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    Leave the people of Texas “prone” for corporate rape.

    What we are witnessing in Texas is CORPORATE FASCISM. Where dysfunctional politicians compromised by money, craft political policy, not for the benefit of the governed, from which government derives its just and moral power, but to protect business models and profit at the expense of life.

    What is taking place in Texas, is not limited to Texas. It is the entire country.

    Abolish state based health insurance corporations as America abolished slavery and involuntary servitude. End the individual mandatefugitive slave law designed to protect the profits of these corporations slave owners.

    Impose a “WALL STREET TRANSACTION TAX,” .0003%

    Develop an Energy Policy which does not force Americans into abject servitude to “OIL INTERESTS,” where we waste over a billion dollars of economic value every day, utilizing a monopolized commodity, which no longer provides America with value, for the monies spent.

    Too Life and Liberty fuck servitude, enabled under the color of law to corporations just as Scott was adjudicated inferior and property for the Master’s economic benefit while enjoying a monopoly on labor, slaves!

    Perry is a sick MOFO!!!!!!!!!