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  • Years ago and in a column on our national debt, I joked that the South would be auctioned off to our foreign debt investors, and perhaps, today’s citizens, would have to learn to read and write Mandarin. And as such, no comprehensive immigration for Southerners.

    Obviously, my column didn’t “go over well” given the level of vitriol that I received. Some things you don’t joke about and that comes from understanding that Slavery wasn’t a joke. And you don’t joke about America’s well-built Genocide Machine which targeted Native Americans.

    Although the ‘browning of America” continues apace, the changes that will soon be arriving, still remain squarely-placed on the back-burner of today’s current political context and content.


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    “Flood the nation with poor immigrants.” The latest “quiet” salvo among conservative Republicans comes full circle in that ‘if the immigrants were Irish,’ immigration policy would reflect history. Unfortunately, immigration has become focused on brown persons, and thusly, are more likely to vote with the Democrats, once citizenship is attained. And so, today’s immigration behavior [...]

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    Coach Bill @10 From the stand point of a small business owner, accepting a driver’s license for ID purpose is a “privilege” from a fellow citizen. And as to a holder of a driver’s license-doesn’t drive, and yet votes, is commendatory. And it seems that I’m not alone, and the flip side of this same [...]

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    Recommended! When I listen to Kobach, the Secretary of State for Kansas and Tom Horne, Arizona’s Attorney General stipulating that a more difficult system for voting is necessary and done in order to reduce “vote fraud,” I just roll my eyes, knowing full well that “marginalizing” minority voters, is the part and parcel to the [...]

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    Wendy Recommended. Obviously, I don’t have your chops for Humor. A couple of years ago, I sat down at the keyboard and contemplated the “connect” between Texas and their risible behavior for seceding from the Union and thereby using their oil and natural gas for establishing a “bipolar” relationship for a spate of Bolivarian Socialist [...]

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    In reducing my level of self-restraint just this one time, I was not going to insert myself, as I have been enjoying the ‘conversation’ between GentleUnicorn and DWBartoo, given that DW has brought forth the spiritual equivalence of Southern Dragon and which causes this ‘outburst’ of mine. :-) Therefore, I “ask” the question of when [...]

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    Great Post! And heartfelt at that, but then I am a receptive audience. Having grown up as farm worker, and had it not been for the Federal Government sending me it’s ‘love letter’ in the form of a draft notice and followed by the Vietnam War, perhaps, I would have ended my years as a [...]

  • Like several here, I am late to this discussion.

    And my further appreciation for uncovering the COINTELPRO in all its formality, is certainly expressed.

    And from the informality standpoint, I encountered my version in Denver, Colorado during the summer of 1970 and where we, Chicanos and military vets were assisting Rudolfo “Corky” Gonzales, Denver’s version of the Chicano Movement to craft and implement a non-profit oriented school that provided education to school kids and where the subject areas were taught in both English and Spanish, and at the behest of the parents.

    And thus, the “myopia of cointelpro” when seen from our then and now, political perspective. Of course, the FBI was often dismayed that within and without or the surrounding arena of the Chicano Movement, no political violence ever occurred. Sadly, had any violence occurred, the local version of the Fourth Estate would have been slobbering on the evening news for even more violence, as proof of need for more ‘cointelrpro.’


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    My thanks for saying it well! Here in the Sonoran Desert, our equivalent of Mt. Rushmore consists of FDR, LBJ and Jimmy Carter. Why Carter? Despite our recognition that Carter is America’s last “honest man” in the Oval Office, Carter went on to grant amnesty to those opposed to the Vietnam War opposition and thusly, [...]

  • Marion in Savannah @ 6

    Grijalva is excellent for representing his constituency, but has changed a tad from a few years ago, and after the National GOP invested a couple of million dollars late in his re-election campaign and done through the GOP operatives that reside in Yuma, thus “sneaked” monies used to defeat him. And with this experience now behind him, he will be in Congress until the day he dies or willingly retires while being a tad less ‘aggressive.’


  • Here is a Part Two of a column and titled, “Ahora y Mas!” and where I intend to send to Congressman Raul Grijalva of Tucson, Arizona. As such, I will be asking for a response, positive or negative, and done as a “feature” for the circumvention of the “non-Hispanic white voter” systemic. Enjoy! Needles to say, but I will, Grijalva has ‘control’ of 72 votes that are much-needed.


    Given that Hope and Change has been prevalent for these past five years, and the initial election of President Obama included the notional for “Si se puede,” it’s time that we Chicanos insert our follow-up of “Ahora y mas!” Therefore, providing the voters with a better decision-making tool critical for the utilization of Prudence and not necessarily for Populism, is appropriate. As such, the following:

    Take, for example, this election cycle for November’s off-year election cycle would emphasize the “The Budget.”

    Consequently, President Obama’s budget, the House and Senate budgets would be posted on internet, not later than June First for the effective Fiscal Year starting in November of each year, and at a presumptive web site as “ovaloffice.gov” for being accessed by the general public.

