• Last week a NYPD officer beat up a kid in handcuffs for no apparent reason, and it was viewed by the World on You Tube.

    I know some may find it hard to do, some Humans can support good cops, protest bad cops, and support the idea that Black Lives Matter.

    My African American friend says now the NYPD, will probably kill some more un-armed people of color, and it may be captured on camera for the world to see, this will take us back to square one.

    Pat Lynch sounds and talks like someone who left their white sheet at home, the guy who killed the cops, was mentally ill? and tried to kill his girlfriend?

    Pat Lynch and others are trying to connect the peaceful protest to the cop killing? why not connect it to the CIA torture report? the 2 have nothing to do with one another.

    Pat Lynch needs to tell the world, why the crazy NYPD cop beat up the Kid in handcuffs surrounded by other cops?

    Pay Lynch u need to scream about this also!

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    Corporate Party Politics? LOL

    Obama has a great skill set, he can talk like Michael Moore, and smile like Magic Johnson on Q! and govern like George Bush Jr.

    The elites hit a home run with OBAMA! keep in mind the last Democratic president that cared about the Democratic base was LBJ, Nixon showed more love to the Democratic base, than Clinton and Obama.

    the majority of USA citizens have no one that represents them in DC.

    the GOP is party made up of court jesters! The elites developed a political party with the brain power of a 5 year old, maybe a 4 year old.

    Good News or Bad News, the issues of the future will require, an intelligent group of people to solve, Climate Change, the Death of the Petro Dollar, Financial Collapse, etc. etc. is going to require a lot of brain power.

    Obama greatest accomplishment may be destroying the concept of Blue Dogs, a cozy center, etc. etc.

    Hillary Clinton is already acting like candidate that knows running in middle will lead to an early defeat.

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    Yes it does!

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    Why the guy in the White House is a Joke?

    Obama criticizes NFL’s handling of Rice case

    Yes! Obama is made at Roger Goodell, not that mad at people who tortured people, using USA tax payer money.

    Obama on ESPN?

    On whether the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Chicago Bulls will win the NBA’s Eastern Conference: “The Cavs are starting to jell. But I just like [Chicago's Tom] Thibodeau as a coach. The guy’s tough; they play hard. [Center Joakim] Noah’s a fighter. [Point guard Derrick] Rose, even if he isn’t playing at MVP levels, if he’s playing at an All-Star level, I think the Bulls can beat the Cavs this year … there’s something to be said for team chemistry.”


    Obama illustrates how dumb the USA has become.

    What does the families of Eric Garne and Mike Brown, have in common?

    Obama is not meeting with any of them, however he can do an interview with ESPN

    Dr Marsha Cole says

    “Neither President Barack Obama nor Attorney General Eric Holder have agreed to meet with the mothers of these slain boys and men.”

    Keep in mind the Torture continues, OBAMA has not stop the torture, and the people who done the torture are still getting paid by USA tax payers today

  • we can not under-estimate the power of the DOLLAR?

    was Edward Snowden eventually paid off by the PTB? was Glenn Greenwald paid off?

    the USA could not kill Edward Snowden to make him shut up, they may have done it the other way, paid him cash

  • Great Points, yes the news cycle needed to be change.

    However, the PTB mis-calculated, the people protesting probably ever watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC, FOX, etc. etc.

    the protest happening now, learn from OWS, they are sitting in parks, they are sitting on I-95, yes the learning curve for protesting in the USA is going up.

    Good point about CIA vs NSA

  • I agree letting old Richard Nixon get away with crimes, hurt the USA.

    Clearly those in DC, and on Wall Street, look at how Nixon was not charge with anything and said We Are Kings! and we can do whatever we want to who ever we want.

    A lot of them must have watched the God Father and said let us create MAFIA Style Corporations and MAFIA style political parties that serve the 1% and the others who watch Star Wars said let us develop Storm Troopers ie POLICE men and women who keep the 99% under control via murder if necessary.

    we know Cheney sign up for the role of Darth Vader, Cheney is more machine then human now.

  • not reported in USA news?

    This week a group of Germany’s leading politicians, diplomats and cultural celebrities wrote an open letter to Angela Merkel protesting her pro-U.S. anti-Russian policy. By overplaying its hand, the United States is in danger of driving Europe out of the U.S. economic orbit.


    USA neocon Stupidity!

