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  • Jaymax commented on the blog post Janice Crouse – another phony expert of the religious right

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    I tracked this ridiculous claim about lesbians back to the so-called “Facts About Youth” online article by the fake “American College of Pediatricians”. This is a small conservative religious fringe group with less than 100 members. (as opposed to 60,000 members from the REAL American Academy of Pediatricians). This group focuses on anti-gay propaganda and little else. George ‘rentboy’ Rekers was the main author of the article. They emailed this atrocious piece of anti-gay propanda out to all the schools about 18mths ago.

    The Propaganda “Facts about Youth” piece claimed: “An Australian study found that 93 % of lesbians reported having had sex with men, and lesbians were 4.5 times more likely than heterosexual women to have had more than 50 lifetime male sex partners.”

    THIS is the study they are blatantly misrepresenting:


    The study does NOT say that 93% of lesbians reported having had sex with men. The study was on women who visited a sexual health clinic in the 90’s in Australia. They surveyed women who had reported ever having sex with a woman- even once. This included heterosexual, bi-curious and bi-sexual women. Not just lesbians.

    The study stated that 9% of these women (heterosexuals, bi-curious and bi-sexuals included) had had sex with more than 50 men. Again, NOT lesbians, NOT lesbians in general and not even women in general. Just women who went to a sexual health clinic. Which would include sex workers.

    Also, Dr Francis Collins, Director of the National Health Institutes wrote a complaint about this “Facts about Youth” garbage.

    April 15, 2010

    “It is disturbing for me to see special interest groups distort my scientific observations to make a point against homosexuality. The American College of Pediatricians pulled language out of context from a book I wrote in 2006 to support an ideology that can cause unnecessary anguish and encourage prejudice. The information they present is misleading and incorrect, and it is particularly troubling that they are distributing it in a way that will confuse school children and their parents.”

    Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D.


  • Interesting development on this story.

    A young woman who went to college with the ex-Macy’s employee has posted a youtube video saying that the young woman had admitted that she “had had homosexual thoughts and feelings” herself -but that she had ‘chosen’ to be straight because of her religious beliefs.

    The Youtuber also claims that the ex-Macy’s employee used to harrass the ‘gay community’ and the people from the Gay/Straight Alliance at college.


  • Here’s a copy of the original complaint.

    Keeton stated that her Biblical religious beliefs are ‘absolute truth’ and that she believes everyone should live by them. She also says they are ‘objective’. LOL!

    She is apparently incapable of thinking that anyone else’s values are valid. Only hers. She is ‘right’ and anyone else who doesn’t believe exactly what she believes is ‘wrong’. She would be incapbable of working as an ethical counsellor – not just with LGBT students but with ANY student.

    I wonder if she thinks ‘empowerment’ is plugging a client into an electrical socket at her church?

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    There’s another advertisement from GetUp Australia:


  • Even more,
    Here’s just some of the research from the past 60 years:

    The work of people like Nicholas Groth has been used as the basis for the FBI’s profiling of sex offenders.

    “The research to date all points to there being no significant relationship between a homosexual lifestyle and child molestation. There appears to be practically no reportage of sexual molestation of girls by lesbian adults, and the adult male who sexually molests young boys is not likely to be homosexual.”
    Groth, A. N., & Gary, T. S. (1982). Heterosexuality, homosexuality, and pedophilia: Sexual offenses against children and adult sexual orientation.


    “Homosexuality and homosexual pedophilia are not synonymous. In fact, it may be that these two orientations are mutually exclusive, the reason being that the homosexual male is sexually attracted to masculine qualities whereas the heterosexual male is sexually attracted to feminine characteristics, and the sexually immature child’s qualities are more feminine than masculine. . . . The child offender who is attracted to and engaged in adult sexual relationships is heterosexual. It appears, therefore, that the adult heterosexual male constitutes a greater sexual risk to underage children than does the adult homosexual male.” A. Nicholas Groth, William F. Hobson, and Thomas S. Gary, “The Child Molester: Clinical Observations,” in Social Work and Child Sexual Abuse, eds. Jon R. Conte and David A. Shore (New York: Haworth Press, 1982), p.136.


    “Amongst the heterosexuals, the commonest remarks concerning attractive features of the victims, were that the young boys did not have any body hair and that their bodies were soft and smooth.” Marshal, W.L.; Barbaree, H.E.; Butt, Jennifer. “Sexual offenders against male children: Sexual preferences.”


    “Homosexual males who preferred physically mature partners responded no more to male children than heterosexual males who preferred physically mature partners responded to female children
    Journal of Sex Research -Freund, Kurt; Watson, Robin J.; Rienzo, Douglas. “Heterosexuality, homosexuality, and the erotic age preference.” Journal of Sex Research 26, no. 1 (1989): 107-117


    “..a child’s risk of being molested by his or her relative’s heterosexual partner is 100 times greater than by someone who might be identified as a homosexual.”
    (Carole Jenny et al., Are Children at Risk for Sexual Abuse by Homosexuals?; 94 Pediatrics 41; July 1994)


    “The adult heterosexual male constitutes a greater risk to the underage child than does the adult homosexual male”
    National Institutes of Health – PubMed (Groth and Birnbaum, “Adult Sexual Orientation and Attraction to Underage Persons.”)


    “The belief that homosexuals are particularly attracted to children is completely unsupported by our data.”
    National Institutes of Health – PubMed (Groth and Birnbaum, “Adult Sexual Orientation and Attraction to Underage Persons.”)


    “One study noted that 98% of these male perpetrators self-identified as heterosexual.”

    Journal of the American Medical Association -
    Sexual Abuse of Boys Definition, Prevalence, Correlates, Sequelae, and Management William C. Holmes, MD, MSCE; Gail B. Slap, MD, MS JAMA. 1998;280:1855-1862.


    “A gay man is no more likely than a straight man to perpetrate sexual activity with children.”
    Journal of Psychology and Human Sexuality -(Stevenson, “Public Policy, Homosexuality and the Sexual Coercion of Children.”)


    The Abel and Harlow Child Molestation Prevention Study of over 4000 child molestors in the US also show that 97% of child molestors were religious and over 70% were married with children:
    Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute


    And here is a general article showing how some conservative religious anti-gay groups misrepresent and distort studies like those above to vilify homosexuals.
    Facts About Homosexuality and Child Molestation