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  • http://rt.com/usa/201039-nypd-arrests-mcgovern-petraeus/

    McGovern is a former CIA officer turned political activist. He worked with the agency for just under three decades, retiring in 1990. He was highly critical and public about President George W. Bush’s use of government intelligence in the lead-up to the Iraq war. In 2006, he returned his Intelligence Commendation Medal in protest against the CIA’s involvement in torture.

    This is Fascism right to the CORE!

  • McGovern, who is 74 years-old, told the guards something to the effect that the Bill of Rights gave him the right to go into the event. McGovern had a ticket too. But the guards would not let him pass and soon New York police officers surrounded him.

    Richard Marini, also an activist with World Can’t Wait, approached the entrance to the 92nd Street Y Center and saw McGovern, who is 74-years-old, being apprehended.

    According to Marini, his arms were twisted tightly behind his back and he was in immense pain while they were dragging him to the police car. He was squeezed into the back of a patrol car and taken to the 67th Street station.

    Rugoff heard him screaming. He was shouting about how they were hurting his shoulder. He asked the officers to stop twisting it so they did not aggravate his shoulder and possibly re-injure it.

    “I had a ticket as well,” Marini explained. “They recognized me as well and called me by my name, my first name. They seemed to know who people were.”

    Well of course. Associations are being mapped and names collected to stifle dissent. This was the purpose Savak in Iran. It called authoritarian fascism, motivated by corporate interests. Wake up America, the republic is under assault….

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    Yup, the silence is deafening…..

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    Why is the connection being axed here today?

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    Vaccines for fascism do not exist. Visiting the thousands of American service member’s graves overlooking the beaches of Normandy attests to this fact.

    Do not be silent, it might cost US our republic…

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    Erik, this is excellent.

    “Governments, particularly the American government, must develop methodologies to confront the harmful effects of extremist media and to take seriously the often times seditious nature of these disgusting and deeply troubling purveyors of misinformation which have largely derailed efforts by governments globally to properly manage citizens.”

    The “methodology” was crafted over two hundred years ago. It is called the “First Amendment,” where the right to argue and present evidence to support positions shall not be infringed. The intent is to expose “GARBAGE,” to light and truth. We are witnessing a “Long Knife,” being stuck in the heart of democracy to silence reasoned debate and dissent.

    These mother fuckers are still burning Bruno. It is a threat to the welfare of this republic as we saw that threat to the world realized with dysfunctional psychopaths embracing fascism, which is lawlessness under the color of law. As Gary Webb how it works, if you can?

    These are extremely dangerous times and some folks are clueless. Like the 80% looking to concentration camp Ebola workers, ignorant of the science as with Aides. The fear mongering ignorant are not much better than guys who wore certain color shirts.

    I will not be silent erik!

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    Correct! Fascism is much more dangerous than Ebola. I wonder what the numbered percentage of the German Population was Jewish according the the “whack jobs,” who seized power using fear, race, religion, eugenics to con an entire population, into rabid dysfunction?


    We have men playing with fucking fire……….

  • “”Some comments were disappeared by the Mods.”"</blockquote>

    Sadly you are correct. Even here censorship has taken place, never mind the keystroke monitoring of our comments, interception of mail and emails, bulk data collection by what looks like “SAVAK” on steroid.

    Of course SAVAK was all about stifling dissent in Iran to protect BP control of oil resources by the CIA.

    Mondale Humphrey vs CIA Postal Spying on Americans’ mail for 20 years-Church Committee (1975) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj0ellsyaT8

    Not only have I been here much longer than many of you, I am “OLDER AND REMEMBER,” the evidence to support my position, historically.

    Please take a peak at the video provided, and then tell me how James Angleton sounds any different from the Clapper and the Alexander, who lied right through their fucking “pearly whites,”

    Start video at 1:25 and just watch how history is being repeated, while the MSM stand there with puds in hands doing fucking nothing.

    RIP GARY WEBB AND MR. BEN BRADLEE. Both were ringing the BELL eons ago and look what happened to Mr. Webb for exposing criminals in suits….

    There is a time when men of moral character must take a stand.

  • See comment #17

    The “Beer Halls of Nuremberg” fueled the dysfunction along with other accelerates such as race, religion and arrogance……….

  • “Delusions that Big-Daddy in the USG will “save” them and make them “safe” but only if they are good little sheep.”

    You just described, the “Good German.”

    Now to go vomit……..

  • A “Long Knife is being thrust into the First Amendment.

    Fascism is here, and people are worried about Ebola?

    Unfucking believable!

  • When I finish paying off my back taxes, wage garnishments and levies on bank accounts, just about empty, I will give FDL my golden Nut!

    It is all I got for now and that may be gone soon.

    Express yourself………..

  • I was not blind after all, Aye?

    You know, I sensed it getting a little “snooty” around here, or is it maybe just that intimidation “fear,” thing most indicative of fascist intimidation via blackmail, greymail or blacklisting. To bad we can’t ask Gary Webb about his experiences as a dutiful American?

  • The US/Britain have to vilify Iran because the CIA/M-5/BP FUCKED IRAN!

    They can ill afford to have the real story of the, intervention, subjugation and exploitation of Iran, for Oil on behalf of fucking BP to be told….

    It does not quite square with the concept or story line contained in the catch phrase, “Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet,” if you catch my drift?

  • Geez, I wonder if “Emptywheel” might take back her “Nut,” comment about me when I was warning via comment many moons ago of this seemly fascist trend I deemed the post 911 “Nuremberg Effect?”

    Maybe Jane might remember those days? CHS, Emptywheel, SD, Raven., BooRad.

    I’ve been consistent all along and I was mocked!

    Oh well, who gives a fuck anyways….

  • My sincere thanks for your response to my comment OFG.

    Being a substance abuse, sober many decades I understand denial of dysfunction, implicitly.

    I also recognize dysfunction implicitly.

    This is unmitigated fascism aka dysfunction. This dysfunction is a threat to our republic. No “Good German” here. Only a dutiful American warning this Republic as are many others…….

  • The outcome of this case has the potential to drastically widen the state secrets privilege fascism in a way that will make it even easier than it already is for the government to have lawsuits dismissed against private companies or organizations. Even worse, the government’s interest in this case remains very unclear, fascist and the government is seeking to get away with not having to publicly present (in a reason based argument exposed to light and truth ) why it must step in and have the lawsuit dismissed.

    Fixed! This is a social disease more dangerous than Ebola….

  • Money, is a substance like any commodity with value, while money is value. Coke has value, for sure. Ask that CIA!

    Let us agree to just call it “substance abuse?” You are correct, the bank-gansters do not ingest this substance, so one would think the lack of a physical addiction would allow for less deleterious behavior on the part of the bank-gangster, hurting fewer people. I have more respect for struggling humans fighting to get clean and sober from learned behavior, than I do the Mammon smooching money addict, to which much has been given or justly earned, who pilfer the republic. I think George Washington called them, “unjust men?”

  • No, Bank-ganster are like drug addicts. Addicted to money bank-gansters are always looking for the quick score, at another’s expense.

    Not that dissimilar from the CIA and the proceeds raised to buy guns from crack cocaine sales to Americans going to the Contras for killing nuns and priests.

    They all suck!

  • Yup, another repeat were humans lose and corporations and money wins.

    Why not pass “Nuremberg Laws,” and just take it all?

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