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    At the time we invaded Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden was parked there. The Afghan authorities were perfectly willing to hand him over provided our government would guarantee that he would not be executed. They have a tradition and a religious obligation to protect guests and it was a reasonable request from their POV.

    Unfortunately, our government would not agree, so we invaded. And, under orders, we paused at Tora Bora while bin Laden and his followers crossed the river and entered Pakistant. At which point our moronic repug President announced that we could not invade a sovereign country, so bin Laden was safe there… for some years. At any rate, Bush was always more interested in invading Iraq, for the oil interests, which would be his own financial interests and that of Vice President Cheney. So we didn’t invade Pakistan, but did invade Iraq, and Iraq was cooperating fully with the U.N. inspectors and the inspectors were begging for more time and telling us that the Iraqis were cooperating fully. This couldn’t be allowed to continue because that would mean Bush would have no reason to invade Iraq, so they announced the invasion early. And if you want to know WHY Iraq was a target, just listen to the radio broadcast to the Iraqi people that night. They were expecting Bush to say, “stay in your houses, cooperate fully, our war is not with the people of Iraq..” Instead, he said, “Do not harm the oil fields.”

    That is why the Iraqis torched their oil fields.

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    ” relationships are wonderful in theory, but in practice, they inevitably turn out to be parochial and limiting and an endless amount of work.”

    What she’s saying is that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. After all, there’s so muchwork involved.

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    I’d suggest anything by Connie Willis- intelligent time/space/history/science geekism. Doomsday Book is one of the best SF books ever written.

    Heinlein’s juveniles are fun afternoon beach reads. Occasionally annoying too, as Heinlein was very formulaic.

    Gordon R. Dickson’s Dorsai books- good reads.

    Shoutout to the guy who praised Michener’s books, above. Edward Rutherfurd writes books that are reminiscent of Michener.