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  • jaango commented on the diary post ‘Ad hominem’ is not Latin for ‘I cannot rebut your argument’ by danps.

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    Proud and Progressive! Now, did I just hear another yawn? Chait has the problem that many pundits have in today’s context, and the use of “new words” not found in any acceptable dictionary. And from an historical and accurate point of view, at least by me,is that there is no Indigenous “dictionary” since this “lack” [...]

  • jaango commented on the blog post Over Easy: This ‘Just IN’

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    Pence is far too ambitious, and the “competition” for JustIn was a non-starter and was not formally considered by the Republican Governor’s Conference. Had Pence had the endorsement of his fellow Governor’s, 29 states would be enjoying their self-enlightened magnificence via this political coordination of “messaging” given their irresistible propaganda–that is not Fox News.


  • jaango commented on the blog post Andrew Sullivan To Quit Blogging

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    Sullivan–the Journalist was always determined to defy Reality. America turned itself upside down and inside out, via 90% of whites in support of the Bush/Cheney AUMF and “racial and ethnics” opposed this AUMF at an identical 90% ratio. Obviously, Sullivan has been slowing recovering from his self-professed historical non-criticality in our public discourse.

    And now, he’s retiring from blogging…?


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    Privately-owned Drones have been prohibited since these owners were expected to receive their private ‘view’ and which contradicts the NFL’s intellectual property rights. And Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham aren’t getting much sleep lately since “securing the border” is on hiatus, and thusly, 100 Border Patrol Agents are proving “security” for the Super Bowl. [...]

  • jaango wrote a new diary post: Super Bowl: Seattle by 3

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    As an aficionado for a ‘smart’ defense, Seattle should easily win.  Of course, I am a tad biased in my support for a Left Coast team.  Just don’t sue me?


  • jaango commented on the diary post War Is A Racket…On romanticizing and glorification of war. by cmaukonen.

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    First, permit me to apologize in advance for responding to this ‘storyline’ and from the standpoint of the “bully languages.” As such, having to interact on the internet via the English Language, just goes to demonstrate that “glorification of War” is not very pleasing to those of us and who are military veterans, since we [...]

  • Libertarians and the Law Given the ideological history of Libertarians, the Truth, from here in the Sonoran Desert and to quote a law professor from East of the Mississippi River, simply means “that libertarians embrace an activist judiciary; they do not want the courts to defer to state and federal laws. Laws mean government, so [...]

  • Now, to my pet peeve, and which is requires all adults “must” vote, otherwise, the “failed to vote” is required to utilize public transportation only. Not taxpayer-subsidized freeways or highways for you. Thus, the linear logic for “winning elections” requires that we must find the requisite “allies” to win elections. Consequently, any less, does not [...]

  • Jbade, As a staunch Democrat, permit me to address what you failed to address. To wit, the United States is now financially bankrupt, and this “road” started with the Reagan Era. And what’s been missing, is that the rants that disavow Barack Obama, although forget that an approximate 50% of the eligible adults in our [...]

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    Now that Senator Feinstein of California is the Ranking member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, she continues to practice 20th Century politics, and thusly, 15 years into the 21st Century, she shows no embarrassment for pontificating the Republican “status quo.” And here’s what she had to say while perpetuating this status quo. “Inviting [...]

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    Margo Schulter, For Israel to be a “democracy,” requires a “border” and followed by the “equality” of citizenship and which means votes properly counted. Thus, Israel has no respect for “border” since it is willing infringe on the Palestinians. As to “citizenship” or equality of voting, the Palestinians will soon, as in years, will outnumber [...]

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    Bear Country As a staunch Democrat, the “border” will have to be concretized as the first step in solving the Israel-Palestine Conflict. Until then, all political capital inadvertently acquired will continue to be a waste of time. And the general public will continue to be bamboozled, given the inception of the AUMF and Obama’s latest [...]

  • jaango wrote a new diary post: Challenging the pro-Israel Democrats in Congress

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    Challenging the pro-Israel Democrats in Congress When it comes to elevating Israel from a second rate Democracy and into a first rate Democracy, progressive Democrats and in particular, the House Progressive Caucus, will not or cannot advocate or effectively represent us, when it comes to this insolence among Democrats. And by my usage of “us” I [...]

  • Recommended. One major aspect that is intentionally ignored, but will be amply addressed by the historians of future, was that Native Americans and Chicanos were always in his small ‘corner’ for political protest. And it comes down in the following manner: Thus, “borders” versus “communities.” To wit, the obverse sides of the coin for “borders” [...]

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    Of course, I have yet to find a “Much-Maligned Optimist” Award anywhere in our public discourse and when I do, I will find, and mirh-rightly, Progressives have been included.


  • jaango commented on the blog post White House Approved CIA Hacking Of Senate Computers

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    Kudos to DSWright for crafting this thread and done to bring our attention to America’s historical lawlessness. And a Tip of the Hat! too.

    And if one wishes to apply the Native American ‘stereotype’ to today’s political mania, and as aptly framed…”He’s just another white guy” certainly does apply towards America’s overweening Ambition. As such, where’s the Self-Restraint?

    And as you can see, I am a tad pissed. Now, where’s the damned tequila?


  • jaango commented on the diary post How Mass Immigration Was Used to Kill the American Dream by jbade.

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    jbade, We are on opposite sides with regard to “mass immigration” and for a number of reasons. As such, the Chamber of Commerce does want “cheap” labor and which is understandable, given our nation’s history. And the history of Organized Labor has cooperated, historically speaking when the Right to Work laws are included into our [...]

  • jaango commented on the diary post CIA on Trial in Virginia for Planting Nuke Evidence in Iran by David Swanson.

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    What’s really disappointing is that the Justice Department has failed to indict and prosecute the “bully puppet” agents for their cavalier release of ‘nuke documents’ that was an attempt to encourage the Iranians in establishing and perpetuating a CIA-perceived Weapons Program. And what makes all this ‘stink’ is that Congress was familiar with the CIA’s [...]

  • Excellent thread, Wendy! As such, I don’t have much to contribute to this discussion, however, I do have one question and that’s “For my future living quarters, when do I have to take my underground vegetable cellar out of moth balls? Or perhaps, the larger question for me should be, “When will the Rez be [...]

  • jaango commented on the diary post A Technological Fix for Failing Democracies by letsgetitdone.

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    Ya’ heard it here first. :-) Take into consideration the idea of a Dragon’s Breath Election? Progressives in the future will bring forth the Dragon’s Breath Election in which, on a weekly basis, you, the voter can recall your Congressperson for failing to uphold your political view. As such, the “mechanism” will permit you to [...]

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