• My quibble with this video campaign is that we need to see NC residents featured in this series; it’s clearly about the hurdles of our current federal DOMA that affect all same-sex couples. If you’re trying reach people where they are, you need to have a campaign that people can identify with

    I agree. I just watched the video you embedded. I noticed they talked about hypothetically what happens to their relationship’s recognition if they were to travel “down south” for example. At a minimum that adds another level of “otherness” to the couple that wouldn’t be there if featured people who lived in NC, referenced NC locations/culture, sounded like they were from around here. I also know some, not all, people view being referred to with the term “down south” as a pejorative.

    The video ends with an ask for federal level recognition which is important, but not the issue before us in NC for the next 5 months. I think they also said we’re married just like many of your friends parents are married, which made it sound like they were targeting a younger audience, if I heard that right.

    It’s a very good ad for what it was designed for, but it wasn’t designed for a southern state marriage discrimination amendment fight. I liked atleast that it didn’t hide from featuring real couples. But that couple wont be directly affected if this amendment passes if they live don’t live in NC. The closer we can get to showing couples who will actually be affected (so not commercials focused on straight allies, and not couples who aren’t from NC), the better.