• How did the USA die?

    With the majority of the citizens clapping, dancing, and singing God Bless America!

    while the super rich of the USA, laugh at them, saying, these idiots think they matter?

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    Yemen connects to Saudia Arabia

    Yes! USA leaders have brought Al Queada ‘ie the terrorist” back to Saudi Arabia.

    Feinstein and McCain both know, that USA adventures in the middle east have been one train wreck after the other, now we have a terror state the USA created next door to the blood the western world OIL!

    Why? the USA should have not use OIL as weapon against Russia? not much long term thinking here at all! the people of the middle east are very poor, and with OIL prices falling, the top 1% in Saudi Arabia know hell is on the way! With less oil money to play with, how long can Saudi Arabia keep the Jihadist away from the Oil and Money.

    the USA and Saudi Arabia
    In fact, it was not about “access” to oil as Noam Chomsky has noted, but about control of oil, as well as investment in Western banks, not in real regional or global development. As Eqbal Ahmed was fond of asking: How did the wealth of the Mideast get separated from the people of the region?


    Yes! the USA top 1% and Saudis top 1% kept all the wealth from the people of region, and now the people want their piece of the pie.

    the IRANIANs are probably saying, if we let the fools in DC execute their foolish plans we will conquer the entire middle east without 1 shot fired!

    The Chinese, the Iranians, and the Russians know, playing using OIL as a weapon will hurt the USA, it’s middle east puppet govts, and Europe a lot!

    What is more important to the people of the Middle East Religion or OIL?

    It is by far Religion! this is why our leaders in DC keep failing.

    the poor people of the middle east don’t have cars to drive, and they pray to their gods not oil.

    which makes it very hard for us to win heart and minds in the middle east.

  • you are hilarious!!!

    great joke here!!! Pesky

    One wonders where the separatists are getting all of their tanks and grad rockets. If not from Russia, then from whom?

    Pesky? you do know, a lot of Russian military equipment is made in Ukraine?

    ZAPORIZHIA, UKRAINE — Deep into a conflict that has sundered decades-old ties between Ukraine and Russia, Ukraine is still selling military gear over the border to its neighbor, Ukrainian defense industry officials say.


    Pesky you need to GOOGLE more

    Ukraine is a part of the Russian Military Industrial Complex, they can build tanks, missiles, and other things.

  • Agree, Obama, a lot of those in DC, and in New York, hate the current reality.

    BRICS is coming!

    Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa are leaving the petro dollar world.

    and yes, a lot of other nations are going to follow them.

    Obama can hate Putin all he wants? Russia has a nuclear weapons that can destroy Earth and he now has a huge energy deal with China that is done without the petro dollar.

  • Wow??? who knew???

    the USA is the most love nation on Earth? you can not make this stuff up!

    Russia is hated by everyone? really? newcar says I don’t think anyone likes the Russians? WOW!!! the Chinese and every business in the EU loves them.

    Clint Eastwood and other Hollywood producers are laughing in the streets! American Sniper, is the tip of the ice berg? Coming soon! Rambo goes to Iraq? Superman fights terror in Iraq? keep in mind the USA attacked and destroyed and Iraq for Oil, and nothing else!

    USA propaganda is very effective! Wow!

    Back to Reality!!!

    Russia did not develop the mess in Ukraine? Obama and Company, thought it would be a great idea to put Joe Biden son in the Oil Fracking business in Ukraine
    :Vice President Joe Biden’s visit Saturday to Ukraine in support of the country’s new democratic government is renewing concerns about his youngest son being hired by a Ukraine company promoting energy independence from Moscow.”


  • This reads like another OBAMA success story? for LOL

    Everyone in Russia knew this would happen, the NEO NAZIS in Ukraine can not be control.

    You can not make this up?
    The forbidden truth is that the West has engineered –through a carefully staged covert operation– the formation of a proxy regime integrated by Neo-Nazis.

    Confirmed by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, key organizations in the Ukraine including the Neo-Nazi party Svoboda were generously supported by Washington: “We have invested more than 5 billion dollars to help Ukraine to achieve these and other goals. … We will continue to promote Ukraine to the future it deserves.”

    Yes! Obama and Company brought the NAZIS back? who needs Jurastistic Park when OBAMA and company are bringing back the NAZIS?

