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    Couple of points:

    - lobbying and advocacy are permitted for 501c4s, but not endorsing or attacking a particular candidate. They use the cute “Tell Congressperson We Hate to please quit” as a way to skirt this provision, but some of these groups went too far in my humble opinion.

    - non-profits must deduct any value you receive from what you give them, so payments to insurance like BC/BS, if they’re non-profit,which many no longer are, are not deductible. So are gifts to, say, public radio where you get a mug – your gift statement will indicate the value of that mug as not deductible.

    But all 501s have to have a purpose as defined by the law that meets exempt requirements, and lobbying in and of itself is not an exempt purpose. The IRS is supposed to be tough on this, and it’s not so surprising on a egalitarian level they looked closely at TP type groups. This is likely where they were under closest scrutiny.

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    This whole case is a failure of regulation and law enforcement. It has nothing to do with abortion as such, and absolutely nothing to do with banning abortion. The case itself points much more to the consequences of not having services freely available, well regulated and within the rules of peoper medical practice, not that [...]

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    The *national press* (NY Times) wrote a piece on David Barton the day after Jon Stewart took him apart on the Daily Show. Stewart, Colbert and the blogosphere continue to make main line media look foolish – or in the pocket of the Republican masters of the(ir own) universe. Juan Cole makes a related point in his post today Connecting the Dots: Doomsday & Education Cuts.

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    She drives a Camry? How boringly pedestrian and regular. And Japanese. Oh, wait, Japen, that’s another place they have real trains.