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    OFG, You do ask one very interesting question: if the Democrats got no Republican support for the concessions they made, why didn’t they take those things out? That’s because there are a fair number of Democrats who are quite conservative and very beholden to corporations. One of the staunchest opponents of the public option was [...]

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    OFG, Your comment is factually incorrect. This diary is factually correct, well written, focuses on an important point, and I recommend it. You say that no part of this bill was changed to meet any Republican negotiation. You are factually wrong. The individual mandate is part of the Republican approach to health care reform, or [...]

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    Thank you for posting this. It is an extraordinary piece of work, one of the best blog enties I’ve ever read. It’s not too surprising that the cowardly and thoroughly corrupt Barack Obama would be incapable of understanding the patriotism and courage of Edward Snowden.

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    Hi Gannon, Thanks for your comment. At one time, KTVU did really good local news coverage. I remember their coverage of the Loma Prieta earthquake and the fire in the Oakland hills; it was outstanding. But the quality of their news coverage has been on a downward slide for a few years now. This gaffe [...]

  • No doubt, you are already familiar with the Bay Area Fox News affiliate, KTVU epic blunder in its coverage of Asiana flight 214. Its noon news anchor announced breaking news – the names of the cabin crew of the ill-fated flight: Sum Tin Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk, and Bang Ding Ow. As [...]

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    Thank you for posting this. My husband and I have already signed the peition supporting Elizabeth Warren’s effort. We are struggling with student loan debt. It was not the original amount we borrowed, but the interest that piled up on it during the years he studied for his degree that caused the size of the [...]

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    Hi Kurt, This is a good post, and scam is certainly an apt word. I remember that while I was protesting the war, angry motorists would yell at us that we didn’t support the troops. Our response– the best way to support the troops is bring them home right now. It was pathetic to see [...]

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    Kit, thank you so much for posting this. I really had fun watching it. it’s such a delightful story with gorgeous artwork and terrific animation.

  • Allison,
    I like your post. When my husband and I got married, we decided to be child-free. It’s been over twenty years, and we have had no regrets about our decsison. We didn’t get much pressure from our families, but did get pressure from just a few of our friends and aquaintances. We were really taken aback by it. Some people will intrude into others’ lives with nosy questions and unwanted advice. I realized that I needed to set boundaries, and I did by saying firmly that we had made up our minds and had not asked for advice. It doesn’t surprise me that the same types of pushy and intrusive people will continue to intrude in the instances you’ve described above even after the baby is born.

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    RIP Scarecrow. My condolences to his family and friends.

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    Cal, I’m trying to figure out what your views are on this. Are you saying that ultra-violent video games are another component responsible for gun violence in addition to the easy availability of guns? Or are you saying that such games are responsible for gun violence instead of the easy availability of guns? The distinction [...]

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    Here is a link to one of the pieces in the Nation re LaPierre’s press conference.

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    Here is a link to one of the articles I referenced about LaPierre’s press conference.

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    Thumbnail My husband flicked on the TV Friday morning as I was finishing my oatmeal and coffee. We were both curious as to what new ideas the NRA would propose. But a deeper question tugged at my curiosity. Does the CEO of the NRA have a conscience? How does a man live with himself when his [...]

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    Teddy, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Opening Medicare up to younger people who would be paying premiums to Medicare while using fewer services would beneift Medicare’s bottom line. This is why private health insurance companies have offered low premiums to young people, and then jacked up the premiums to force them off the rolls once they’re over 50. That’s how the private insurance companies have gotten their profits. Why shouldn’t Medicare open itself to younger participants and their premiums and the healthy flow of additional income? This is so obvious to me that I also think lots of folks are being deliberately obtuse. And rolling the Medicare eligibility age down one step at a time, starting with 55, is a great way to do this.

  • Metamars, Thanks for posting this. It’s very thoughtful and informative. I checked out the link about the DREAM movement; it provided good information for activists. I do feel disappointment that OWS didn’t last longer or go further than it did. But I feel that the waning of OWS was inevitable, given its lack of structure. [...]

  • I care. And, if you look at the growing comment thread, Frank, I think you’ll see that other people care as well.

  • Masaccio, This is a wonderful post. You’ve included so many great insights. One in particular that struck a cord with me is about debt: If we are talking about debt, we should start by asking how the debt was incurred. That is so true. My husband and I have big student loan debt that we are struggling to pay off. We also have some medical debt. Another issue affecting the public at large is underwater mortgages. All of these forms of debt are shouldered by responsible people, people who were acting out of necesssity and/ or who were working hard at achieveing the American dream. And one of the things that can get really get to me is that when banks talk about moral hazard as their excuse for oppsing write-downs in mortgage principle. I hear that and I think who are bankers to talk about moral hazard? They have no moral authority. But apparently, Obama doesn’t notice this contradiction; he is happy to listen to them.

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    Southern Dragon’s Caturday gave many moments of joy to my husband and me. May he rest in peace.

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    Rest in peace, Richard/ Southern Dragon

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