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  • jamawani commented on the blog post Myths vs. Facts in the Chicago Teachers Union Strike

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    Sad thing is – -

    Over at Daily Kos there has hardly been a peep in support of Chicago’s teachers. And Obama claims “neutrality” – whatever that is. And then they wonder why workers’ rights keep getting eroded – not to mention a larger and larger portion or working-class Americans being coopted by tea-baggerism.

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    Rather pedantic.

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    Sometimes, “Go fuck yourself!” is the only intelligent response.
    Unfortunately, Obama hasn’t realized this in the past 4 years.
    (At least with Goppers – instead progressives get Rahm’s middle finger)

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    I am comforted to know that none of the recent events in the Middle East has anything to do with corporate access to oil, the ongoing occupation of Palestinian lands, or the maintenance of U.S. power in the region.

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    How can you organize the unorganized when you have allowed the organized to fall apart? Must one reinvent the wheel in every generation? It would be a hell of a lot easier to organize Walmart if the UMWA, the UAW, and the USW were powerful – instead of negotiating give-backs simply to stay alive.

    Nota Bene – the article today abour the Nevada Culinary Union’s reluctance to support the Dems. Case in point – which is a rare contradiction of what you said above about unions supporting the Dems regardless.

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    Actually, Gillette, Wyoming has continued to grow and has things such as a planetarium at its junior high school. Gillette has one of the highest rates of first time college attendance. Gillette has working class family incomes comparable to those of Detroit and Pittsburgh in the 1960s – which is a rarity nowadays in the U.S. for working people.

    But I don’t know why I am bothering to respond to someone who accuses me of being a shill (which is bannable on some web sites) and who spouts off fascist innuendos. Which simply goes to further my point of the ideological rigidity of the climate camp. It all revolves around climate – except, politically, especially right now, it doesn’t. And if you can’t understand that, you deserve the political wilderness you will find yourself in.

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    Of course it has a place.

    Politically, working people have been marginalized in the political process when once they were represented – however poorly – by parties of the so-called political left. As those parties moved towards neoliberalism – led by such illustrious folks as Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, working people in traditional industries found themselves increasingly under threat with fewer and fewer political options. I abhor the racist, anti-immigrant cant of all of the neo-right parties; however, I can see why it might have traction with working people facing long-term unemployment and impoverishment.

    I happen to place the material before the environmental. Marx stated that all value came from labor. Environmental historian Donald Worster stated that all value came from nature. Both are true. However, the former has greater immediacy. One must have basic material needs addressed before it is possible to move to other, higher-order issues – - as crucial as they may be.

    And if these are misordered, then you end up with growing Tea Parties, National Fronts, and Parties of Freedom – - which preclude political majorities not only for progressive climate issues but for the entire range of political affairs.

    Have you seen anything remote close to Copenhagen or Rio about unemployment?
    When you do, call me.

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    My Dear Rev –

    Unlike some, I don’t hanker towards turning the other cheek.
    So if Knut says I lack any brains, then “smarty pants” is timid in response.

    I always love it when you guys do what the Red Staters do –
    Toss around “denier” and “shill” – (different terms, same result)
    But run behind Mama’s skirts when anyopne else says, “Boo!”

    All because I had the temerity to suggest that temps were elevated in 1988, too.

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    Spare me the postmodernist semantics.
    Perhaps you would prefer “What passes for the left”?

    Whether in the U.S., Britain, France, Scandinavia – parties of the political left (which granted have become increasingly rightist over the past 50 years) such as the Dems, Labour, Socialists, Social Democrats have moved away from core economic issues, especially those facing working people and have promoted issues which have greated resonance with the educated upper-middle class. The fact that Hollande swore off any fundamental challenge to the ECB’s neoliberal orthodoxy – even before he was sworn in – is a smoking gun of the above transition.

    The Democrats have been almost as quick to advocate neoliberalism as their GOP comrades in Congress – from Clinton forward. Perhaps with a little more window dressing and/or job retraining programs, extended unemployment benefits. But nothing to alter the inexorable collapse of the economic base of working people – a base which at one time allowed for a decent, liveable income – and a broad social cohesion to accompany it.

    And you wonder why working people in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan helped vote in the Tea Partiers?

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    I see little difference between Tea Partiers and some of the people who post here. True believerism. Damn anyone who ventures to challenge the accepted wisdom. The issues and positions may differ – but the temperment is nearly identical.

    If Obama loses Ohio, it may be because he loses the coal counties of southeastern Ohio which have traditionally voted Democratic for almost a hundred years. Are you so adamant that you do not even acknowledge what has taken place on the ground?

    And, sweetheart, I have done doctoral and post doc research on coal communities – - so I know a thing or two about them. That coal has, until recently, produced 50% of U.S. electricity and is being replaced by fracked gas, not renewables. That the transition in coal mining over the past two generations has been from underground to surface – from East to West. That Thatcher’s union-breaking frontman, Ian MacGregor, got his start in the new western coal regions in the U.S. – and took his skills back to the U.K.

    Oh, and that the Democratic Party – which once used to give a shit about working people – appears to care less about them anymore. Not that the GOP remotely cares. But working people on the edge of survival will take Walmart jobs over nothing. And, yes, many times they have to drive twice as far to make half as much.

