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  • Are you sure Corporatist Dems have no shot at winning going forward even if they vote for TPP and its ilk?

    Some of them will continue to con the electorate. imho. And will continue to undo the gains made by those not among the PTB’s and their sycophants.

  • Passage of TPP makes it immensely easier for Big Corporations to get their way.

  • The public can add to all these potential –and highly likely– bailouts of the Big Banksters and Big Money all the clean up payments for any spills or other environmental catastrophes from the Keystone pipeline. Which Obama may veto, but will, eventually, sign off on. And the Repubs have guaranteed Keystone that they will not [...]

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    Before Christmas, when the two NYC policemen were shot by the paranoid bipolar criminal, and the Policemen’s Benevolent group took after De Blasio for talking about warning his biracial son to be very careful around police, another policeman, another ,leader of those criticizing the mayor said that what the mayor should have said, and what all parents need to teach their children, is that anyone MUST follow any orders from any cop, no matter whether lawful, rational, or whatever. Period.

    Just do what they say.

    Reminded me of a woman a NYC detective tried to rape in the somewhat hidden courtyard of her apt building. Gee, she should not have screamed bloody murder and tried to fight him off, right? Since, he, as a NYC policeman must be obeyed. No matter what.

    Gave me chills when I heard the guy. Wow.

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    Uh…shouldn’t the US administration, aka Obama, be enforcing ever more stringent economic sanctions against the Israeli government? Like, to, ya know, make them adhere to international law and UN resolutions of many decades, etc.??

    Yeah, I know. Get real. The US will never try to clip its hawk’s wings.

  • I heard Kerry’s latest remarks about Snowden on the BBC this morning, and I literally cringed I was so embarrassed for him and the fact that I had voted for him for president….

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    As many have noted, it seems Obama does everything he can to make the Repubs more likely to take over the entire Congress….

    Destroying the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party may have been his Job One as set out by his actual managers — Big Money, Big Banks, Big Fuck Ups.

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    And Spain can’t afford to support green energy due to…ta dah!…the austerity imposed by the IMF.

    And which nation controls the IMF???? D’uh. USA, USA, USA!!!! We’re Number One Asshole in the whole wide world!

  • Also, I’m finding it extremely difficult to control my urge to throw up when I hear Obama going all war monger on somebody’s ass or nation.

    Sorta like how i felt about Cheney/Bush.

    What a sorry Corporatist running dog lackey this president is.

  • I somehow don’t see how NSAers or CIAers can actually tell the difference between a 50 year old “terrist” and one anywhere from 51 to 65 or so.

    I think anything on two legs is considered “fair game.”

    Otherwise, why would they stay in areas we’re claiming the right to drone attack?

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    CTuttle — or anyone –know what’s up with MoonofAlabama.org? Msg says Domaine Unknown….

    Found a note that TypePad was down, but now it’s up and Moon is not.


  • Also, just what kind of a president would a Pres. Kerry have been?

    Can any Democrat, no matter his or her prior actions, be trusted as the Chief Execitive? And, since no Repub can be, who the hell can one vote for????

  • Sibel Edmonds has been reporting on the US instigation and meddling in Syria since at least November 2011. Rat line and all.

    Incirlik, babeeee!


    Of course, one of the most effective means of denigrating real information is to 1) ignore and 2) assert that anything which the goverment/PTBs don’t want the public to pay attention is a “conspiracy theory.”

    Move along, nothing to see here, you little people.

  • BBC this morning had coverage of potential Western attacks on Syria which included at least two (WOW!) well respected people speaking out against any bombing over the (alleged –so many journalists seem have lost the ability to use that word when the US asserts a guy it is against has done something the US says is wrong) use of chem weapons.

    One of those against US bombing or other military actions still accepts that Assad was to doer in this situation, but the other guest stated that the the Finnish based chem weapons experts said it could not have been weapons grade sarin or the people shown caring for the injured and dying would have had to be in protective clothing.

    Has the US media picked up on that at all?

  • The government will threaten jail or Guantanamo…all those non-disclosure agreements are signed up front. No leverage, no bargaining power for these employees on that front.

    Sure, someone can pull a Snowden, but he or she will have to be very careful, very canny, very detailed, extremely capable of planning for known and, well, unknown, contingencies.

    I don’t think most people realized that the US could force down the governmental plane of heads of state, but, it seems, it can. So, that’s now a knowable factor, but what other breaks with international laws and conventions will the US indulge in?

    (International law seems to hold little sway over the actions of either the US or Israel. Both are scofflaws and act with seemingly unlimited impunity. Israel just announced it will build new settlements and housing in the West Bank — to met the needs of its growing population it will continue to steal the land other people. May also be intended to derail the upcoming talks and put the blame on the Palestinians. Sheesh.)

  • Agree. First thought was “What could possibly go wrong?” with a 90% cut of expert sysadmins? Like, who needs problems resolved or issues fixed in a timely manner?

    OMG — what a hoot.


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    It’ll be the telco legislation all over again.

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    Obama sounded really PO’s that Snowden has delivered his information in “dribs and drabs, sometimes sideways.”

    Barry said that was wrong because by the time the government got the “truth” out to the public, the lie was half way around the world. Well, words to that effect.

    What he was really fuming about was that by the time the government “rebutted” the latest disclosure, the next disclosure showed how the government was continuing to lie and lie and lie about what it was actually doing.

    I don’t know if Snowden came up with the slow drip method of releasing hisinformation, withholding the rest to use later to show how the government was continuing to lie to the public’s face, but it is brilliant. Absolutely fookin’brilliant.

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    Too bad there wasn’t a Medicare for All plan available, which could have saved, oh, $6B or so a year…. Why did no one think of that?

    Oh, yeah. Obama took it off the table. So, of course, Dem leadership went along with that.

    Thank goodness for LBJ and for Dems of his era. Best birthday present I ever, ever, ever got was when I turned 65.

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    Sa he wants Fed chair who will manage the dual requirements of the legislation: Control inflation and work for full employment. Riiiiight. because he’s done so much to work for more real jobs in his time so far.

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