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  • Jay B. commented on the blog post Fear And Fapping On Campaign Trail 2012

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    Ha, Democratic interns can blow the President of the United States. Republican interns have to blackmail women just to see pictures of them. Face, GOP!

  • Jay B. commented on the blog post One Little Hitler Does The Other One’s Will

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    Yeah, sorry Krauts, too bad you weren’t born into Idiot America, then your paranoid babbling and child abuse would be cherished as a way to slap at teacher’s unions. Compulsory public education, honest talk about sexuality and freethinking has no place in this country! It’s a shame you have to suffer it over there.

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    Funny, to me it looks exactly like The “Sinking Career”

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    I think there’s some fallacy that softens reality via time and distance — there is a theory, in fact, that the brain produces THC (for real) which helps us forget bad memories so we can remember the better ones — because the people you mention here have always been terminal assholes. But it’s nice of you to be generous.

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    Nut up, fella. Now dance, monkey.


  • Then you are doing it in a totally incoherent way. I can’t make hash of what you or deBoer are trying to say other than you object to TBogg, you think that the movie glorifies torture because a few (but not all) liberal reviewers say it does and THEN you choose to be outraged by your presumption of how people support torture through the (reported) prism of this movie.

    Because if you really want to comment on the efficacy of torture, we would probably both agree that it sucks and is detrimental to both intelligence and the rule of law. But instead, because you have your own axe to grind — a similar one to deBoer and Greenwald’s — you decry the “propaganda” of a movie you only know second-or-third-hand in order to try and self-righteously hector a group you find ideologically suspect.

    If the movie shows portrays it as a net good, it would make me uncomfortable. If it showed it as gray, I would probably be outraged. But these are judgements I’m willing to reserve until I see the movie, instead of getting all huffy and outraged over it before hand, based on a few stray reviews.

  • I responded directly to your stupid fucking Greenwald quote — it’s nonsensical.

    And sure, people talk about movies. WHEN THEY SEE THEM. That’s apparently un-left these days, to comment on something you’ve actually engaged. And Freddie doesn’t even come close to an argument. He’s whining about what he thinks are impure thoughts from un-lefties (or, as you prefer “shape-shifters”) because…of something he never quite makes clear. But Obama will invade Iran! Because of this movie or something. Again, who knows what he’s fucking talking about anyway. I lost the thread when he said we hate Muslims for some stupid fucking reason.

    But sure, keep on keeping on.

  • You don’t recognize how really fucking stupid this sounds from anyone who hasn’t seen the movie?

    I have not seen this film and thus am obviously not purporting to review it; I am, instead, writing about the reaction to the film: the way in which its fabrications about the benefits of torture seem to be no impediment to its being adored and celebrated.

    What does that even mean? Does the movie show fabricated benefits of torture? Are those being celebrated? How can you assert that without seeing the movie? What if it showed brutal torture that showed what animals we were? Isn’t that something we should talk about?

    You and the other commissars can fucking blow me. Torture is evil. Torture also happens.

    There’s a great movie called “Day of the Jackal”, it’s based on a work of fiction, but there are certainly historical elements to it. Torture “worked” there too. I still thought the movie was a taut thriller and was engrossing. And I don’t condone torture. It’s not really that hard.

  • So did YOU see the movie or are you only in the meta-meta-critique of the critique business? Jesus fuck, the actual review quoted in this post, by a person who actually saw the fucking movie, said that the torture reaped very little intelligence.

    I guess to be in the PURE LEFT club you have to be plainly fucking ignorant of what you are actually referring to and then pretend that you are only responding to “things” people “involved” in the movie have “said” (based on a true story!) rather than judge the actual product and the film’s actual message. What if Glenn — and by extension, you, since you clearly don’t have anything to go by but your gut and a laughable misreading of what almost everyone in here wrote — is, you know, wrong? What if Bigalow showed a brutal torture scene that showed just how brutal and stupid we were and that other intel was more effective? Because then that would actually be the left critique of our torture policy.

    And what else will make us Left again, Freddie? How can we, how can I be let back into your knee jerk club of perfect knowledge and dialectical correctness? Because it seems like another blowhole of bullshit.

  • Jay B. commented on the blog post Mitt Romney’s War On Fap-Americans

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    I think it’s because people can simple stream endless amounts of porn on the Internet these days and they can bill them for the connection.

    And I predict that Mitt’s got the scold vote LOCKED UP with this kind of daring.

