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    Hello Justine ,
    I’ve enjoyed watching you on Canadian TV over the years with Lonely Planet and Pilot guide episodes ,while looking up travel videos for Iran which is where i will be visiting this August .I came across the trailer for your documentary on Youtube ,it looked very interesting because of the personal interaction of your visit with people who live in Iran .Just as i was getting into the story you were telling us the video came to an abrupt end ,i felt very cheated because i wanted to see more !

    Where could i see the rest of the film ?

    You have done something very thought provoking and wonderful, by showing us a side to Iran and Iranian people that we in the west are not exposed too ,i commend you on your efforts on making this film to not only educate us ,but by putting a face on a country that has been so unfairly demonized in the Western media .

    I love Iran and Persian culture ,i have the upmost respect for their nation and i hope on my visit in August through Iran i will also have the pleasure of meeting great people as you have had the privlige of doing .

    Anyways Justine ,keep up the good work as a film maker and i hope to see your film in it’s entirety !


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