    The left has become so preoccupied with climate issues to the exclusion of fundamental material conditions – that they have sacrificied one of their core, historical constituencies.

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    The job promises have, historically, failed to materialize. Certainly that was the case in the 1970s and 1980s with Sierra Club promises to loggers in the Pacific Northwest. Working people may have limited educations, but they do tend to realize when their basic welfare is at risk. And they have fewer opportunities to transition into the new economy, as well.

    Nearly all the promises of bazillions of green jobs have failed to materialize. In fact, the solar and wind industries have faced major retrenchments. If you want to count recent energy jobs, they have been in oil & gas. Please check North Dakota employment stats.

    I have no great love for the oil & gas industry. They have historically abused workers, repeatedly harmed the environment, and generally gotten a free ride. But when you play fast and loose with the basic employment data, you gut your core argument for all but the most gullible of listeners.

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    Hey smarty pants –

    It ain’t just the Sweden Democrats – in case you have the remotest political sense at all. In Finland, the right-wing True Finns got 19% – from 5 to 39 seats. Until last year, the center-right Danish government depended upon the support of the right-wing Danish People’s Party to govern. And the biggie is the Netherlands – the profoundly cosmopolitan Dutch people – ya know? Geert Wilders reactionary Party for Freedom more than doubled its representation – - making a governing coalition nearly impossible to create from the traditional left and right blocs.

    And then there’s Harper in Canada – where the new Conservatives are geometrically more right-wing than Mulroney’s PCs. And Gillard in Australia is looking at the worst election loss in Australian history next year – - that’s after Labor was devastated in NSW and Queensland. Marine Le Pen had the best showing ever for the National Front in France. Meanwhile, Central European states like Hungary and the Jobbik Party are at the forefront of a neofascist resurgence.

    So, go ahead. Ignore the political realities at your peril.

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    Sorry guys, but when tens of millions of working people in developed nations – from Australia to France to the U.S. – are facing joblessness and a descent into lifelong poverty, the clarion calls for eliminating coal in a decade or doubling the price of gasoline do not resonate. Not to mention all of the face-to-face confabbing at Copenhagen and Rio.

    Fact is, disenfranchised working people who used to be strongly Democratic or Labour or Socialist are now increasingly attracted to right-wing populist parties – the Tea Party, the National Front, the Sweden Democrats in Scandinavia of all places. (Breivik is not a single outlier.) And although there is clearly an element of racism, I would suggest that the more fundamental issue is economic security.

    If you haven;t looked lately, since the late 1990s left-liberal parties have taken a beating in the developed world. And unless you have majorities in Congress, POarliament, or the Bundestag – you ain’t gonna get very far.

    There is a huge difference between proportional response and Chicken Littlism.

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    Of course what is happening today is most important –
    Whether heat, hurricanes, blizzards, or Lady Gaga.

    Although I certainly agree that human activity has had a profound negative impact on the environment and has led to increased temperatures, extreme heat waves and droughts have been cyclical in mid America for centuries. They are evident in Plains Indian culture – for ex. part of Pawnee cosmology. Land boomers of the 1880s promoted “Rain Follows the Plow” until devastating droughts of the 1890s drove people off the Plains. The first twenty years of the 1900s were a “Golden Age” – followed by the “Dust Bowl” – followed by good years in the 1940s – followed by drought in the extreme in the mid 1950s.

    I cycled across the country in the summer of 1988. It was brutal. (BTW – I’ve cycled 100,000 miles so I have multiple comparison points.) Temps topping 100 day after day – the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers reduced to puddles. Thousands died in the heat wave. Arctic ice was at its peak.

    Here are the high temps in Des Moines for July 13 thru 31 1988 –
    It was even hotter in the Plains.

    Yes, this year is extremely hot and dry – - but it doesn;t fall outside of the parameters of other extreme drought years in the past century. In fact, they come along every 20 to 25 years.

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  • I am a materialist and an environmentalist – But I see the material as the essential first step. Address the fundamental material issues first – And it is possible to continue on to environmental action. Fail to address the fundamental material issues of a society – And there will be no political possibility of environmental [...]

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    Since we are now at the point of anecdotal evidence –
    Birmingham, Alabama sure had hot summers back in the 1960s.

  • jamawani commented on the diary post 7th Day of 100+F Heat In Denver, CO; June 2012 Hottest On Record For CO by WeatherDem.

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    I agree that the heat wave needs discussing. Of course, the current energy use patterns are both unsustainable and damaging to the planet. But the manner in which the AGWers have framed their arguments is politically naive and socially inept. Not to mention a scientific stretch. A few years back, there was a chorus denying [...]

  • jamawani commented on the diary post 7th Day of 100+F Heat In Denver, CO; June 2012 Hottest On Record For CO by WeatherDem.

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    Hey MFAR – If you notice – the post also has maps and they focus entirely on the United States. Here and elsewhere, I love how anyone who disagrees with the received wisdom is called a “fool”, “stupid”, a “mass murderer”. The right-wingers are no better. A pox on both your houses. BTW – people [...]

  • jamawani commented on the diary post 7th Day of 100+F Heat In Denver, CO; June 2012 Hottest On Record For CO by WeatherDem.

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    Then again, the summer of 2009 was one of the coolest in the past 100 years.


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