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  • Fuck the slaveowners…

  • How about congress?

  • Fascist bastards….

  • JamesJoyce commented on the blog post The Cops are Killing Us

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    One disgusting symptom of America’s post 911 “Nuremberg Effect,” is when deadly force is applied by authoritarian thugs, when none is required.

    These folks remind me of “Brownshirts,” short on intellect with a propensity to use violence and deadly force on the infirm, mentally ill or people of faith.

    Great article Peter. No silent American here, today, as they were in nazi Germany, intimidated by secret police and data collection…

  • JamesJoyce commented on the blog post Can Climate Change Be Stopped Politically?

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    Same thing was said about “slavery!” No chance of liberating humans from ownership by other humans to be exploited for uncompensated energy….

    Fact is the sorry assed fascist republicans of today have nothing in common with the original “Radical Republicans” whose fear of “slavocracy,” was more than justified and well warranted?

    The old energy monopoly mindset is the same as the current energy monopoly mindset. A clear and present danger to the welfare of this republic today as it was back then. A threat to “American Republicanism,” corrupted by greenbacks, liquor and lubricating oil.

    10 Trillion dollars of demand for overpriced hydrocarbons extracted from the ground? That kind of “demand” can only be achieved by monopoly, which is all about limiting choices and alternatives to protect business models and profit at something or someone’s expense or well being?

  • JamesJoyce commented on the blog post US Moves Troops Into Eastern Europe

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    So how is that plane search going in that “miles deep” Indian Ocean chuck full of hydrogen?

    That vast Indian Ocean along with all the other seas and oceans covering a water planet in Goldilock’s zone?

    So why would imbeciles “fight” over pipelines containing hydrocarbons when there is so much available “hydrogen” on Planet Earth? Duh!

    Can we ask the Clapper this question? Better yet lets “take” the CIA’s budget and get some real return on investment, liberation, versus servitude to energy monopoly while being spied on, to protect said monopoly?

    Looks like the Shah’s surveillance model on meth here in America keeping Americans in line? The CIA’s frankenstein has come home to subvert the affairs of Americans, now rendered servile to corporations protecting worldwide energy monopoly.

    Good day…

  • JamesJoyce commented on the blog post US Moves Troops Into Eastern Europe

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    Your right, why is this happening?

    We need to justify the CIA’s existence? We need to distract Americans from the money squandered on our version of “Savak on crystal meth,” protecting energy monopoly here vs energy monopoly there? “Russia!”

    Its total corporate bullshit. A bait and switch pulled on America. Meanwhile Europe’s balls are in the vice and those most adversely effected by the geopolitical garbage say nothing, like Sargent Schultz?

    Missile systems back into Poland and the beat goes on.


  • JamesJoyce commented on the blog post US Moves Troops Into Eastern Europe

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    Justy what they want dear… Keeps the CIA on its toes doing its oldest job. Protecting energy monopoly…

  • How much of the drone war being waged by the United States in Yemen is targeting actual al Qaeda fighters? And how much of it is targeting fighters, who are opposed to the current regime led by President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi?

    How much “Energy Money,” has Hadi accepted? I’m sure this is a matter of US national security considering the way we have compromise all values in consideration of the strategic interest called, energy?


    Yemen’s electricity infrastructure is outdated and insufficient to meet the country’s needs. Data from the World Bank indicated that, as recently as 2010, only 40 percent of Yemen’s population had access to electricity.

    No need to bomb Yemen back into the “stone age,” using drones and smart bombs! I’m sure the IMF and WB will make all sorts of funds available for the Yemen Electrification Program, (YEP) bettering the lives of humans in Yemen? How about JP Morgan and other Wall Street firms! Real jobs connected to real needs?

  • JamesJoyce commented on the blog post The Roundup for April 22nd, 2014

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    - Gallup: 25 percent of Americans are skeptical of global warming and do not feel it will be significant

    I wonder what percentage of Americans accepted the BS coming from the Tobacco Institute as half a million Americans die each year from smoking related illnesses? Attending a loved one’s funeral does not count as evidence to overcome the instilled corporate presumption enabled by lies and money.

    Fuck em all….

  • JamesJoyce commented on the blog post The Roundup for April 22nd, 2014

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    The recent decision of the U.S. to fire drone strikes in Yemen reveals a division among the elite in Yemen on how to handle such a volatile policy

    What? After cutting deals with “oil,” the Yemen elites count their dead realizing it not about protection, but rather “a deal they cant refuse.” while counting their dead again and again, while the drones’s barrel is pointed at the elite’s heads as well?

    Nice racket we got going on here, America?

  • It is called being monitored for utilizing critical reasoning skills……

    The last thing corporate fascists want is reasoned based dissent, hence the CIA or its child named Savak.

  • Peter sure did? :).

  • The slaughter of Vietnamese or Yemenites using the war tech of the day is no different from Custer and his deserved fate removing the Americas native Indians for the Iron Horse’s track. Here it is about oil, as was the overthrow of Iran’s Mossadegh, to protect BP. (A Racket)

    An exceptional country should not act like corporate hitmen cleansing land for oil development when there is plenty of hydrogen in the salt water molecule in miles deep oceans???

    We are dumb, not exceptional nor enlightened. Fuckheadism 101 is alive and well today as it was in Nazi Germany!

  • Hence the term Capo?

    Capo. A term used for certain prisoners inside Nazi concentration camps during World War II in various lower administrative positions. Capos received more privileges than normal prisoners. They were often convicts who were offered this work in exchange for a reduced sentence or parole.

  • Call it the “Nuremberg Effect,” a social disease for a one time republic turned fascist?

  • JamesJoyce commented on the blog post Koch Brothers Target Solar Industry

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    Over a billion dollars blown right out the ICE’s exhaust pipe in one day.

    American’s need to reassess the meaning of the word “servitude” when analyzing our business relationship with “energy monopoly?”

  • JamesJoyce commented on the blog post Stop the Secrecy: Make the TPP Text Public

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    “The whole system is set up to enable big corporations…..”

    Corporate Sodomy is real. Ask an American founder, he will enlighten us all.

  • Myopic self interest is a social disease…..

  • JamesJoyce commented on the blog post Koch Brothers Target Solar Industry

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    “Protect the slaveowners,” has real meaning in the modern era. The overt protection of “slavery,” manifest in civil war to maintain energy monopoly of that day is surpassed by the current fossil fuel monopoly.

    The Sun, a hydrogen fusion reaction provides all the energy we human’s need to access hydrogen bound in salt water. Instead we get a flat rendition of imperfect disharmony by Brothers Koch, protecting their current energy monopoly?

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