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  • i’ve spent years in georgia and what i have witnessed about the judicial/police system are simply not believed. i lived in gwinnett county. when i first came there, an old man told me he’ll never come visit me at my home he is scared to go to gwinnett as he is scared of the good ole boys and their army of corrupt police. i thought of how quaint and amusing such as sentiment was, even if mad. but i’ve learned it wasn’t mad. i’ve learned of a systematically corrupt justice system with a particular emphasis on victimizing children. and i’ve been told that if i talk about what in i’ve seen in public my daughter will have troubles and possibly be kidnapped into foster care. it’s just how things are in gwinnett and very possibly across the state of georgia and it will continue to be this way until the department of justice comes in and makes arrest but they are too busy breaking the back of online poker to worry about systematic child slavery and murder of innocents.

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