    Guess who is a Nazis Cheerleader, who could have been president of the USA?
    John McCain
    The flowering of democracy” in Ukraine –to use the words of the New York Times– is endorsed by Republicans and Democrats. It’s a bipartisan project. Lest we forget, Senator John McCain is a firm supporter and friend of Neo Nazi Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok


  • Big Oil and Big Coal money has made some in congress say they believe pigs fly and they visit Santa Clause monthly.

    the danger is, mother nature does not care about the morons in congress ignorance!

    when Earth gets rid of the Human virus, the same nuts in congress will blame the Liberals

  • great post!

    Nine states have over half the US population. They are represented in the US Senate by just 18 Senators.

    this fact here makes, the idea of democracy in the USA a complete and utter joke!

  • “Roubini that the best way to understand the political system in America is “legalized corruption”

    Guest What John Boehner done today?

    Washington is “infested” with traitors who place Israel’s interests first, an indication that the US is a “vassal state” of Israel, an American journalist in Phoenix says.

    Harris made the comments after US House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Congress next month to speak about the so-called threat from Iran.


    Keep in mind, the White House did not invite Netanyahu, to speak to congress, John Boehner did, which is probably not the proper thing to do!

    Deep State is not going to like this stupid action.

    the USA is trying to keep Iran on their side, and away from Russia and China, Yes! Iran can make the Iraq adventure, end like a mad max movie!

    Unless Israel can find as much energy as Russia in Tel Aviv, they need to stay out of the Oil Wars.

    Yes! our govt. is a complete joke, and some low intelligent GOP members have no understanding of global politics.

    the EU will not like this at all?

    Russia and China are laughing at the USA yet again, this action by John Boehner will push Iran into the BRICS.

  • Corporatist Dems who vote for TPP will probably get bashed by Corporatist Dem who do not vote for TPP.

    I agree, the CON will continue, Labor Union leaders who are corrupt, and don’t have their members best interest at heart will tell their rank and file to vote for Corporatist Dems that did not vote for TPP.

    Hillary Clinton, needs OBAMA to pass TPP fast, for her Wall Street friends, so she can lie to USA citizens and talk about how bad TPP is for the USA.

    Hillary Clinton is going to paint herself as the next FDR, yes Hillary will run as the female FDR in 2016, which is going to make FDR turn over his grave.

    the OBAMA effect? how do Corporatist Dems get rid of OBAMA is going to be interesting. OBAMACARE, TPP, will be very toxic issues, few Democrats will want OBAMA around.

    keep in mind TPP is Dead ON Arrival, when it comes to economics? with Russia and China going there on way, without the USA petro dollar, and both being nuclear super powers, the USA pivot to Asia is a dream, and will stay a dream.

  • Hillary is working on the wink and smirk? trying to get the timing right.

    Bill taught her how to smile and act folksy

    Keep in mind, Hillary crying that she was broke, did not go as plan? working on a new roll out.

  • Corporate Party Problems!!! LOL

    TPP is an issue that will divide the Corporate Democrats running for office in 2016.

    Corporate President Obama has loss a record amount of Corporate Democrats seats in the House and Senate. Clapping for OBAMA on this one, no one likes Trojan horses, con artist, representing the party of FDR, JFK, LBJ,

    Corporate Democrats who support TPP have no shot at winning in 2016, and they know it.

    However, the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Corporate Democrat Party will make great gains with in the Democrat party, by running against Obama policies in 2016, once Obama passes TPP, the Warren and Bernie wing of the Democratic party will rise.

    the Hillary Clinton problem, she needs Obama to get TPP done for her Wall Street friends, so she can run against TPP. Yes! Hillary is now practicing how to lie like OBAMA with a smile and wink.

    the OBAMA problem, passing TPP will kill the rest of his pathetic legacy, OBAMA will be toxic to all democrats in 2016.

    Good news for OBAMA, his masters on Wall Street will pay him very well.

    However, in real news the BRICS, Russia China, India, Brazil, South Africa and others makes TPP a waste of time.

    Russia and China are starting an all out war on the Petro Dollar, which will make the USA look like a 4th world nation, yes the USA may become YEMEN, if the petro dollar dies, social unrest in the USA will follow. keep in mind social unrest has been increasing under OBAMA.

    the EU, the USA puppets in Europe are struggling to hold on to power, EU economies are in shambles, with Russia cutting off the oil, with the USA sanctions on Russia doing nothing to help the EU, the EU does not have any faith in USA policies at the present time.

