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    For your reading pleasure and Box Turtles also


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    Will check…


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    email address…

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    Like a drunk in need of a “drink.”

    Money is Power. Power being more addictive than any substance…..

    Fuck the pundits Ruth. It is time to shove our founders wisdom’s right down the fascists losers gizzards, or it is all over!

    We are experiencing a corporate fascist takeover of this republic, and people can’t even see it… It has nothing to do with political affiliations anymore…. The republic is under assault from within and the distractions are to many for the for a credulous society to discern…

    “Danger!” “Danger!” William Robinson!

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    I will……

    Citizens United is to corporate and represents to Americans, the modern day version of Dred Scott.

    Fuck the Taney Court and the Roberts Court….

    Money is as much speech as Scott was inferior due to the color of his Skin!!!

    The SCOTUS is embracing intellectual garbage today as back in 1857 and are to affluent, well off, lacking empathy to see the seeds sowed.

    Six of the 9 justices dismissing Scott’s case were sympathetic to slavery and came from slave owning states, Taney from a split state, Maryland….

    Hobby Lobby, all men roman catholic…..

    So how many of the Judges in this Court have a corporate background as lawyers before embarking on lifetime appointments.

    They suck!

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    Do you have email address? You and Box turtle?

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    Rural Electrification….. Jobs

    Erie Canal Drop in transport cost Jobs.

    RR Drop in transport cost, jobs…..

    Interstate HWY SYSTEM, interconnection and Jobs…..

    Space Program, computer chip, internet, garmin Jobs etc….

    In all these instances investments were made and society benefited….


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    Radical American Party, RAP for short….

    End America’s servitude to corporate, just as the Radical Republicans emancipated the slaves.

    The Republic’s welfare is playing second fiddle to corptocracy as Scott was subordinate to Slavocracy, under color of rancid law.

    This is why the Robert’s Court deems money speech, as Scott was deemed inferior and property for the benefit of a 1%.

    It not going to end well….

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    Thanks for not being brain-dead! It is not in your DNA sequencing!

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    Gasoline may be cheaper. Question is, are you still wasting 80% of the stored potential energy in that gallon of gasoline? Eighty cents of every dollar you spend on gasoline?

    The drop in the price of a gallon of gasoline is protectionism for oil. No different than a heroin/Big Pharma dealer dropping the price of heroin/Valium/Blue Pills

    Remember the “fan” down in Florida at the Governor’s debate????

    That was patented in long ago. Tesla’s Inductive Electric Motor. Kettering made a few modifications and it now called a starter.


    Belle Isle and the Self-Starter

    Early automobiles required a hand crank for starting. Occasionally, when the spark lever was not properly set, the hand crank kicked back, causing serious injury: a broken wrist, arm, or shoulder. On a winter night in 1908, the result was much worse.

    Byron Carter, founder of Cartercar, came across a stalled motorist on Belle Isle in the middle of the Detroit River. He gallantly offered to crank the car for the stranded driver. When she forgot to retard the spark, the crank kicked and broke Carter’s jaw. Complications developed and Carter later died of pneumonia. When Cadillac chief, Henry Leland, heard the news, he was distraught. Byron Carter was a friend; the car that kicked back was a Cadillac. “The Cadillac car will kill no more men if we can help it,” he told his staff.[11]

    Leland’s engineers were able to build an electric self-starter, but the device was not small enough to be practical.[12] He called Charles Kettering. The engineers at Delco worked around the clock to get the job done by the February 1911 deadline. Kettering later described their work thus: They didn’t have a job so much as the job had them.[13]
    Kettering’s key insight lay in devising an electrical system that performed the three purposes it continues to serve in modern cars: starter and, as generator, producer of spark for ignition as well as current for lighting.[14] Leland approved their product for his 1912 model and placed an order for 12,000 self-starters. Delco, the research and development outfit, had to quickly learn the business of production.

    Kettering’s self-starter won a Dewar Trophy in 1913.[15]

    The starter was invented to stop killing people, when starting cars. A real need was met and money was made. Tesla did same with efficient electric inductive motor. Here is a list of his patents….


