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    Shoot, I’ll probably keep checking here until they turn the comments off, just to see if any of the regulars have posted anything good.

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    I know, right? Guess I’m going to have to log into my Twitter account and learn how to actually use the thing. I’d say I’m too old for this stuff, except that I think I’m actually 2 years younger than T. :/

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    Enjoy your life, family and friends that aren’t on the internet.* Thanks for all the entertaining reads (and songs) you and the rest of the community here (and at the old place) have given me in the quiet hours of the night during the graveyard shift. I’ll miss you, and the dogs, and the company here more than I have the eloquence to express.

    Happy trails, former cowboy.

    *that last bit annoys me as being open to misinterpretation, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

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    So long, fellows. I think you were perfectly within your rights to insist on individual portraits for your last appearance. At least this way I can remember you both as young and vibrant pups, powernapping your way through the days, soaking up sun and frolicking on the beach with that fellow that keeps sticking a camera into your faces.

  • Well, re-reading all this (and the associated comments) should keep me busy for a while, providing hours of entertainment. Maybe I’ll savor them and only read one a day so that I can make it last longer.

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    That must be it. On the other hand, the man’s been wrong about most everything he’s put into print over the years, so maybe he really thinks this is true.

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    Smashing the Guardian’s drives was just to be dicks.

    I think you have hit the nail on the head, there. As you said a bit earlier, the security agencies are full of people, and a number of people (especially when given a little power over others) can be dicks when given the opportunity.

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    I think the framing and dimensions of the shot make the space look a lot more claustrophobic than it is, but you’re a smart lady and probably know that, which means I’m stepping on your funny.

    Poor fellows, having to crowd against the wall like that to get that sweet, sweet solar power that they need to power their naptimes.

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    and for old times’ sakes…
    Galileo – Indigo Girls (I’ve been singing along with this song since I was, like, two years old.)

    Thank you for reminding me of this one — I hadn’t listened to any Indigo Girls in forever and had forgotten how much I liked it.

    And thanks to all for some of the other music I’d never heard before our host or one of the commenters had it as part of their random 10. I think I only posted twice on these threads because I never had much confidence of anyone else sharing my tastes, plus I only have a few songs on my iPod thingie so there’d be a lot of repetition anyway.

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    Cool! I can go to Pinterest to get my basset fix. Thank you, AdrianG, whoever you are.

    Fenway is looking very beguiling in that photo — do you have food nearby?

  • Tom, it’s not just you I’ll miss. It is also this whole little weird internet community that will soon be gone.

    So true. Most of the regulars here say things so much better/more amusingly/snarkier than I could, that I hardly ever commented myself. I’ve heard good things about the comments at Charles Pierce’s place, maybe they’ll be a way to bring me down gradually.

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    I’m too lazy to look (plus I never go there if I can help it): Is this front-paged? Are we going to be treated to (maybe) one last bowling-alley length comment thread from the Purity Patrol saying how we all just “don’t get it” and only by not voting and letting the world turn into a dystopian post-apocalyptic wasteland will we ever get the progressive paradise everyone secretly yearns for?

    (Which sounds a lot like religion trying to convince us we need to lead miserable lives on Earth so that we can enjoy paradise after death, come to think of it…)

    I say, if that’s true, we leave the comments open on this one till it hits 500 comments. I bet we can do it.

  • All good things must end, so they say. Enjoy the beach and the rest of life’s rich pageant. Many of us will probably still be here if you stop by again after you finish winding down with the replays.

    Also too: I’ve been told boys never grow up, they just grow bigger.

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    You do realize that by refusing to vote, and encouraging others to do the same by telling everyone in earshot how pointless it all is, you are handing over control of the elections and government to a smaller and smaller number of fanatics, right? The _only_ way you are likely to get anything _close_ to the government you claim you want to see is to vote in every. single. election, from local town boards up to POTUS, and to get everyone you know to do the same thing, while getting candidates that you actually _like_ to run.

    But that’s too much like work, and it’s _so_ much more comfortable to sit on your couch wearing your purity wrapped around you like a favorite blanket, and declaim how noble you are for doing so, I guess.

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    *sigh* I really liked having these as a refuge from that crap, as well as a chance to vicariously enjoy the company of bassets and the rest of y’all. Guess that’s going to come to an end if they’re chasing people into here to continue their arguments.

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    The statement that “most anyone” at the IRS can access return information is woefully inaccurate.

    [...] Unauthorized access is a crime, and people do get prosecuted, convicted, and thrown in Jail.

    Law enforcement also, too. I could sit here and run criminal history checks on any of y’all that I had sufficient information on, but when the auditors came around to check CCH inquiries against cases being worked, I’d get asked a lot of questions, and then (in all likelihood) shown the door. Cops are notorious for running plates on pretty young things to get phone numbers and address so they can hit on them, but it does get punished when it’s brought to the attention of the higher ranks.

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    I guess he was thinking, “OK, my food’s here, what are the rest of these people going to eat?”

  • But science is harrrdddd!! There’s, like, facts and stuff that people expect you to get correct! You can’t just go “these guys say this, and those guys say that, and who you gonna believe, amirite?” about it all. Or when you do, people get all pissy about you ignoring the aforesaid facts. The ones you couldn’t be bothered to check, because, y’know, that would mean actual work.

    Besides, they (or the publishers) completely buy into the old saying, “sex sells, and more sex sells better.”

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    From what I’ve heard, they’re quite efficient at the conversion. Too bad I can’t do it as well — I work nights and it would come in awfully handy.

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