    Subsequently, the primary campaign elections for congressional candidates would commence not earlier than July the First and not extend beyond September the 30th. In doing so, voters with access to these various two—year budgets would discuss and ‘address’ the budgets with their candidates or preferences and thereby having the incentive and encouragement to vote not only in a primary campaign season but in the general elections as well.

    And more so when budgets developed via self-interest as well as by the participation of campaign donors! I too can conceivably envision where not only the Progressive Caucus has its budget, but the likelihood that the Tea Party Caucus would craft its version of a budget for voter consideration, would seem appropriate. Further, the opportunity for any predicate caucus such the Heritage Foundation Caucus, the Club for Growth Caucus and the Americans for Prosperity Caucus would have its particular version of a Budget Plan as well. Perhaps, an Amnesty Caucus and even a White Majority Caucus could have their opportunity to participate in electoral politics.

    And as voters ‘study’ the various versions and alternatives available to them, our national politics would focus on our “unmet needs” as well as taxpayers being able to query their primary election candidates at various town halls and forums.

    Perhaps, a ‘compare and contrast’ methodology would become a citizen-wide effort, and thereby, leading to an ever-increasing voter participation level in these elections, while rejecting today’s rhetoric/hype/propaganda of toxic politics and the eventual candidate destruction that seems most welcome. Of course, voter disenfranchisement would be reduced considerably when the mythic idea of “voter fraud” is no longer relevant to electoral politics.


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    My Thanks to the Managers!


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    NSA & The Clueless   History, from the perspective of the Native Americans here in the Sonoran Desert, does “inform” when the Majority refuse to recognize our erstwhile history. And from bobbozebell.net, Bell, the consummate historian writes of the parable “Named By Their Enemies.” “The Spanish asked the Zunis who those renegades were who were running off [...]

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    danps, You’re to be highly commended for having a strong stomach for addressing this subject relative to today’s oxy-moroonistas of the Fourth Estate. A long time ago, I recognized and wrote that the Bush/Cheney admin was the Era of Gross Incompetence, and today, I have yet to read of an editorial in any major newspaper [...]

  • In furtherance of another “Wallet-Flush”?

    Should IBM sell its technology to the Feds, this business behavior animates the business-scam of getting further into the taxpayers’ wallet.

    Utilizing “public” resources or multiple data sources such as phone books, school records, government data bases, the Fed-intelligence gathering effort, is pretty much wasted via the NSA and other related agencies.

    Perhaps, this facial-recognition software was the overt effort that premised the NYC Police Department to scrutinize the Muslims among the Big Apple’s environs? Or perhaps, one of the high tech enterprises ‘beat’ IBM to the punch? If so, it wouldn’t surprise me, in the least.


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    wendydavis @ 11 My lovely companera and Kudos to Mr. WendyDavis, you have come up a tad and a crinkle in your thinking! :-) The “new” Democratic Party will become a “coalition” consisting of the People’s Party, the Progressive Party and today’s inconceivable Pachamama Party. Therefore the former Moderates or Neo-liberals will continue to “migrate” [...]

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    Wendy Davis may well be correct! Any adept Latino “knows” that the Democrats have, for these past 30 years, have failed to do much if anything for the Middle Class. Simultaneously, “cattle car” Conservative Republicans and “conservative” Democrats have taken our national debt from $375 billion to upwards of %27 trillion. Further, one-third of the [...]

  • My Kudos to El Universal and their staff of excellent Journalists for a job “Well Done!”


  • onitgoes

    You’re being far “too kind.”

    It would be nice to know that Guzman will be extradited to the United States, and stand trial. If so, the behavior of the DEA will become questioned by his attorneys. And only then, will this ‘truthiness’ will come forward for our further attention.


  • Since the early 1980s and in response to Reagan’s presidency, former liberals became neo-liberals and done in rampant excess to access wealthy donors, and therefore, the Democratic Party leadership “camouflaged” their conservative creds, while the Center Left, albeit,failed to understand what did factually occur.

    Consequently, we, the Chicanos and the Native Americans, have amply recognized that today’s leadership and well-connected political operatives have been ‘gaming’ the mainstream Democrats for these past 30 years. To wit, Obama’s Legacy for the Era of Squandered Opportunities” is the political simpleton’s genesis describing today’s “feature” that is neo-liberalism.

    With Reagan’s 30-year power cycle complete, this next 30-year cycle will demonstrate that the “transition” from a white Democracy to a brown Democracy, will occur sooner rather than later.

    And now to your Short Quiz.

    First Question: “Should a brown Democracy “renege” on white Democracy’s National Debt of a soon-to-be $27 trillion?

    First Answer: As such, America’s ‘racial and ethnics’ will have to append a political nexus to America’s super wealthy. And what will Progressives want and do, in the meantime?


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