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    you’re still using too many words.
    just leave it at “Obama Blows”

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    corporations are persons/people/individuals.
    This thought just occurred to me the other day. If the above statement is true and the scotus say it is so. then how long will it be before we have lets say for instance Goldman -Sachs running for POTUS???
    This blog is so old and my comment is so very far down the line I doubt anyone will see it much less comment on my comment.

    corporations arepeople

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    The Police State has been here for awhile. They did it gradually soon The police will be privatized and corporations like Xe will be providing security (anyone remember Robo cop?)for the 32,000 that the government actually cares what happens to. That would be the top 1%.
    You know the Goldman Sachs employees etc.

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    It’s no surprise. The worst part about it is I really hate being conned (like anyone likes to be conned) I guess I forgot He is just another politician.

    I found this on Ian Welsh’s blog and asked permission for re-posting.
    After I read it it all made sense.

    by Ian Welsh

    People, Obama is not and never has been a left winger. Nor is he a Nixonian or Eisenhower Republican, that would put him massively to the left of where he is and to the left of the majority of the Democratic party. Instead his a Reaganite, something he told people repeatedly.

    Until folks get it through their skulls that Obama is not and never was a liberal, a progressive or left wing in any way, shape or form they are going to continue misdiagnosing the problem. That isn’t to say Obama may or may not be a wimp, but he always compromises right, never left and his compromises are minor. He always wanted tax cuts. He gave away the public option in private negotiations near the beginning of the HCR fight, not the end. He never even proposed an adequate stimulus bill. He bent arms, hard, to get TARP through.

    He’s a Reaganite. It’s what he believes in, genuinely. Moreover he despises left wingers, likes kicking gays and women whenever he gets a chance and believes deeply and truly in the security state (you did notice that Obama administration told everyone to take their objections to backscatter scanners and groping and shove them where the sun don’t shine, then told you they’re thinking of extending TSA police state activities to other public transit?)

    Let me put it even more baldly. Obama is, actually, a bad man. He didn’t do the right thing when he had a majority, and now that he has the excuse of a Republican House he’s going to let them do bad thing after bad thing. This isn’t about “compromise”, this is about doing what he wants to do anyway, like slashing social security. The Senate, you remember, voted down the catfood comission. Obama reinstituted it by executive fiat.

    If the left doesn’t stand against Obama and doesn’t primary him, it stands for nothing and for nobody.

  • Then can we blame everything McCain has said in the last four year on his “Senility”? The Economy is Basically Sound (for me and others like me and Wall St.) I am a Maverick, I never said I was a Maverick etc.?

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    Ok, Who’s going to start an impeach Cantor petition?
    Or would that be anti-Semitic?