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    From high up in a dark, silent balcony seat a seldom heard voice is found; a loud CAW! CAW! in appreciation of all that you have been, are now, and always will be.

  • There are times when it might be impossible to make a grand entry during the closing moments of the party and still be recognized as the most beautiful person present, should that even be the fact.

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    Lacks proper credentials?

    All eleven of the World Bank’s presidents since 1946—men who have presented themselves as missionaries of the poor—have been members of the CFR. (The exception was George Woods. And he was a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation and vice-president of Chase-Manhattan Bank.)

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    agreed. NOW

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    I understand about Milton Friedman. I would hope, though, that you might take a deeper look at the University of Chicago and the Chicago School of Economics. Posner is a lawyer like Obama and not an economist. Posner was, at the same time, a beacon in the Chicago School of Economics (until his recent reversal and embrace of Keynesian thought). My point was that it is all one environment, intermingled, where the dominant thought, even cross discipline, is common to the incubator.

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    The quote was paraphrasing what I think Friedman said about the Great Depression. His remedy was, of course, laissez-faire. However, he said, if you have to deal with the Fed, then monetary controls are best ou can do. FDR and Keynesian economics, Friedman contended (ISTR), served to “make a natural downturn into a catastrophe”.

    I think much of South America has thrown the yoke of The Chicago Boys. It appears to me that any remaining is due to the insistence of IMF and TWB, which are tools of the Empire.

    Forgive me, but I do not see monetarism at work in Russia today. At the fall, the Empire applied the same shock doctrine policy to Russia that they have since used in Iraq and Libya (the theft of resources; not the guns). Today, while divesting total state ownership in many industries “to attract investment and technology”, the Russian government is generally retaining major interests. I follow avidly what is happening in Europe, i.e. the German/Russian economic courtship, the jealous French pursuit (of necessity) to not be left out, etc. There is an ongoing re-alignment of state interests and economics of gargantuan proportions that holds in my mind the great offset challenge to the American right wing.

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    As a former professor in the Chicago School of Economics (mainly the University of Chicago business school and law school co-functioning as one entity), wouldn’t Obama’s current course be consistent with perceived biases from that environment? I am not an econo (rather a longtime reporter), but it appears to me that Obama is using the other guys to get exactly what he wants. It looks like a classical Friedman cure for “a little recession without turning it into something bad.” Maybe Obama IS playing umpty-umpty level chess… on and about our heads. All the more reason the Democratic Party should treat him the way the Whigs did Tyler!

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    Lurker here also. Hope to read your comments here more often, Anthony.

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    May be a misread on what Santorum actually meant. Maybe he’s parading his GOP “slasher creds” … taking down Veterans Affairs system with all the other Socialism. Rep. Michele Bachmann proposed a freeze in veterans health care funding — along with a cut in disability compensation for veterans — as part of her $400 billion [...]