    Turkey already is moving out of the U.S.-European orbit, by turning to Russia for its energy needs. Iran also has moved into an alliance with Russia. Instead of the Obama administration’s neocons dividing and conquering as they had planned, they are isolating America from Europe and Asia.


    Turkey deal was more about strategy, a lot of energy flow thru Turkey, the EU said no, Russia and China said yes.

    SouthStream? everyone on FDL knew Russia was not going to pay rent to use SouthStream. However, our USA leaders said yes they will? Not

    “The U.S. neoliberal plan has been to insist on non-Russian control of the pipelines that would carry Russian gas and oil to Europe. The idea is to use this pipeline as a tollbooth to siphon off the revenue that Russia had hoped to receive from Europe.”

    Russia has OIL, Russia can sell OIL to other nations, the citizens of Italy, Greece, Spain are piss about this USA neocon idea that cost them a lot of money. I mean a lot of money

    More USA Neocon stupidity here?

    This week, President Putin is going to India to negotiate a gas and arms deal

    Putin seems to be going forward with his plan to destroy the USA petrodollar, and we are helping him.

    this is USA neocon insanity!

    the one side of the Story everyone knows about. Russia seeks death of USA Petro Dollar, seems to be going as plan.

    I agree some stuff we do not know, however Russia and China agenda to distance themselves from the USA petro dollar is known by everyone.

    Death of Petro Dollar means death of the USA.

  • Court jesters in a Banana Republic!

    I love it! JJ

    USA news women and men of today are a disgrace to the news profession.

    Walter Cronkite would probably say Jon Stewart is best news person on TV and he is a comedian.

  • Yes! I think the narrow focus on the CIA was intentional.

    Why was this report release? “the trillion dollar question”

    Our Congress critters don’t work for us?

    what is the goal of releasing a torture report now?

    Deep state is up to something?

  • Great Article here how USA neocons, loss Europe and Asia to Russia?


    the USA media ignores a lot of stuff? the USA media is ignoring the fact that Turkey just join Brics, and became great friends with Russia.

    nothing in media about following?
    USA neocon policies are driving Asia toward Brics.

    Russia is doing record Oil deals with China

    and Yes Europe is dying, because, the puppet leaders of the EU are Pro USA and Anti Russia, and their business leaders are pissed. The USA can’t help the EU? it’s sanctions against Russia are hurting the EU. EU business men want to do business with Russia.

    the USA media ignores the following.

    the Chinese are bragging about a new stealth jet that can shoot down our F-35 with ease.


    Russia just gave China the S-300 missile system

    Russia kept the S-400 missile system and the S-500 is about to come on line. Yes! these missiles systems are the best on Earth.

    China is also loading nukes on all their Subs, now,

    Chinese can now attack USA from Pacific Ocean

    The Chinese and Russians are making it clear to the USA, stay out of our business.

    the Wall Street Mafia thinks Nuclear War is not that bad. Yes! neocons want a Nuclear War with China and Russia?

    the citizens of Europe better wake up? World Wars never help Europe

    God Help Us All!

  • We are living in the twilight zone, or all of our leaders smoke a lot of crack?

    the USA has a special unit of 60 people hunting down NAZIS who practice torture during World War 2? WOW! this is bizarre to say the least?

    is DOJ going to create a special unit to hunt down USA so call CIA patriots who torture people now and also tortured people in the pass? YES! the USA is still in the torture business now.

    Keep in mind none of torturers got fired? We are still paying them.

    OBAMA locking up the guy who expose the CIA torture program, and not locking up the people who done the torture, tells you everything you need to know about the devil in the White House.

    Yes! I think it is time, that every American, black, white, brown, conservative, liberal, ask this simple question? What in the HELL happen to the USA?

    What did our mothers and fathers fight for in World War 2?
    apparently everyone who fought in World War 2 died for nothing!

    the USA mass media allowing OBAMA to locked up John Kiriakou, the only real AMERICAN PATRIOT! “all of them should be charge with TREASON!”

    Walter Cronkite, and other media legends must be rolling over in their graves, saying the clowns on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc. calling themselves news men and women, are nothing but court jesters!

    Obama and Bush are tied for worse presidents ever!

    John Kiriakou should receive the medal of honor, or something for being a true American Patriot.

    Who would George Washington, hug John Kiriakou or OBAMA?

    I think we all know he would hug John Kiriakou and have OBAMA locked up!

  • I agree I think the powers that be, are terrified by what they see happening with Mike Brown, Erica Garner, etc. etc.

