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    Sometimes I feel like Cassandra too — the one who could make prophecies but no one would believe her. Sounds like you are one of those as well. Sigh.

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        Poor Ukraine just can’t seem to catch a break. Its ancient history reads like a whole patchwork quilt of disaster stories and its modern history gets even worse.  First there was that insanely terrible Ukraine famine of 1932-33, artificially manufactured by Joseph Stalin in order to forestall a revolt.  And in just those two short [...]
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    Thumbnail “Has Netanyahu killed more babies than Herod?” How can I say this politely? Not really sure, but here goes. Bibi Netanyahu certainly has killed a whole bunch of children in Palestine lately. Does that remind you of anything that happened in the Bible, in this same Palestine, except years ago?

    When Herod realized that he had been outwitted [...]

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    Or a high-rise military-industrial complex…

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    Yes, and still the slaughter goes on. If only words could stop it. But still we keep trying. FDL gets an A+ in that regard. “Tis better to write than do nothing.”

  • Thumbnail There’s comfort in capitalism … if you can afford it. All of that screaming and pain pouring out of the mutilated throats of murdered children in the Middle East that I constantly hear in my nightmares has finally gotten too much for me. Can’t stand it any more! So now I’m going to do what every [...]

  •     How can you possibly declare war on an entire religion?  Hey, the Nazis did it — and so did the Romans.  History has demonstrated again and again that anything’s possible, even the most bizarre stuff.
        Christ was crucified because he was a Christian — and later his followers were fed to hungry lions.
        Remember Ann [...]
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    You want better government? Then stop voting for fools and slaves to Wall Street and War Street.

  • Thumbnailhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVNSQ72wvlc America, abroad. Almost nobody remembers the Keystone Kops any more — those hilariously bewildered, confused and zany silent-movie clowns who ran around in circles like chickens with their heads cut off and whose crazy antics were shown on theater screens all across America, exactly 100 years ago today. But I remember the Keystone Kops because [...]

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    There was a gun show in San Francisco last weekend and hundreds of people were already lined up at the door and waiting, hours ahead of the opening bell.  Why?  “We want to buy guns, of course, but we also want to buy ammunition.”  Of course.  What is the use of having a gun if [...]

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    Thanks again for all your helpful input. ISIS is nasty and I worry about the blowback — but also the incredible waste of human life.

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    Thumbnail“Just exactly how many articles on Syria and Iraq can you actually churn out?” a friend of mine asked me recently. “You were only over in Damascus for five freaking days. And you haven’t been to Iraq since 2008. So what makes YOU such an expert on these two countries?” The “experts” are wrong about the [...]

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    That’s pretty much it. We’ll see what Assad will do in seven years. But he was the right man for the job in the last three years for sure.

    As for the UN, you are sadly correct. For instance,Israel was just appointed head of the de-colonization commission. Talk about foxes guarding the hen house!

  • Jane Stillwater wrote a new diary post: Syria, Iraq, Captain Phillips & the ISIS pirates

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    Thumbnail From ISIS to capitalist warmongers, who are the real pirates of the Middle East? On my recent really-long plane ride back from Syria where I had served as an election observer, I must have watched at least six different inflight movies — and one of them was Captain Phillips , starring Tom Hanks. It was all about [...]

  •     On June 18, 2014, Syria’s ambassador to the United Nations, H.E. Bashar Jaafari, held an official press conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, with regard to the recent Syrian elections and how they were conducted in an above-board and transparent manner.
         Also present and speaking at the press conference were five [...]
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    I could use a compliment about now, what with all that ISIS craziness in Iraq getting me down. Thanks again.

  • ThumbnailNow that I’m back here in America after personally observing Syria’s recent presidential elections, I’ve been totally amazed at some of the fabrications, gross exaggerations and out-right lies that my country’s mainstream media has come up with regarding these vote results. “Election fraud in Syria!” the newspapers cry over and over again.  “Assad forces Syrians to [...]

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    Thumbnail “President Assad is Syria’s Green Lantern.” While staying here in Damascus, I have heard the same thing said again and again from a whole array of sources, including foreign journalists, Syrian citizens and even Christian nuns. ”This war on Syria is being fought by Al Qaeda operatives, fanatic Islamist jihadis, foreign fighters, terror What this means [...]

  •     I’m here in Syria right now, and one of the big questions that journalists are asking both here and in America seems to be, “Is President Bashar Assad a good guy or a bad guy?”
         Hard to tell.
         Some people love him and some people hate him.  As for me?  I have mixed feelings about [...]
  • Jane Stillwater wrote a new diary post: On the road to Damascus: Leonardo, Kate & me

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         I wish that I had enough money to afford being a full-time war correspondent.  There’s something about jumping on a plane,  flying to the other side of the world to a war zone and writing back home about Truth and Justice that makes one feel truly alive.
         Last Wednesday someone called me up and said, [...]
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