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    Thumbnail Ethics. Transparency. Journalism. One would be hard pressed to find all three of the words used in the same sentence today. Maybe it has always been like that and we’re all just too young to remember. Still, it seems that there isn’t a whole lot of it going on lately, which is why the actions [...]

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    It’s looking like a smart move and one out of necessity as well.

  • JD Rucker wrote a new diary post: Is the Pope TOO Popular?

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    Thumbnail This is the first Christmas with Pope Francis in the papacy and it is crystal clear that his reign is completely different from his immediate predecessor. It’s starting to look to be completely different from any of his predecessors. This is a pope who seems to be as close to universally liked as any in [...]

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    It’s amazing that I hadn’t seen this site before. Can’t wait to get in there and start creating good content. Find me on Twitter.

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