• In 2003 I had a bad dream. I woke up in sweats. It was really a horrible nightmare…

    In 2014, the 2003 nightmare became, a reality.

    Now I don’t want sleep at all now.

    I’m scared of the next nightmare and what it might bring…

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    “…he pretty much could do it any damn way he felt.”

    Ah yes, now we get down to truth. This is why money is called speech, by compromised men dressed in drag. So the wealthy and connected can buy lawmakers, presidents and law, at the expense of another’s self interest.

    Can’t say Scott is inferior anymore. Just inferior people without money. They are the problem….

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    For sure….

  • No wonder the term “Nuremberg Principles” is absent on MSM these dayz. Mentioning this term would require the release of John from prison for the fact he made known to the world have been confirmed yet, John still resides in prison?

    Justice is an illusion here in America, given these realities….

    Swiss Family Robinson had a nice tree house. To bad the lessons learned in this fictional story are not applicable to the “instant case.”



    Trying to maintain values while eating your own like cannibals eat humans, is difficult sometimes.

    Kids need a father not a tree house.

    So much for law, family values and a sense of right and wrong, in this Mr. Pebble’s like “Banana Republic!” Even “Magilla the Gorilla,” a primate can comprehend this injustice like “Tommy the Chimp,” who was also denied justice?

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    To much to consume and process all at once folks ?????

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    “The fuel was obtained using NRL’s gas-to-liquid technology. This involved running sea water through the group’s E-CEM (electrolytic cation exchange module) Carbon Capture Skid, which removed carbon dioxide from the water at 92 percent efficiency while simultaneously producing hydrogen as part of the process. Using a metal catalyst in a separate reactor system, the CO2 and hydrogen gases were then converted into a liquid hydrocarbon fuel.”

    So how much electricity can be stored in a graphene super-capacitor, made from metallurgical coal? Every car needs a frame? You know given that graphene suck up juice like a dry sponge soaks up water and discharges electricity fast, well just maybe, generators on wheels might work more efficiently because the graphene can take all the juice being produced and stored in an insulated car frame made form graphene, much stronger than steal and lighter….

    Well golly gee, call me stupid Starbuck? Why are we burning coal instead of making graphene from it? Where the fuck is a Scotsman like Carnegie when you need him, to make graphene like he made steal? No vision in America anymore, just ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Yes, makes perfect sense. Then it was adapted….

    Kettering did same with Tesla’s inductive motor. A modification using a carbon block kept battery from cooking. A regulator?

    Have you seen this. Carbon based graphene from coal?

    The Super Supercapacitor

    I guess folks forget how creative Nazis were making potential energy from coal using


    To make aviation fuel for Messerschmidt and gasoline to run Panzer Tanks???

    I do have ur email!

    The Super Supercapacitor

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    Speaking of 40% and 60%.

    Efficiency Calculation


    % efficiency = (useful energy out divided by total energy in) X 100

    Imagine if 60% of the energy wasted was put to some sort of use while creating the very inefficient but effective, illumination with 40% of the total input energy? Let’s make some steam and put the steam’s pressure through a small pinhole and turn a fan. Heat usually rises which can be conducted, absorbed and transferred…

    Please see Exhibit *B*

    This is the actual hack that saved the astronauts of the Apollo XIII



    Check the CO2 levels on the partial pressure (marked PART PRES C02) meter on panel eleven. The level should begin to fall (safe level of partial pressure is below eight (8)). Further verification will be indicated through the amber CO2 warning light set to illuminate if the level is above ten (10).

    Reminder: CO2 levels above 15 can be fatal and will cause brain asphyxia, impaired judgment and blackouts


    If the canister seals are not correct in steps #3, #5 and #8, CO2 cleaning may not be adequate. You will recognize this if you hear a whooshing sound when the system starts. Re-tape the seal that is leaking.

    If the LCG bags get ripped air flow may leak out and fail to clean the CO2. Use the spare bag if this happens.


    History teaches us many lessons. We are not teaching are children well and doing them a disservice when only looking forward.

    Pass the duct tape, tubing, socks and whatever else it takes to get the job done! This is a war to live. To survive.

    Certain death, is the consequence of inaction and a failure to adapt.

    The surviving members of the Apollo 13 crew can tell us all about it!
    Adaptations on the fly to sustain life in life or death scenarios…

    Adaptations to sustain life on floating orb is not that different?
    Lots more duct tape, socks, tubing and creativity. We humans are good at that, when we want to be. To bad that creativity has been used for war and killing so often! Oppie’s eye gave it all away looking at Damocles Sword for the first time.

    This is why “Neri” devoted his life to God and education. I’m a product of his charge, BT! Time to check the Co2 level in my the house. I’m feeling third person omniscient here. A little light and airy! Maybe I’m dead and don’t even know it!

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    Funny first patent for capacitor was….

    Standard Oil.

    Spank me if I’m wrong!!

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    Which goes to show once again that it’s people who come up with good ideas and designs, NOT organizations.

    I have some very good ideas. Much along the same lines of thought. Real needs based selling meeting a real demand, to enhance life and in doing so, make lots of money an spread the wealth, among nations. Not hoard it like a drug addict! Adam Smith the great Scotsman would be appalled, like Jefferson, I’m certain.. Even Carnegie axed Henry the brutal one…

    Yup, the “need” was to keep humans from being “injured and killed” when starting a car. Not much liberty in life if you get killed, starting your car. Pretty obvious….