    Why? the powers that be, fear that these actions un-like Occupy Wall Street can cost them dollars.

    they also fear that police may lose control of USA ghettos, if the police get punish for killing, and have to become real police again this will not be good for them.

  • I agree, the CIA is probably the root of all terror on Earth.

    keep in mind, when you spend trillions preparing for wars, you need wars to fight.

    the CIA has never done anything to help democracies grow on Earth.

    the CIA is anti Democracy, anti Peace, anti Common Good, etc. etc.

    the CIA morons now think nuclear war is ok? Keep in mind, Putin is not Boris Yeltzin, PUTIN IS EX KGB! for goodness sake, if anyone will push the button, it would be PUTIN.

    It is sad day when an EX KGB operative PUTIN is the only grown up sitting at the table.

    God Help Us All!

  • We are witnessing what happens when an Empire Goes Wild?

    the USA media complex, has become a group of court jesters? Yes, USA media outlets must have the brain power of a group of 1st graders.

    keep in mind most USA news papers and News programs, cater to the crowd with six grade education. Yes! most of our citizens are not that educated.

    the CIA, takes orders from who? no one really knows, the CIA has become a rogue group of ivy league types that cause chaos all over Earth, just for the fun of it.

    the USA military protects who? and What? the USA military seldom fights for peace on earth any more, keep in mind when you have a 1 trillion dollar budget, you need enemies, wars to fight etc..etc.

    has the USA citizens ever gotten a peace dividend? NO, keep in mind USA roads, bridges, federal buildings are falling a part.

    what are other nations doing? Russia and China are preparing for war with the USA or making sure the MAFIA types running the USA, know attacking their interest or nations will result in nuclear war.

    Yes! China and Russia are both spending more on defense, because both view the USA, as a nation under the control of Morons.

    Yes! we are the nation, that has gone mad!

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    My African American friends say Holder belongs to a group call
    Sigma Pi Phi, look it up, members of this black group never attack their corporate masters.

    Yes! Holder should be put in jail for not doing his job.

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    I agree we are not NAZIS, however we are being rule by people who have more in common with the MAFIA, than George Washington.

    Keep in mind Occupy Wall Street, was not call Occupy Capitol Hill, because those in DC, take orders from Gold Man Sachs, Exxon, GE, etc.

    the USA Military Kills for Wall Street, ask Hunter Biden

    WASHINGTON — Vice President Joe Biden’s weekend trip to support Ukraine’s fragile democracy comes soon after his youngest son was hired by a private Ukrainian company that promotes energy independence from Moscow.

    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jun/7/ukrainian-energy-firm-hires-biden-son-as-lawyer/#ixzz3LWRblDP5
    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

    USA citizens can care less about Ukraine, however CIA operatives are seeking to capture this nation for Hunter Biden

    welcome to Govt. by the MAFIA for the MAFIA

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    I totally agree with you!

    no nation should strive to be NAZI Germany? However, I have a feeling the leaders of the USA want to take the crown away from the NAZIs and become the most hated nation in history of mankind,

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    It is Official now!

    the USA is a Nation run and control by Mafia Style Corporations!

    no democracy, that cares about people, would torture people like this, however, if you ever watched the GODFATHER, these are the tactics used by the MAFIA. OBAMA is not even the “DON”, he is just a puppet, that takes orders.

    Chris Hedges says it best?
    Karl Polanyi in “The Great Transformation” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Transformation_%28book%29) warned that without heavy government regulation and oversight, unfettered and unregulated capitalism degenerates into a Mafia capitalism and a Mafia political system.


    the USA is not even a civilized society right now? we are a society run by MAFIA type figures who love money more than Earth.

    Yes! the USA MAFIA style Corporations are going to kill all life on Earth, some scientist say they already have.

    the USA Military fights wars for EXXON, GOLDMAN SACHS, GE, etc. etc. the last war the USA Military fought for the American People may have been World War 2?

    All of those dummies on FOX, should read this report, and learn why people hate THE USA!!! they always shout they hate us because we are free? really? I don’t think so! People hate the USA because we do a lot of dumb sh$T! and have little concern about human life what so ever.

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    “He believes Congress should have enacted “single-payer right from the get go or at least put a public option would have simplified a lot.”

    Democrats are coming to grips with the fact, that OBAMACARE is the worse law ever pass by Democrats.

    New Democrats running for the House, Senate, and White House are going to have to attack OBAMACARE and tell the USA citizens the truth, OBAMACARE was a huge mistake.

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