up.

    Remember in the late 80′s early 90′s, the US was one of the last nations on the planet to lambast South Africa for their policies. It was only after a strong international effort was started to end apartheid did the American Empire concede it was on the losing side of history, the same course will likely happen with Israel. Like South Africa, the best way to make this happen is mass international divestment and isolation of the state of Israel from the world community, similar to what was done in South Africa.

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    Should opinions with no regard to the basic facts of the situation/reality be equally regarded as those which are? I think not, however the cable news punditry seems to agree with you. I think everyone has the right to state their opinions but once that opinion is shown to be erroneous by basic facts then there is no point arguing with someone who holds on to that opinion because the facts don’t matter to them at that point.

    Thus during the book salon on Saturday I couldn’t continue conversing with Ms. Prins when she thought her opinion trumped scientific fact.

  • “Can America be formally aligned with – let alone aggressively supportive of – a country practicing apartheid?”

    This has to be a rhetorical question right?

    The American Empire was founded as an apartheid state and continues to be one today. The American Empire supported the apartheid state of South Africa and help throw Mandela in jail. The American Empire has actively help maintain the apartheid state of Israel. The American Empire is creating an apartheid state in the Ukraine with its support of a neo-Nazi government. The oligarchs that control the American Empire have now qualms about apartheid.

  • “When they did collaborate it wasn’t always for the detriment of the population, between the 30s-60s”

    “Family, blood, intermarriage and other social and genetic connections have a lot more power over the decisions made at the top echelons of America than voting or even money in politics, the same three-four bank families and three-four political families more or less retained joint political-finaical power for about 80 years, now some new ones have come into that mix. This throws the idea of democracy on its head, proving the notion of oligarchy.”

    These are some the main points provided by this recent Princeton research paper on the American oligarchy

    According to the paper the only times when the oligarchy’s interest happen to align with the majority interest is when policy was enacted that just coincidentally helps the majority. Do you agree with that statement?

  • Thus Vanderclip said this way back in 1935:”Despite my views about the value to society of greater publicity for the affairs of corporations, there was an occasion, near the close of 1910, when I was as secretive, indeed, as furtive as any conspirator. None of us who participated felt that we were conspirators; on the contrary we felt we were engaged in a patriotic work. We were trying to plan a mechanism that would correct the weaknesses of our banking system as revealed under the strains and pressures of the panic of 1907. I do not feel it is any exaggeration to speak of our secret expedition to Jekyl Island as the occasion of the actual conception of what eventually became the Federal Reserve System. … Discovery, we knew, simply must not happen, or else all our time and effort would be wasted. If it were to be exposed publicly that our particular group had gotten together and written a banking bill, that bill would have no chance whatever of passage by Congress. Yet, who was there in Congress who might have drafted a sound piece of legislation dealing with the purely banking problem with which we were concerned?”

  • The Jekyll Island meetings have been known about as well, did you happen to know what were the codenames used by the attendees?

  • Miss Prin, out of the many videos and books already out giving the detailed history of the federal reserve(banking cartel) that controls the American Empire which is connected to the British Empire through banking ties as well, what new information would be the selling point of your new book?

  • “It’s a sign of how deeply corruption has rotted out our political system that he wasn’t brought in to go after the banker criminals and clean things up.”

    It has been this way since the founding of the American Empire, which began with genocide and slavery.

  • Clinton is just saying what needs to be said when one wants to be the next Doge of the American Empire.

    “Snowden has effectively encouraged the world to pause for a moment and consider a future where countries are all engaged in cyber warfare against one another because there are no laws to stop them.” As if this shit hasn’t been going on prior to Snowden’s power point ‘revelations’

    “Both Obama and now Clinton want the public to overlook the administration’s history of support for spying” Just as much as you(KG) overlooks Snoweden’s support of spying. “Not all spying is bad.”-E.Snowden

    “Snowden’s impact is minimal.” Sure is when this clown can’t tell us which layer in the OSI model or which ports the NSA is gaining access to computers. Or where in the BIOS routine does the NSA put there little bugs in. Mr.IT extraordinaire has not said much about actual methods employed.

  • For those who don’t win the book or don’t want to read a long tome. Here is a link to a video on the very same subject.

    Of course there are more out there just type in ‘history of the federal reserve videos’ in to your search engine.

  • Prins divulges how, through the Cold War and Vietnam era, presidents and bankers pushed America’s superpower status and expansion abroad, while promoting broadly democratic values and social welfare at home.

    Complete bullshit.

  • My point exactly, the history of the fed(banking cartel) that controls the American Empire is an open secret.

  • I am wondering what is so earth shattering about this book for anyone who already knows the history of the federal reserve?

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    “There are protests about this practice, but it seems to go on unabated, all while the higher mucky-much chancellors, etc, within the CA UC/CaState Univ system make sure that they get paid higher and higher and higher salaries. It’s quite disgusting.” This is exactly what I experience working at universities and research institutions as a [...]

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    Corporations,universities, and educational privateers are using a real phenomenon as cover for their unscrupulous hiring and business practices. Mixing fact with fiction is how propaganda is effective. To ignore the deep and systemic problems of the American educational system(based on SES) is akin to the climate change deniers.

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    The fact is that there is a “STEM skills gap” in the U.S.( just one study out of thousands) This applies to women and minorities born in America. This coincides with the overall achievement gaps which is the predictable outcome of extreme inequality of the American system which has been observed and studied for decades. [...]

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