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    Will we be surprised if obama goes along with him? He is now in India making deals for the military industrial complex. India is the number 1 importer of our war shit. He says he is bringing 150,000 jobs to America. I would assume in the war machine department. so what better way to sell more military equipment then to start another war? Who is India supposed to be using all of the stuff we are selling them on? And we are supposed to continue to support this mass murderer because he is a Democrat.

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    Sorry if I have a problem with the majority leader of the Democratic party saying in a debate, his favorite supreme court justice of all time was Alito. Really, this is a leader of the Democratic Party, pretty much explains a great deal.

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    well, when Alito does go to the State of the Union he can thank our Senatorial leader for naming him as his favorite Supreme court justice of all time. I know it is hard to believe, but I did hear it on c-span.

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    I rather feel like our pres and representatives have not listened to us and now they want our votes. Sorry, it is a 2 way street. You don’t listen to me, I don’t vote for you and besides I am only learning from Obama who came out for the former republican in Rhode Island rather than endorsing his democratic candidate. Why should we vote Democrat if he doesn’t even support them?

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    Oberstar wow!!!! When speaking to his office about his lack of support for the public option and his continued votes for war spending. I told them we have no power and they do not represent us and he pointed out 2008 and the power we had and I told him ” No, we will have power when we can get rid of the entrenched Democrats who do not represent us, and in 2 years replace them with a real democrat.” I knew he was in trouble long ago when on the last war spending bill they allowed him to vote against it. Heres, hoping.

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    obama giving his endorsement to Lincoln chafee and not the democratic candidate is a great example. Imagine, we are supposed to vote democratic, but O can endorse a former republican turned independent rather than the democrat. I am just waiting for the 3rd party movement.

  • I have every intention of voting…. all dems, except for the one national candidate on the ticket. I am sick of these entrenched democrats in democratic districts. If we have to elect republicans to get a real democrat in 2 years, so be it.

  • Did anyone notice how he can not look us in the eye? When he ran as a progressive, he did that because he knows the country is progressive and that is what he had to do to get elected. now all he does is act like, we don’t get it. All of the democrats on [...]

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