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    In the early to mid 1980s went after the money from campaign donations, and subsequently crafted the camouflage for being “liberal” in the sense that the Democrats were actualized “conservatives.” Thusly, the label for the Art of Becoming, or “neo-liberal.”

    By adding up the numbers from Pew, 60% of the Democrats are progressives. Why? The vast majority of ‘racial and ethnics’ are truly progressives. To wit, the final tally in the votes of 2002, shows that 90% of America’s minorities opposed the AUFM. In short, the white Democracy showed its shorts when it came to Peace.

    And in the next twenty years, and after comprehensive immigration reform is completed, these progressives will be addressing environmental issues including climate change. To date, here in the Sonoran Desert, Native Americans and Chicanos have an agenda consisting of: 1) Jobs, 2) More Jobs, 3) Education, 4) Immigration Reform. Further, 5 million 8th graders, will in 10 years will be voting with 80% of the voting Democratic. And this annual trend will continue for the next 50 years, and to the extent that we, the progressives, can successfully avoid the wished for Conservative Calamity.


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    Peter Van Buren,

    I will forego any response to your commentary and done on the premise that you’re never around to respond to any comments posted, and therefore, you’re unwilling to get into any discussion, “heated” or otherwise.

    Respectfully Submitted.


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    Excellent Commentary, as always.

    Unfortunately, I can’t make today’s Book Salon, and therefore, I apologize in advance for making you “my whipping boy.” But given your comprehensive background on both Economics and Politics, here is my Question and which I had prepared for the Book Salon. And perhaps, would kindly offer a much better response. Again, my thanks in advance.

    I come at my economics and politics from the Indigenous Perspective and thusly, “demographics is destiny” and which means that in the next 20 years, America’s brown Democracy will “renege” on America’s white Democracy national debt of $27 trillion. Therefore, Wall Street managing $32 trillion in wealth, will become rapidly or readily jeopardized, knowing that the Top Ten Percent owns 74% of the nation’s wealth and the poor, and who own an approximate 1%, will bring about a schism detrimental to the rapidly diminishing Middle Class. To wit, a middle class-that from 2000, has been reduced by one-third.

    Of course, if the Pentagon is ‘taking the lead’ for the Military-Industrial-Wall Street Complex and is given the “responsibility” to address Immigration Reform, the cattle cars become readily available and where the Conservatives, both Republicans and Democrats alike can “avoid” or disconnect themselves from the wrathful political fallout that is sure to occur.

    So, what say you?


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    I can commiserate and done wholeheartedly! Of late, I have taken to writing all about what I anticipate the future will be, when it comes to America’s white Democracy making the “transition” into America’s brown Democracy, and thusly, talking about the political behavior that’s prone to occur as we address our future together. And from [...]

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    Wendydavis, Recommended Highly, and Keep Up the Good Work! As a good fan of science fiction movies, my favorites are all about Zombies. Thusly, Law Enforcement is going after this meme in which Michael Brown’s intent was to be shot in the back, killed, and further, in which trans-migration would lead to an “assault” on [...]

  • Here in Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is no longer permitted to acquire war-making toys via the Pentagon’s scam when it comes to intimidating activists for exercising any form of civil disobedience.


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    It’s a given that Richard Pryor and Robin Williams were the best stand-up comedians in my lifetime.

    Sadly, neither suggested that the Rule of Law required that when a politician lies to their constituents, each politician would be required to stuff a sock in their mouth. Subsequently a new life form would become quite visible: A politician “walking” on hands and knees given the massive weight having to be carried.


  • Here in Arizona, 27% of registered voters actually voted in this year’s primary election and of the “independents” their voting rate went up from 5% to 7%.

    Of course, I don’t blame either the Republicans or Democrats, but I do “blame” the vast majority and who refuse to vote. If we’re going to change the “system” in a better manner, then, only this can be accomplished by requiring EVERYONE to vote. And if not, ranting about the current systemic will continue for the next 100 years. Therefore, the conservatives, both Republicans and Democrats, have their “get out of jail free” card, and at our expense.