    Yes! the biggest energy producer Russia and the biggest economy China are married to one another and hostile to the USA. Not Good, and both are making mockery of the West via Brics.

    Obama dream of pivoting to Asia is a dream.

    Keep in mind the only reason China has not dump more USA petro dollars, is because everyone on Earth knows the idiots in DC will end the World via Nuclear war if they are kill quickly.

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    the lies Obama are shouting across the USA will not help Hillary

    can Mrs. I was broke when I left the WHite House, lie like OBAMA? probably not.

    is Hillary going to tell anyone how she hates Wall Street? I doubt it

    Obama speech is an attack on Clinton style politics?

    Hillary wants to talk about the “FANTASY LAND! the center of USA politics”yes Hillary thinks there is a middle.

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    Obama is the captain of the Titanic, he has already hit the ice berg
    our congress critters are just playing with the deck chairs

    in real news Russia and China dump the petro dollar.

    the EU is about to fall a part, NATO control over Germany is getting weaker by the day.

    Mother Nature is going to do what ever the hell she wants!
    Mother Nature may say the time of human is over?

    Earth is changing, and the changes that are coming may be hostile to human life

    yes! the EU needs Russia, Russia does not need the EU

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    the USA survive a revolution, a civil war, etc. etc.

    history tells us that most nations are born via the gun.

    if you don’t believe me ask a native American

  • more jokes!

    the corporate Dems Obama and Republicans are not going to raise taxes on their masters.

    if you watch this sick show long enough, you may witness how OBAMA and Dems raise taxes on the middle class, and cut taxes for the rich again.

    the richest 1% own the USA govt. Yes, the USA is govern by the rich and the rich always get what they want.

    the poorest USA senator is a millionaire, I really doubt if rich Dem senators or Republican senators will vote to pay more taxes, which makes this entire subject laughable.

  • you are hilarious!!!

    what about OBAMACARE says it was a progressive idea?

    why would any sane Democrat in 2008, be gun ho about passing a republican health care bill, when the economy is crashing?

    keep in mind FDR the greatest Democratic president ever, save the USA from financial ruin, by putting Americans to work building USA infrastructure!

    If Obama and the Democrats wanted to keep control of congress, they should have been gun ho about doing what FDR did, put USA citizens to work, doing middle class jobs.

    I love the way you think Democrats love the middle class, and republicans hate the poor, this is so 1970s!

    our current crop of congress critters all work for the 1%! you may not know this but 1% of the world pop control 50% of the world wealth.

    keep writing the jokes!

    what are you going to say next, OBAMA wanted universal health care? Obama love the public option? keep the jokes coming

  • Everyone knows OBAMA is a great con artist.

    Obama has a great gift! Obama can say he is going to tax the rich, without laughing, in front of a live audience, and he will wink at the end.

    Obama ability to lie and smile, is on par or better than slick willy! “Bill Clinton.”

    What this says about 2016 is hilarious! Can Hillary Clinton, Mrs. I was broke when I left the White House, attack her wall street masters without laughing on the campaign trail.

    Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, may not like this OBAMA lie? Me thinks Hillary wants to run a wall street, richest 1% friendly campaign. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are not Robin Hood fans? Hillary Clinton is probably a Wolf Of Wall Street fan, we know Bill Clinton loves that movie.

    this lie by Obama will force Trojan horse Democrats like Hillary Clinton to learn how to lie and smile at the same time. I don’t think Hillary Clinton can say tax the rich? and smile after saying? without her nose growing?

    the question in 2016? which Trojan horse Democrat can lie and smile like OBAMA, he or she will probably win the nomination.

    I don’t think the Hillary Clinton followers like this.

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    I agree with you!

    Most people are ignoring the real story, the EU is about fall a part, because the elites in DC and NYC thought they could punish Russia.

    Russia has cut off the gas to 6 countries in Europe? and there is nothing the USA or the EU can do about it.


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    USA citizens are hilarious!

    what is the difference between a crooked corrupt Democrat in congress and a crooked corrupt Republican in congress? nothing

    the White House is own by Deep State or the MOTU

    If this was the year 1964? Obama would be in prison for this act, Walter Cronkite and other real newsmen would have bashed Obama to the point, he would have done a Nixon.

    How do our congress critter feel about this? most don’t care, and they should be kick out of congress

    those that do care, will never get heard.

    Yes! the USA govt. has been hijacked, by a few rich people.

    Good News! all empires fall like this.

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