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    Thank you for this Kris. It makes me sick to see the unions and the astroturfed democratic organizations support this blatant attack on the social security program by calling it a tax break. Obama is doing everything he can to make sure social security isn’t there for my kids and grandkids. It’s truly a Nixon goes to China moment. All with the help of the average democrat. Thank you again it’s good to know some people get it.

  • I remember reading about how in ancient Rome Caligula appointed his horse to the senate, actually he appointed it Consul a higher office than the senate. The horse’s name was Incitatus. I’m sure the horse did less damage there than Caligula.

    How about a write in campaign for a horse named Incitatus. Rome was pretty crazy when Caligula was Ceasar. And we are going through some pretty crazy shit right now. How could nominating a horse do worse.

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    Yes but isn’t that the problem with the Democrats. Instead of fighting for what they believe in they just give up or give in.

  • What is a twatwaffle?

  • So is Chris Christie and so is Hillary Clinton.

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    Greenharper, I am no fan of President Obama these days but this certainly makes me think PUMA and the pissed off Hillary supporters may be behind this. In my county these ladies don’t hesitate to vote for Republicans that DO NOT represent their interests because they are still outraged that their candidate Hillary Clinton lost. [...]

  • I live in Pennsylvania. I just read that President Obama and Sr. Bob Casey will be spending a lot of time in this state next year working for the moderate Republican and Independent vote.

    Meanwhile they have lost my vote…I’m a Democrat.

    I feel we’ve reached the point of no return. I feel there is no hope and the only change will be downward.

    The Democrats are working very hard to bring the OWS movement into their tent. Every astroturfed group in my county in Pennsylvania is on Wall Street pushing Obama’s agenda. They’re good people and they mean well but they just can’t bring themselves to be part of an independent movement. They love OWS and so do I. But can OWS resist the money that comes with the price of alignment with a party that will betray them?

    Only time will tell.

  • I found John Galbraith’s “Money,” a good start. The other books recommended are good at explaining what went wrong. Money covered the basics for me.

  • I’m with you Justin B. You can’t argue with facts but you can argue with how facts are being interpreted.

    Politicians don’t pay attention to polite, educated, reasonable people who will vote for them because they are the best of the alternatives.

    They will only pay attention when they feel they have something to lose.

    As they say on Wall Street…no risk, no gain.

  • Box Turtle,

    Exactly right. Everything happens behind closed doors at the corporate wall street white house.

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    The gentle one said: “Forgive them father for they know not what they do.”

    Right. And how did that work out for him.

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    Has any president been less willing to appear angry and more reasonable than President Obama?

    And how’s that working out for us.

    There is indeed a difference between anger and resentment. One, resentment, leaves us powerless. The other anger directed toward social injustice is the way of Ghandi.

    Shrinks have their uses but they aren’t very effective in politics. And they haven’t exactly made the world a better place. There is no simple answer for the world’s problems but there is a simple answer for political effectiveness. You have to stand for something and put your political and sometimes actual survival on the line. Presently all we have is a party full of candidates with agendas based on personal ambition and not much else.

    I AM angry I am NOT resentful. And I am unwilling to allow myself to be beaten up and continue to argue with the bully why beating me up is wrong.

    I am sick and tired of the democratic party, the mommy party that stands by and does nothing while daddy abuses us.

    Reason doesn’t have an effect on bullies. In fact, reason can be used by cowards to hide the fact that they are afraid to go out on their own and put their survival skills to the test.

    I believe Barack Obama is truly resentful because no matter how much he tries to work with the other side they continue to resent him. His resentment makes me angry.

    I am not looking for another way to make myself feel grateful and happy. Corruption doesn’t make me feel grateful it makes me angry.

  • How about Jon Huntsman he’s a Republican, and a Morman, he’s qualified and he has both oars in the water. Too conservative for me but he’s qualified and I might even switch parties so I can vote for him in the primary and do my bit to keep the lunatic Tea Party candidates out of the White House. That is if Huntsman has the courage to campaign like the Rockefeller Republican that he is.

  • If the celebrities stay home I’ll go. That includes Al Gore who didn’t have the guts to fight hard to get the vote counted and his democratic wimp out gave us G.W.Bush and the current financial crisis. This doesn’t sound like an Arab spring to me it sounds like more of the same useless protesting [...]

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    I wish you guys would stop trashing whores. That lady is dressed like a right wing republican asshole. Whores deserve more respect.

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    I don’t know what the answer is but the only people who gain anything when we’re attacking each other are the corporate masters. I had two dogs once, a small dog and a big dog. When I raised my voice to the big dog he turned around and bit the little dog. We are like [...]

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    A few years ago Pennsylvania had Operation Clean Sweep a throw the bums out movement. That movement should go national. Obama’s a brilliant con man and he got exactly what he wanted. Bush had a democratic majority and he got exactly what he wanted. About that two party system …how’s that working out for us.

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    How do you kill the New Deal. The Republicans have been working on that since the thirties. Then Nixon went to China. No one but a Republican could have pulled this off after all China was a communist country. So we have a Nixon goes to China moment now. You get a “conservative, blue dog with great oratory skills, an empty signifier type of guy that everyone can pin their hopes on and you market your product and sell it to suckers like me. We buy it because we believe hope dies last. Only a Republican could have started a relationship with China, that was Nixon, and only a Democrat, Obama can kill the new deal. I UNDERSTAND NOW THAT HOPE WAS INDEED AN AUDACITY.

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    He Southern Dragon how about those of us who have been doing something for years now and getting nothing in return. Maybe we should start throwing stones at those who screw us and stop throwing them at each other, especially because we’re not polite enough. How all that politeness working for us.

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    I am not calling the diarist a child I am saying that the diarist is being treated like a child and deserves to be treated like a adult. And that makes me angry.

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