  • Excellent summary including the snark! However, I much prefer the notable stories where the private lives are impacted as part and parcel to Justice and Law Enforcement. And thusly, a storyline where “two machines” are competing with each other, makes the believable characters less believable. And yes, POI, is the current best show on television! [...]

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    If you’re an Indigenous Person such as myself, I tend to laugh at the pundits in our white Democracy, especially when they declaim that the United States is on the precipice of self-destruction. Of course the “transition” from a white Democracy and into a brown Democracy, will bring forth even more pundits espousing the same [...]

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    The short “answer” if you will, is that America’s white Democracy has to effectively address “voter disenfranchisement” and done in the following manner: Utilize the driver’s license as the “document” for voter registration. Consequently, should you fail to vote in either congressional or presidential elections, you will forfeit your “right” to drive on our national [...]

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    Sorry about the misspellings. One cup of java too much.


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    One day in the not too distant future, if you have a driver’s license, you will be required to vote in both local and national elections. And if not, you won’t be able to drive on our streets and highways.

    And when this does occur, conservative Democrats and Republicans will be facing an onslaught of political anger, that even the militarized law enforcement systemic, will not of much help for invigorating a political careers of these camouflage conservatives.


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    In January, Paul Ryan will be holding the gavel for the Ways and Means Committee, and which will provide him a more elemental path to put into law, his Budget Package or Poverty Plan and which includes the TANF, and as such, Block Grants to states, will be expected to wither away, in the long term.

    Sadly, Obama will willing to strike a Grand Bargain, and the Republicans/conservatives, will look back on their political history, and come to realize that they were America’s “chumps” for failing to implement their sleaze.


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    justasking, With Rubio having discarded his membership in the Gang of Eight, or no longer supportive of comprehensive immigration reform, McCain’s “securing the border” sells among the Tea Party, but not among those that have to address the complicated issues between the various states and Mexico. As such, Martinez, with her much daunted daily experience, [...]

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    Martinez v. Clinton in 2016 It’s been a “slow news day” for these past several days, and of course, current conventional wisdom means that any “talk” as to who will become the GOP’s presidential nominee, should be withheld until after November’s election, does not necessarily hold true.   But, the “go to guys” don’t have all the likely answers [...]

  • jaango wrote a new diary post: Confronting Reality!

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    Confronting Reality! When it comes to understanding The Political Process, conservative pundits continue to ignore and even dismiss Reality, as practiced by their continuing opposition to Obamacare, as one instance in their minimalized political agenda.   And for me in particular, here in Arizona, the candidates for the GOP nomination for the Governorship, is predicated on being anti-immigrant.   Consequently, a [...]

  • President Obama is obviously expressing himself relative to America’s predilection for Irony.

    Therefore, history can tell us much, and to wit, permit me to paraphrase Mark Twain, from years ago, when he stipulated that “white savages are less savage than are the real savages.” Consequently, our national propaganda has installed American Exceptionalism as a feature and not a but.

    And as a Native American/Chicano, President Obama is “preaching” to his ‘base’ via a well-recognized ‘straddle’ that is the front line defense feature espoused by America’s conservatives, both Democratic and Republican alike.

    Sadly, Dana Milbank perpetuated this straddle when he wrote the following:

    “President Obama’s overall failure to deliver on his promise to create a more transparent government has been one of the greatest disappointments of his leadership.”

    As such, presidential administrations for these past many years have been adamantly opposed to constructive transparencies.


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    Here’s a column I wrote two days ago on this same subject. And next year, he becomes the Chair of the Ways and Means Committee. Enjoy! Challenging Paul Ryan’s Political Myopia This past week end, the GOP’s House-Led Chamber, the Chairman of the Budget Committee, Paul Ryan was on the one of the Sunday Morning [...]

  • Obviously, we’re on the same page.

    The only distinction between the United States and the Latin America Region, is that a jail cell, just may be in your future, among the more awesome objects placed in your way, by these governments and their adherents. As such, self-restraint, is a much-credited and much-recognized behavior.


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