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  • You want to give up and have a Republican from that clown lineup elected?

    Yes. Next question.

  • these fire pups have fleas. what a sorry bunch of nihilists.
    Losers. self defeating losers. How silly are you sad sacks.

    No u.

  • So I guess that means what all of you want is a Republican president in place so what will get done is further cuts to social programs, more wars, more tax cuts for the rich, less education, no infrastructure, an end to abortion rights, oligarchy, a voucher system for medicare/medicaid/social security and corporations deciding all elections, right?


    No, we don’t want that so we aren’t supporting Obama.

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    I imagine those pictures were taken when Obama was visiting disaster areas?

    “In my story today, Christie says he and the president had several good laughs during their time together touring flood areas in North Jersey on Sunday.”

    Obama: “Look at these dumb poor motherfuckers all flooded out and shit!”
    Christie: “Let me call for my chopper and we’ll head to Sizzler”

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    OT, but don’t these pictures of Obama hugging and laughing with Gov. Christie sicken you? Perfectly capture the Obama presidency.

  • I don’t think I’ve listened to Obama speak a single word since right around I realized he did the backroom deal with the insurance companies on the Healthcare flimflam. Just looking at his face above fills me with loathing. Amazingly, yes!, I like Shrubya more than Obama. Never would have guessed that was possible 3 years ago.

  • So we’re still analyzing the Grifter’s words?

    Hey, Barack, remember when you used to be relevant? Yeah, me neither.

  • One of the problems comes with your stated bonus – that they actually work. According to the Census Bureau, after spending $17Trillion dollars on poverty since the ’60′s poverty rages on. I think even though Obama ran on a progressive platform, that he abandoned as soon as he received the Dem nomination because promising is easy, delivering is hard.

    Delivering progressive policy certainly is hard, in fact its damn near impossible if you don’t even try. For instance, making sure there aren’t any progressive voices in your economic team, that would come under the category of things he had control over (I assume…maybe). But Obama taking affirmative action to dismantle the social safety net, like creating the Cat Food commission and naming Alan Simpson as co-head….there is no possible way to spin that as anything other than betrayal. And there are a million more examples like it.

    As far as the 17 trillion, and not winning “the war on poverty”….this country has been implementing right wing fiscal policy for the last 30 years. It has failed continuously, it isn’t going to start working tomorrow, fuckers.

    Yeah, the wealth is going to start trickling down any minute now.

    Any minute now.

  • Honestly, this is how I think of it.

    Think of how hard life was in the U.S. in the 1700s. Or the late 1800s. There is no guarantee in this life that things are going to be easy, fair, rewarding, etc. Like you are strapped into a roller coaster, we are headed down a scary path. Nothing you can do but hang on and try to enjoy the ride.

  • I think I like you. Wanna ride bikes?

    Don’t cry, there really is a Santa Claus, and Obama wuvs you very much.

  • “He will go down in history as a hero for the oligarchs.”

    That’s not how they write the history books.

    You’re right. But that’s not how it will be written.

  • I have a question for you Alan, if you don’t mind.

    How is it possible that Obama has just terrible approval ratings with independents, after his genius governing style of moving to the right because “he is the President of all Americans, not just liberals and Democrats” (not your quote, afaik, but one I hear from the bots)?

    From your linked article:

    Forty-six percent of independents say they definitely won’t vote to re-elect the president, compared to 21 percent who definitely will support him. In 2008, Obama was backed by 52 percent of independent voters, compared to 44 percent who backed Republican nominee John McCain, an Arizona senator, according to exit polls.

    The bottom line is that progressive policies, when described to the American people, are very popular. And another bonus, they actually work. Imagine that. Obama ran on a progressive platform, that he abandoned as soon as he received the Dem nomination.

    Obama may retire as an extremely rich and wealthy man, but his name will still be forever known in American history as a LOSER. Hope that is a bitter pill for him to swallow.

  • “Obama just can’t seem to catcha break.”

    Poor guy. Born with a GOP foot up his ass.

  • “and the opening to the conservatives who will want to dismantle the New Deal and Great Society.”

    Obama started that already.

    …”Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love the (Fascism)”

  • The Democratic Party is done. Should be interesting, I get the feeling “they” liked it having a Democrat in charge providing cover for all the right wing policy “they” wanted to enact. With complete conservative control of everything in government, you wonder how “they” are going to spin the complete destruction of the middle and lower classes. No one else to point the finger of blame at, although maybe it doesn’t matter anymore.

  • Climate change is only a theory! Unlike religion *snort*.

    Actually, since God is a myth, nothing to worry about one way or the other on this topic. The beauty of completely replacing thought with faith is that regardless of the outcome, the answer to why and how is always “God’s will”.

    I do think it is important that the Republican victims of these tornadoes bootstrap their way out of this without any help from the federal government.

    /Tithes via paypal, thanks.

  • Having a “Progressive Strategy” for, well, just about anything, is like the plan for an unarmed man going into a gunfight at the OK Corral. What the hell are Progressives going to do but fire letters and telephone calls to congressmen who don’t give a fark? I’m the farthest thing from a doom and gloomer, but I think we do need to stay reality-based. It has been demonstrated extremely clearly that there is not a Progressive in Congress who won’t cave when they are told to. Electoral Politics and policy fights are done.

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    They are accelerating the pace on our march to neo-feudalism. We’ve got the attack on Unions, Arizona has a bill out to introduce a flat tax, they are trying to gut services for ordinary Americans, yet when General Electric pays zero taxes on $12 Billion in profits…Obama:

    “has designated G.E.’s chief executive, Jeffrey R. Immelt, as his liaison to the business community and as the chairman of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, and it is expected to discuss corporate taxes.”

    If you aren’t wealthy, very wealthy, this country is not going to be a fun place to reside over the next 50-100 years.

  • But apparently, the country is still not plutocratic enough for Republicans like Dave Camp Barack Obama.

  • There are qualified progressives who should be challenging Obama in the primaries.

    Should be but apparently aren’t.

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