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  • jadez commented on the blog post Sheldon Adelson Admits To Bribing Foreign Officials

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    TIP OF THE iceberg for this vile racist who wants his son to become a sniper for the IDF.

    but..only business as usual in this country and every other country.

    these vile creatures like adelscum bribe our government all the time.

    only positive thing about this guy is his age.
    lets hope he gets today what he wishes for the Palestinians.

  • jadez commented on the diary post The Sequester and the Five Stages of Grief by Phoenix Woman.

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    what part of these politicians are totally corrupt paid off bribe taking liars do you all not understand?

    there is no point to any of this unless you view them as they are and understand their total devotion to working only for the top 1%.


  • jadez commented on the diary post Is Bill Maher Coming Around on the Israel Lobby’s Influence? by EdwardTeller.

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    if you take maher serious you are a fool. if you take maddow serious you are a fool. fact is every progressive voice REAL progressives and NOT the bill press or fill in the name commercial yappers type, ALL agree that israel and their lobbies like aipac ARE THE PROBLEM. where does their power over [...]

  • jadez commented on the diary post New Study Finds Koch Bros. Tried to Start Tea Party Movement in 2002 by Kevin Grandia.

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    YES THE DICK brothers have the money (and it costs actually very little to support all the crap they do)but the so called tea party is what it was/is because of fox news that being an arm of the republican party ran ads and so called news features AROUND THE CLOCK supporting it. 2 interesting [...]

  • not sure what your trying to say here but palin did not QUIT fox news. her contract was not renewed and it never was going to be renewed because roger ailes didnt want her around since the blood libel fiasco. palin never had the influence in the republican party nor any chance of actually running [...]

  • i told you this was a done deal……and what you got is massive tax increases on average people for higher tax rates on the super rich…

    but…this is only a charade because the REAL deal is coming a few months from now….(i do believe it hit a snag so boner asked for time)

    the real deal..already agreed to is exactly what obama wants..
    cuts to SS the CPI is! coming as well well as massive cuts to medicare

    now..these cuts MUST BE done because obama has promised a huge tax cut to corporations and these cuts and about (100 billion yearly more) are not only coming but have already been agreed to.

    isnt it funny how the dems in the senate ALWAYS tell you AFTER the fact how they are not pleased??

    if you think a single one of them is sincere you deserve what you are getting.

  • jadez commented on the blog post Where to Go From Plan B, And Why the Answer Is “Nowhere”

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    OF COURSE THIS IS TRUE AND IS EXACTLY WHY you see the talking heads on fox news always in step telling the loons that watch them how “taxing the wealth creators the job creators will harm the country WILL harm THEM.”>

  • jadez commented on the blog post Where to Go From Plan B, And Why the Answer Is “Nowhere”

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    right you are.

    and is anyone foolish enough these days to listen to the propaganda that comes out of the NYT?

  • jadez commented on the blog post Where to Go From Plan B, And Why the Answer Is “Nowhere”

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    interesting how the writer continues to say “republicans are against higher taxes”.

    the reality is these people are only concerned about protecting the rich.

    so how does a deal get done?

    easy when you have obama in your corner.

    the deal IS DONE, like i have said all along.

    that deal will allow for tax rates to rise for the top 1% but will give them back when the tax code is revamped along with massive corporate tax cuts.

    THAT is what will happen.

    ALL THE CUTS you see in plan B or very close to it..will be in the final “deal” already done!@

  • jadez commented on the blog post The Plan B Follies: Freedomworks Jumps Off the Ship

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    all this proves is what a vile creature obama really is.

    not content in screwing the weakest section of the population with cuts to SS and medicare (who most likely were a majority of his voters) he pretends that bargaining with the likes of boner (who if he had his way would make the poor and the middle class pay for INCREASED TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH)is a nobel thing to do!

    not a single word from obama to rally the people about what boner and his tea bags really want!

    and to top it all off….no where does boner ask for SS CUTS!

    SO now when this deal is done with just a few republican congressmen needed to cross over in the house the ENTIRE REMAINING REPUBLICAN PARTY can run against democrats as the party that not only increased taxes but CUT SOCIAL SECURITY benefits!!!!!

    this is exactly the reason i maintain obamas goal ALWAYS paramount is in destroying the democratic party!

  • lol..i tell you all the deal has been made long ago.

    here is what i expect it to be..

    cuts to SS as reported.
    obama will also agree to 400billion of additional medicare cuts.
    obama will also agree to 200 billion of food stamp/ medicaid cuts.

    obama will lower his demands for tax increases at $600,000 income.

    THAT or something quite similar will be the deal.

    mark it and just wait and see.

  • and this is why you keep seeing the same faces pop up over and over.

    they know where the bodies are and its a small club.

    republicans against this guy?

    dont make me laugh.
    its all about scoring points for themselves over the weakling obama.

  • jadez commented on the blog post Obama Again Proves Why the GOP Should Always Bet on Him Folding

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    obama is clearly a weak man.

    he has no intention of ever fighting for anything.

    that said…..people are really being silly if they dont understand that he is not being pushed around or being weak with the republicans because he is the one controlling the terms.

    he is the one getting exactly what he wants.

    he has never fooled the people that know who he is only the people that think they do.

  • jadez commented on the blog post Obama Again Proves Why the GOP Should Always Bet on Him Folding

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    what are you talking about?

  • lol..you people are amazing.

    dont you realize the deal was done and complete the day that boner asked everyone leave the room but he and the president???

  • you dont know what the hell you are talking about.
    please leave the field.
    adults are playing.

  • of course there were many people who have been telling the rest of us who obama really is but they are not part of the MSM.


    well…now it has come to pass and he has no worry of every having to face the voters.

    the entrenched democrats will gladly throw their own under the bus to achieve what i maintain has ALWAYS bee obamas main goal, the DESTRUCTION of the democratic party.

    obama is a right wing republican and its to late to stop him.

  • coach bill has it right.

    and i have been telling anyone who would listen for the last 4 years that obamas main goal is destroying the democratic party.

    you saw how nothing got accomplished the first 2 years when dems had a strong hold on all 3 branches when suddenly it took 60!!!!! votes in the senate to get anything done.

    and remember these bush tax cuts were passed by a 52 person republican senate majority!

    so,,,,obama caves into republican policy every chance he gets and democrats stay home in 2010 and after obama with a landslide election and 70% approval the tea bags and the right wingers rise stronger than ever having been completely silenced just 2 short years earlier.

    he throws the first debate rather than expose romney and how the elites really function in this country and destroys all the democrats national momentum.

    now..with these tax cuts expiring UNDER LAW he proceeds to cut the SS benefits of the most needy while ensuring the wealthy contribute nothing!!


    republicans can now actually avoid even having to vote for this obama plan since only about 30 of the safest republicans congressmen need even vote to make it a majority.

    come 2014 the democrats Absolutely LOSE THE SENATE and suddenly obama gets to pass every single republican piece of legislation he can with cover of republicam majority.

    and who will bet a dime that the 60 votes senate requirement never again sees the light of day once this happens?

  • jadez commented on the diary post Does Jane Hamsher Even Know I Exist? by socrates.

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    ego..is argued as a good thing…egomaniac?

    not so much.

  • jadez commented on the diary post Male and Female Nudes as Art or Form: Which Do You Appreciate More? by wendydavis.

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    last line….and NEVER JUST because…

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