    Funny how that electric inductive motor has enhanced the human condition in so many ways, except when it comes to what an automobile uses for it potential energy, to get millions of Americans to and from work each day, while wasting 80% of the value in a gallon of gasoline 134.5 billion times for year 2013 and 142.3 billion time in year, 2007?

    Yup the drop in price at pump has put more money in people’s pockets. I guess folks fail to realize how efficient an electric motor is, but I can assure you the Oil Monopoly is quite aware also. Dropping prices like heroin dealers… Thank Saud!

    Thank Tesla for your cell phones also…..

    WE THE PEOPLE, are being porked!!!

  • But there are now some searching questions that need to be answered. I, therefore, would like to see the CIA be restored to its original assignment as the intelligence arm of the President, and that whatever else it can properly perform in that special field—and that its operational duties be terminated or properly used elsewhere.

    We have grown up as a nation, respected for our free institutions and for our ability to maintain a free and open society. There is something about the way the CIA has been functioning that is casting a shadow over our historic position and I feel that we need to correct it.

    Harry Truman- 1963

    And folks called Neville Chamberlain a fascist appeaser?


    I wonder why Harry felt the need to correct the CIA’s behavior?
    Guess he saw the writing on the Wall, fascist?

    In a fascist society truth is not relevant. Seems to me we are there DW?

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    no a fucking banana………..

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    Nice to see you pick up on the Virginia Slim advertising line, Attaturk!

    Used it many times myself. Truth is we are going backwards…..

    Truth is we are deluding ourselves….
    Truth is we do not know truth anymore…
    Truth is America is being conditioned, like dogs
    Truth is America has been fooled again……
    Truth is in America, torture is a war crime……
    Truth is America is no longer concerned with truth…
    Truth is America has turned fascist…..
    Truth is America has forgotten history…..
    Truth is many in Germany thought what they were doing was legal, until they met Americans…
    Truth is America has repeated history……..
    Truth is America is looking the other way…..
    Truth is history is not on our side…..
    Truth is, this is anything but exceptional…
    Truth is America has lost its way….

    We stand for justice, truth, and the value of a single human


    TO HELL with corporate fascism…….

  • This is fascism in its unmitigated dysfunction……

    The “Nuremberg Effect?” I wonder if folks can make the connection or are they conditioned like the Good German….

    Follow the leader like a Pavlovian dog…….

  • “Gestapo behavior,” deserves no respect. It should be condemned…

  • This decision permits a cop to make up a law to justify an investigatory stop that violates a person’s reasonable expectation of privacy that he will not be stopped unless he violates a traffic law.

    That is the idea. Quite frankly this is just indicative of fascist mindset. The evisceration of constitutional limits on government gone with a legal decision?

    Was it a reasonable mistake of law to use torture, in violation of well settled law, while calling by another name?

    This reminds me of “Nuremberg Laws?” More “Nuremberg Effect,” for Americans in the post 911 era. This decision is not a good “omen” for a republic.

  • Do you recall a story of American MP home on leave from Iraq shot by police?

    He told the cop he was one of them, an MP. He was ordered to sit down, which he did, then ordered to stand. When he got up cop fired weapon hitting him several times?

    Do you have link to that incident. I think he and a buddy got stopped. Urban setting? I can’t find it!

  • Nuremberg War Crimes Trials exposed the many crimes of the fascist regime.

    The “Invasion of Poland” called “Blitzkrieg,” was justified by use of false flag fraud, called Gleiwitz. The Blitzkrieg was a preemptive response to the false flag attack. It started WWII. It was a adjudicated a “war crime,” by civil society.


    No Pole attacked anything German. Just like to note, not one Iraqi attacked anything America on 911 just as no Pole attacked anything German?


    Origins of the 19 hijackers

    Nationality Number

    Saudi Arabia 15

    United Arab Emirates 2

    Egypt 1

    Lebanon 1

    The “Republic” has been played, again.

  • Fascists used torture. Fabricators used torture Authoritarians used torture. Sick motherfuckers used torture.

    Americans killed these sick inhumane people “drunk with power.”

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