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  • Why can’t he just say “Yes, okay, I said something evil and stupid”? It’s not like doing that is unusual for him or anything.

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    Some people are trying very hard to be “classy”, to avoid giving in to hate. But how can you not have noticed Breitbart’s entire career was based on hatred. Hatred of us, of people who care what happens to other people. There was nothing positive to his work, it was schadenfreude from beginning to end.

    Thousands of people die every day, and nearly all of them were far better than he was. The high-minded liberal commentary ultimately boils down to this. It’s no worse than he deserves. He was a yellow journalist. Deal with it.

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    it was increasingly hard for Komen to overlook the fact that Planned Parenthood is not exactly a mecca for mammograms – Planned Parenthood doesn’t do them and they don’t even have the facilities to do them. Komen’s mission to end breast cancer was thus not being directly served by Planned Parenthood,

    Pro tip: Relying on fellow conservatives for your facts makes you stupid

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    There’s nothing there: it’s pure Palinesque, free-association gibberish. He was scared by the angry wimminz, and has no idea what to say, but he has a word-count and a deadline, so you get a bunch of sulky blubbing.

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    I am an evil liberal and my opinion is that a life without an interracial one-night stand is a life half-lived… This probably-true rumor is silly and innocuous and, to a mature and intelligent person, does not reflect on her character in any significant way.

    Which means that she’s toast.

    It might be an idea for Mrs Palin to stay away from her mailbox for a while. My guess is that a fair few of Stacy’s readers, if not Stacy himself, will be taking the news badly

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    It’s been a long time since I laughed out loud at an Andrew Breitbart tweet, but that did it for me. He is exactly like a terrified puppy. Thank you TBogg (USTEDES! TU SEI! OMAE WA!)

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    You forgot the video

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    I don’t have the heart to click through, but you can imagine my surprise at finding out that her first reaction, to a news story which incidentally mentions privileged consumption, is a body-wracking spasm of covetousness, quickly followed by self-righteous anger that others might find fault with either the covetousness or the consumption that inspired it.

  • You do not have to like the long-term budget that Paul Ryan and the House Republicans have released this morning.

    No, actually, I would not say that I liked it. I would, instead, say that I despised it and its author, in much the same way as I despise you, Ross, and indeed despise your sycophantic lickspittle colleague Mr Brooks.

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    The previous tweet: Must. Stop. Tweeting. Must. Make. Entertaining and Informative program.

    Tammy, you’re better sticking to what you can actually do.

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    I can’t believe they will let this film (or Red Dawn) die, not when we’re all so close to the Wingularity. Anything associated with conservatism gets money thrown at it, particularly if its failure could cause loss of face (look at PJMedia, the Tuckington Post, etc). The only reason they haven’t made this already is Rand’s atheism.

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    Oh look, some widdle guardian angel came to the rescue:

    Scott Walker’s budget address to the Wisconsin legislature on Tuesday was a circus—except inside the assembly chamber, where the governor enjoyed a resoundingly warm reception. This reception was suspiciously affectionate: on Wednesday, we looked at the makeup of the west gallery audience, where attendees—every one of them—stood and cheered most loudly during the address.

    What kind of special access was granted to the assembly chamber that day? How did everyone get in? Let’s look at Larry Meade, blogger and also spouse of Ann Althouse [ ... ]

    A video was posted on Althouse’s blog: “Meade got into the Capitol for the governor’s speech, and, afterward, shot this video.” It has footage of the address from the east gallery. An earlier post featured photos from Meade in the gallery.

    Meade did not have press credentials. When I asked Althouse about how he got in, she told me, “Legislators had tickets to give out, and he was given one. With a ticket, you got in for the speech.” [ ... ] So: two prominent local cheerleaders of Governor Scott Walker had access to the address, without going through their Representative (who was, interestingly, provided with no tickets, in any event), while thousands of Wisconsin citizens remained locked outside.

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    Is Cheetobeard the commenter she married?

    (2:30) “I need some sort of press credentials to let you in.”
    “Press cr—… credential…”
    “I’m with the Althouse blog.”
    “Understood. I need a press credential. I can’t let anybody in without a press pass.”
    (long silence)
    “Huh. Okay. Where did, where did, ahh, say, NBC, get their press pass.”
    (crosstalk) “I don’t know that the—”
    “They’re like, plastic ones, from a—”
    “We have special ID passes here, but if you don’t have that, you must have some sort of press ID?”
    “Right, right…”
    “Well — you know — it’s New Media, so, uh, … So, uhhh…”

    I enjoyed the part with the blurry close-ups of people’s coats.

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    So Dancing with the Stars has become a kind of celebrity laundering service?

    Unfortunately dumb doesn’t wash out. It washes up.

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    You’ve probably already heard about the Washington Times editorial, explaining that criticism of conservatives is a pogrom.

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    “Sarah Palin’s Death Map” strikes me as shrill. I would suggest instead one of the following.

    * Sarah Palin’s Snuff Chart
    * 2011 Patriots’ Popgun Party
    * Troofers’ Teabagging Targets 4 Today
    * Kouncil of Koncerned Killahs
    * Democ-RAT Party Extermination Squad
    * Arizona: Doing the Job the Feds Won’t Do
    * Sarah Palin’s A’ll-ask-ah, You’ll-deny-ah
    * Sarah Palin’s Lynchpins
    * Sarah Palin’s PowerPoint Bullet List
    * Sarah Palin’s Wolf-Substitute Diagram
    * Sarah Palin’s Git-’er-Done Guidebook
    * Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue Bonus Infographic
    * Sharron Angle’s Patent Remedies
    * Sharron Angle’s Angel-Making How-To Manual
    * Sarah Palin’s “Stop-Making-Fun-of-Trig” People-We-Should-Just-Plain-Up-and-Shoot-in-the-Head Chart