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  • Note to Dems: We’re getting angry now, because you didn’t get angry back then, when you could have done some good. Get the hell off my bandwagon.

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    Thank you, Mr. President, for setting the precedent. As our leader, we will follow. I am happy to know that, if I were to, say, fail to declare $50,000 of income one year, I will have done nothing illegal. Just a bit reckless and immoral, maybe. But, in any case, I’m in the business of making money and who can blame me for exploiting loopholes?

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    I didn’t think it was possible for me to find a President even close to the repugnance of GWB. But, this race is close, precisely because BO disguised himself as one of us to get elected. “Us” being, you know, those who believe in principle, morality of government, and the rule of law.

    In reality, he’s the imposter who stole one of our uniforms, told us what we wanted to hear, and is now in full-fledged traitorous bastard mode.

  • These people who were formerly “very excited” to vote for Obama will probably show up at the polls on election day and vote for Obama

    Actually, I think that some of these people who were formerly excited will vote for Obama come 2012. Which means that some won’t. I think that the portion of “won’t”s is significant and growing significanter.

    It’s not just that he isn’t doing what we want. It’s that he betrayed us, and exploited our energies in the most callous way possible. It’s hard to forgive that, particularly when he hasn’t asked for forgiveness.

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    For a smart guy, Obama’s pretty naive. He also get especially irritated whenever he’s called naive by people. I wonder why.

    I suspect that the reason he gets especially irritated when people call him naive is that, at his core, he sees the opposite–others are the naive ones. I think he really does believe that he’s smarter and more adult than everyone else.

    He quotes FDR in describing how we go about getting him to do what we want as “Make me.” Sounds good, but if he continues doing what he knows as the right things, no matter what other intelligent people tell him, then “Make me” are just empty words.

    Thanks for the pointed and right-on synopsis, Blue. Personally, and without disputing anything you say, I would describe the two things wrong with American politics as (1) they’re controlled by money, and therefore (2) they do not represent the electorate.

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    Fool me three hundred and forty two times, shame on you. Fool me three hundred and forty three…

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    You know, Pres, if you really wanted to rally people to exert their voices and energies toward shaping their government, you could try taking positions that people would naturally rally behind. You know, positions that would benefit them. Letting people rally behind your good ideas is much more productive than telling people to rally behind your bad ideas. Just a thought.

    Will the madness never stop?

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    This graph shows two things: (1) The public understands the meaning of “shared sacrifice.” (2) Obama doesn’t.

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    “Obama’s seemingly obsessive refusal to name the villains not only undermined his administration’s narrative, it communicated that the architects of America’s misfortunes would not be held accountable.”

    Worse, said architects would be put in charge of cleaning up the messes created by the architects.

  • When you crap on your supporters, you get crappy support.

  • If we have a Republican President in 2012, I put the onus squarely on Obama and the Dems. Rather than giving people hope, they gave them the shaft. Rather than standing up for principle, they accepted the Republicans lack of same. Rather than fighting for the down-trodden, they worship the elite.

    If Obama had listened to the people instead of his advisors (that is, if Obama had been a true “leader”), the landscape for both the present and the future would be far different, and far better, than it is now.

    The Dems keep getting their teeth knocked out and their asses kicked, and they keep re-upping the same strategy. Change and hope, my ass.

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    In terms of sober reality, thanks, I needed that.

    In terms of kindling any remaining hope I have, thanks, I didn’t need that.

    Excellent post, Jane. Absolutely right on the money, in my view. Depressing as hell, but right on the money.

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    A belated right-on, OFG.

    This spending-limit, social-program-chopping theater is only Obama’s latest offense. The list of offenses against democratic and lawful principles is long and getting ever longer. Lower poll numbers are the well-earned results of crapping on your base supporters.

    I would enthusiastically support a President who didn’t give a whit whether he had the votes or not, but went ahead and fought publicly and bravely for policies and programs that benefited those OUTSIDE the circle of elites. Instead of using his oratorical skills rallying the public and demonstrating the he is going to do what’s right by them, or die trying, he instead uses these skills, futilely, trying to convince us that the turd he’s selling is actually a bar of solid gold.

    It’s tough to have his back when he doesn’t have ours.

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    Yeah, it’s a vicious cycle, isn’t it? The more crazy sh*t happens, the more confounding, illogical decisions that are made, the more we ALL want to retreat to a nice zinfandel and happy movie.

    And, I’m sure you’re right about their nipping mass movements in the bud. Yawn, what’s another war?

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    What time? I’ll be there, with stickum on my hands for better grip.

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    And it drives a sense of helplessness among the public, something I see and hear every single day, which could go one of two ways. It could result in people massing together…, or it could result in a mass pulling back.

    I keep hoping for the former, but every year that we keep doing the latter lessens my ability to hope. I’ve been beating my head against the wall for years now, with letters, phone calls, and blogs, and have achieved precisely nothing with my actions. The loons are still in control.

    I keep hoping that we, collectively as a society, will have had enough, rise up, and take back our government. Each day that passes when we don’t do that diminishes my hope that we ever will.

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    Job ad presumably to appear: Wanted–head of enforcement at CFPB; must recognize both subtle and firm string-pulls by puppet masters; must cast positive image as token head of gutted department; must not be interested in consumers or their protection.

  • Apparently, “base” to President Obama refers to the bottom of his shoes.

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    Sorry for the double post. A message, informing me that a database error had occurred, and that I should try again, apparently was, itself, in error.

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    It used to be that I would hurry to turn off the TV when President (GW) Bush appeared, because I could not stand the smarmy, smirking lying.

    Now, I hurry to turn the TV off when President Obama appears, because I cannot stand being disappointed again.

    If he had stood up for me even a few times, if he had stood bravely against the political storms for those without so much political clout, and money, even a few times, then some of my optimism from election night would remain.

    But, no. That well is dry. Fool me once, and all that. For me, President Obama has gone from soaring rhetoric and inspiration to abject capitulation and depressing clap-trap.

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