    But like the “fan” down in Florida’s Governor’s debate the collective “LOSERS,” failed to see the significance. Blinded by politics, the fan was Tesla’s invention, enhancing life and liberty, patented when????

    It is pretty obvious the Republic has been porked by a modern day antebellum Senate and divided house, soon to end. It is going to get worse…

    I can’t recall what percentage of the German population in a one time republic, when voting ceded power to a “whack-job?” Probably the same number of union working folks who voted not to recall Scott Walker some time back?

    Folks need to revisit the term, “self interest,” before they vote….

    I’m very pessimistic.

    I need help Box Turtle!!!!

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    More wars to come.

    Protecting monopoly on energy has that kind of effect on society. Abe Lincoln and the Radical Republicans were under no illusions about threats of war coming from energy monopoly with no desire to give up monopoly or power derived from perpetuating economic monopoly. Someone might want to point these historical facts out to our political misfits accepting bribes from monied interests, under the color of law?

    Adam Smith like merit, is dead!

    Deja Vu!

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    After 1000 years or so, a rack of fuel rods will still be hot enough to kill with 10 seconds exposure at 100ft.

    This was Neri’s point!

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    Seems bass ackwards…..

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    Box Turtle,

    You and often talk of storing electricity. Kettering used a carbon based rheostat to keep batteries from cooking when developing the car’s starter.


    He was a founder of Delco, and was head of research at General Motors from 1920 to 1947. Among his most widely used automotive inventions were the electrical starting motor[2] and leaded gasoline.[3] In association with the DuPont Chemical Company, he was also responsible for the invention of Freon refrigerant for refrigeration and air conditioning systems, as well as for the development of Duco lacquers and enamels, the first practical colored paints for mass-produced automobiles. While working with the Dayton-Wright Company he developed the “Bug” aerial torpedo, considered the world’s first aerial missile.[4] He led the advancement of practical, lightweight two-stroke diesel engines, revolutionizing the locomotive and heavy equipment industries. In 1927, he founded the Kettering Foundation, a non-partisan research foundation.

    Can you explain the properties of “graphene,” derived from metallurgical coal called graphite?

    Is graphene a material good for storing electricity harvested during the day from sun or produced via electrical generation? What this what Kettering used not knowing of graphene, to ground out the charge?

    The Super Supercapacitor

    Just wondering? You seem very knowledgeable in these matters?

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    The site is probably as credible as the NYT?

    Default position these dayz is question everything, except mother’s unconditional love!

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    Like loaves of bead and wine! A miracle!

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    An attempt at humor… Seems juror # 40 in Ferguson GJ was pivotal in decision not to indict.

    Since you like I probably would find probable cause that war crimes have been committed given evidence, we would not be chosen by Eric Holder to be on a Grand Jury as GJ member #40 was placed on Grand Jury…

    We would be considered, to prejudiced to render an unbiased legal based decision at grand jury level, Probable cause! A very low threshold a cockroach could possibly understand. I’m sure “Tommy the Chimp” gets it, being deemed property like Scott!

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    Community Aliens and National Comrades

    National Socialist legal theory divided Germans into two categories, namely the National Comrades who belonged to the Volksgemeinschaft and the Community Aliens who did not. In addition to the duties and responsibilities shared by those in the community, they were expected to build and create a “Volksgeist” that would encompass the best aspects of the German people. As such, community aliens could not belong, since they were deemed an undermining element in the very foundations of the “Volksgemeinschaft”.
    The modern German historian Detlev Peukert wrote of his view of National Socialist social policy as:

    “ The goal was an utopian Volksgemeinschaft, totally under police surveillance, in which any attempt at nonconformist behaviour, or even any hint or intention of such behaviour, would be visited with terror”.[42]
    Criminals, if deemed unable to be part of the people’s community, were severely punished, even executed for crimes that did not provide for the death penalty, such as doubling the sentence the prosecution asked for when a defendant had not helped put out a fire, thus showing a disregard for the life of his “volksgenossen” and community.[43] In support of this, Peukert quoted two articles from the projected “Law for the Treatment of Community Aliens” of 1944, which though never implemented owing to bureaucratic quarrels showed the intentions of Nazi social policy:

    “…Article I.

    Community Aliens (Gemeinschaftsfremde)
    “Community Aliens” are such persons who:

    1, Show themselves, in their personality or in the conduct of their life, and especially in light of any unusual deficiency of mind or character, unable to comply by their own efforts with the minimum requirements of the national community.

    2.(a) owning to work-shyness or slovenliness, lead a worthless, unthrifty or disorderly life and are thereby a burden or danger to the community:

    Display a habit of, or inclination towards beggary or vagrancy, idling at work, larceny, swindling or other less seriously offences, or engage in excessive drunkenness, or for any such reasons are in breach of their obligation to support themselves.

    (b) through persistent ill-temper or quarrelsomeness disturb the peace of the community;

    3. show themselves, in their personality or the conduct of their life, mentally disposed towards the commission of serious offences (community-hostile criminals [gemeinschaftsfeindliche Verbrecher]) and criminals by inclination [Neigungsverbrecher]).

    Article II

    Police Measures Against Community Aliens

    1. Community aliens should be subject towards police supervision.

    2. If supervisory measures are insufficient, the police shall transfer the community aliens to the Gau (or Land) welfare authorities.

    3. If, in the case of any community alien persons, a stricter degree of custody is required than is possible within the institutions of the Gau (or Land) welfare authorities, the police shall place them in a police camp.”[44]

    Does any of this sound recent?

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    No, trial by grand jury is not justice. Do you have # 40 on your jersey?

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