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    Nice picture Mr B. “The opera ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings.” Cold indeed. Jim Palmer once said, “The true test of a Timex watch is to strap it to Earl’s (Weaver) tongue.”

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    Well, at least now I understand. Suicide is not only an option, it’s expected.

    Reiterating the conservative position: pro-life, right until birth. After that, you’re on your own.

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    How, in the name of anything that anyone considers important (as an atheist, no swearing, but whatever is the equivalent)can anyone, anywhere, in any way justify or even excuse the utter impoverishment of a person or family based on a devastating disease or accident? Everyone in this country, except for the 1%, would be at risk of losing literally everything. I speak as a self-employed person of lower-middle-class income. If we return to lifetime caps, a single catastrophic event would mean that my family would have nothing. Nothing. The only alternative would be suicide.

    There is a sign up in my neighborhood with the usual graphic indicating how much has been raised toward a particular goal. In this instance, it is for a lung transplant. Makes me weep.

  • I couldn’t watch for longer than the first 48 seconds because it was obvious that Matty was moving his lips while reading the host’s teleprompter lines OR is one of those people who echo what another person is saying. Either way, pretty dire behavior for someone who is in front of a camera.

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    As Kesey told Wolfe back in the acid test days,’If you’re gonna play with it, you have to expect to get some on you’.

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    I noticed the plural of wetsuit.

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    and it’s in 7/4 too. great tune. great band. “I should be depressed, my life’s a mess, but I’m havin’ a good time…”

  • “…fly all the way across the country (in the snow! uphill both ways!)

    Fookin’ brilliant. We doff our hats (which we have).

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    Just make the appropriate name change:

    A horn player who had been playing with Buddy Rich for many years came back from vacation to hear a rumour that Buddy had died. He didn’t quite believe it, so he phoned Buddy’s wife and said “Can I speak to Buddy please?”
    Buddy’s wife said, “I’m sorry, Buddy passed away last week.”

    “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” he said, and hung up.

    A couple of hours later, he called her again. “Is Buddy there please?”

    “No, I’m sorry. Buddy’s no longer with us,” said Buddy’s wife. And hung up the phone.

    Ten minuted later, he called Buddy’s wife again. “Can I speak to Buddy please?” he said.

    She recognised his voice, and said: “Look, I’ve told you before, BUDDY’S DEAD!” And slammed down the phone.

    Two minutes later, and the phone rang again… “Is Buddy at home please?” the horn player asked.

    Buddy’s wife was furious. “I’m not going to tell you again, Buddy is dead.. D. E. A. D. DEAD. Why do you keep ringing me to ask for Buddy???!!!!”

    He thought for a moment, and said: “I just love hearing you say it.”

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    …Kingman, Barstow, San Bernadino, won’t you, get hip to this timely tip? -Get your kicks, on Route 666.

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    If we could only get Leni Riefenstahl to shoot the music video for “Pussy Cartel”…

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    Matthew 6:5-6. That is all.

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    “and the zookeeper is very fond of rum.”

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    Seasons greetings, pagans, bassets and all, a happy yuletide however you choose to celebrate.

    If you haven’t made Corby Kummer’s Unbeatable Biscotti recipe from his “Joy of Coffee,” you’re missing out. We give away hundreds every year, two gross by Dr Ms Ixnay’s count this year.

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    Dinkinsizing? How big is a Dinkin anyway? Does this have something to do with goats?

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    Bear in mind that the quote is from roughly 4/2010, not that it doesn’t pertain every bit as much today.

    Plus ca change … .

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    All I need to know I learned Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Into the Way-Back-Machine.

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    As a veterinarian, I am thoroughly embarrassed to find myself in the same profession as this sack of excrement. In fact, an astonishing number of veterinarians are repugs. I have no idea why: they see the effects daily of a lack of meaningful health coverage for their patients. Oh, wait, for our four-footed friends (and their financially embarrassed and/or inconvenienced owners) there’s always the euthanasia option. Death panels!

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    two words: edible undies!

    (and I speak as someone who has personally done the surgery to remove unspeakable items from dog innards, if not unmentionable items)