• Thank you Jane for representing disgruntled Liberals like myself. 80 percent support for a sitting Dem Prez at a meeting of dedicated Dem activists is not something to crow about, but when you’re desperate you do what you must.

    Of course, Dan Choi is now the enemy. Over at Obama Juice he is being trashed in the threads pretty well. You think John “I supported the Iraq War and have Iraqi blood on my hands” Cole would step up and defend a fellow soldier, but I guess when you have an agenda to push you can throw away things like decency and camaraderie. He is still used to following Dear Leader garbage that the Regressives taught him so well I guess.

    Because you know, wanted to be treated like a human being is a treasonable offense. Choi should sit down and accept the crumbs given to him silently and mutter a “Please Sir, may I have some more?” weakly but with great appreciation of Obama’s awesomeness.