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    One problem with the kid in Catholic schools, in my opinion, is that if and when the Church gets theirs — in the form of a giant, galactic, tort on the level of the tobacco companies — their excuse will be “but we do so much good” and they’ll point to their schools, their hospitals and their charities. All of which, honestly, are a net good. But the fuckers have to ATONE. The institution, when weighing their totality, their criminality, their reactionary politics, their idiotic vision of women and gays, is a net negative.

    Where do we draw the line? Like the Bush Tax Cuts. We were told that extending them would help extend UI benefits. Like the Church, the fuckers who really need to atone are holding decency hostage to get theirs.

    The only thing I can hold on to these days, is the idea that the arc of the universe is toward justice. The trouble is that the universe is 4 billion years old and I’ll be long dead before we see it.

  • Jay B. commented on the blog post Oedipus, Schmedipus

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    Imagine a world where she had a point.

  • Jay B. commented on the blog post The Big Grift

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    So many misperceptions here! Oxy is way up in NE LA, in the neat little village of Eagle Rock, fast by the Highland Park border. It’s near downtown LA and a quick enough trip to Silverlake and Echo Park, but all of those neighborhoods are rather recent destination developments. The west side, with or without a car, is a haul. Pasadena, is a short trip and the Colorado St. bus will get you from Eagle Rock Blvd and Colorado to Lake in about 20 minutes tops.

    Obama, when he went to Oxy, most certainly went to Casa Bianca, because everyone goes to Casa Bianca.

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    I’m an atheist too, but I think it’s an awful practice. I know the person is dead, but then at least the family should have some consent rights for something like that. I look at it this way, how would it feel to your family if, after you die, someone renamed you? That someone took something you self-identified by and changed it, even posthumously, is presumptuous and disgusting. It’s like desecrating a grave.

  • Jay B. commented on the blog post Five Oh!

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    Have a very delicious day. Is Mr. T gonna dress in his traditional birthday French Maid outfit?

  • Jay B. commented on the blog post Jesus Wept, Shirley Sherrod Laughed

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    “An academic tied to Jeremiah Wright…”

    Yeah. By skin. Bell wrote about being disappointed by Obama in 2008 when he condemned Wright, rather than agreeing with the rev’s basic critique about American society. That is, as far as I can tell, their only real link other than, of course, their blackness. Which is central to their point, naturally.

    And unlike cancerous law professors like Wine Box and Goober over there in Knoxville, Bell actually sought to produce lawyers committed to good things like social justice and fairness and not…um…pure evil.

    I guess with their charm offensive on women not producing the desired results, they’re back courting the minority vote.

  • Jay B. commented on the blog post First Win … Then Do The Right Thing

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    Serial Sexual Harasser/Twice-divorced Family Values Hypocrite ’12!

  • Jay B. commented on the blog post Because Ignorance Is The Lifeblood Of Good Hate

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    But yeah, the days of college football being a pure amateur sport are long gone (if they ever existed at all). And those who propound it as such are wither willfully blind or seriously deluded.

    They never existed. Family legend has it that my grandfather, from Massachusetts, chose to play at Georgia Tech (in the 1920s, when they were a power) because they offered the most money. And even if that’s not true, though I suspect is was, college sports have always been corrupt. Christ, the whole SMU program was shut down in the early 80′s. Long before that, there was little doubt that boosters from the idiot states would shovel money to top recruits.

  • Jay B. commented on the blog post Death Before Disco

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    What the fuck was that?

    They go back in time to watch historical events happen? Regardless of how stupid they say it, how is that better than actual history? Going back in time to relive the Iranian Hostage Crisis may be something Ted Koppel longs for, but I think the kids today would be bored.

    You go back in time to solve crimes, change the future or bet on sporting events, not to confirm conservative biases.

  • Jay B. commented on the blog post Snowtrash Exodus

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    My other thought: The surge in Iraq works. The surge in Afghanistan works. There’s an Arab Spring. The world obviously needs American strength and leadership more than ever. And now everyone (even Palin, to some degree) decides, hey, time to back off? It’s foolish substantively and politically. Do Republicans really want to run as Obama-lite in foreign policy?

    It looks like Kristol is through with enjoying binary stupidity — this is truly quantum stupidity. It’s wrong in multiple dimensions simultaneously. Wrong on its face. Wrong on merits. Wrong on facts. Wrong on the assumptions it makes. Wrong in the course of action it prescribes. Wrong in real-time and wrong for all history. Wrong in tense, grammar and theory. Wrong in summation. So wrong, in fact, that it will remain the Golden Standard of Wrong until the next time Bill Kristol decides to say anything.

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