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    I must thank you Isaiah 88 for this superior post. I will be passing this around.

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    Thanks for the reminders.

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    So what happens when everybody figures out it basically sucks and they hate everybody, but they still want “affordable” healthcare, and the Rethugs’ only solution is to scrap the whole thing and go back to the previous guarantee of ever escalating price hikes? Are the Dems going to sit on their hands (like usual) and/or will people listen more closely to those proposing single payer and make the changes we need? One can hope.

    Ps- Thanks Jon, for your excellent work

  • Thank you David for “War is a Lie”. (and all you posts on FDL)I’m just finishing it up now. Very enlightening for me. I’ve always been “anti-war” but your book has greatly solidified my commitment and understanding. Can you expand on how “War No More” is different?

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    Probably don’t need to promo David’s book here but it can’t hurt.

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    Allow me to interject the other asinine question/comment put to Senator Warren that caught my attention. Something to the effect, not a direct quote,that “Glass-Steagall can’t pass the House anyway so why bother.” No, really. So there’s some independent probing journalism for you. I love how Warren is practically bemused by these posers.

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    LMAO Is anybody else getting the “Two People are Spying on You” View Now” banner advertisement, that seems to be dogging me on the intertubes, at the top of this page?

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    All NSA needs to do is market this as unlimited free Cloud storage and the sheeple would subscribe.

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    I don’t share those values. I don’t want any part of the death and misery they bring to my fellow citizens, and to people around the world. President Obama wants to find common ground between me and them. There isn’t any.

    Amen and amen. Stellar post. Thank you so very much.

    Rethug hostage takers and saboteurs never release the hostages unharmed. It’s just not what they do. And when you are in the minority, demolition is faster and simpler than construction. I wish I could believe that Obama the Rudderless would wake up to these facts and stand for something in boldness, without compromise, that would actually benefit “We the People”. Win or lose we’d all be better for it.

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    I am a lurker from the Hullabaloo and Calitics days and I’ll second what xanthe said, to wit,

    You are a pro and you have a heart and I trust you.

    FDL will survive but you will be sorely, sorely missed. Don’t get lost. I’ll need to read you wherever you land. Best of wishes David.

  • I wish I’d said that.

    And to Kevin, Thanks for all you do. Your coverage of the Drone Summit and the Manning “trial” could not be more important nor excellent.

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    Mr. Baker, sir, your post is absolutely the best smack down of little Davey Brooks that I’ve seen. Thanks for all you do.

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    Take two and give one to a friend. :~)

  • Thanks for your superior reporting on OO and others Kevin.

    The key issue indeed is the police authorization to use force, as important of course is how and why. Sometimes on paper their policies appear reasonable and measured. I wonder how much emphasis in training is put on non-violent reaction to non-violent protest. Very little I imagine. Militarization of civilian police has become prevalent and violence by the police endemic. They are taught to react in fear and for their own safety only. Add to the mix some severe political animus and we have a recipe for disaster unfolding. You are there for the beginning of the language creep to “terrorist” and “detainees” for civilian protesters. (for the Left only) I don’t think there will be any backing off of this sort of inflammatory rhetoric. Constitutional rights are just there for the State’s convenience, at least that’s how it appears to me.

    Again, thanks for all you do.

  • http://occupytheroseparade.org/

    Great site. Cindy Sheehan is speaking. Occupy The Rose Parade claims 50M Americans will see the parade on TV. World viewership claimed 200M. Two “floats” are planned. This is the kind of creative thinking that will keep the issues at the fore, while local groups continue to make their presence known.

    Personally I would like to see more organized regional coordination. Some of that is happening but information distribution is decentralized and sometimes hard to follow or learn of in a timely way. I think this will change with time.

  • If you listen to his favorable rhetoric about OWS it sounds to me like he might split both party’s vote. Disaffected R’s and D’s.

  • I thought I read on the site that one had to submit registration directly on paper.

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    Thank you Twain. We are well and safe and not discouraged one bit.

  • Buddy Roemer, (R), claimed on Morning Joe (hate the program) that he is going to compete under the Americans Elect system. He is on fire co-opting the OWS message of corruption and money in politics. He complains Rethugs won’t let him on the stage. He can’t seem to raise money so this might be his only chance. Could spoil somebody’s party. The argument was made that Nader cost Gore the election and he didn’t get on the ballot in every state. Could be interesting.

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