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  • jedimsnbcko19 commented on the blog post North Carolina Senate Race Is Extremely Close

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    Kay Hagan is running a good campaign for NC

    all she has to do, is get a large majority of women voters.

    Kay will win 99% of African American and Hispanic vote

    Kay needs to make sure her get out the vote operation is up to par.

    Kay will win every major City in NC.

    If I was Kay, I would do a lot of get out the vote work in Charlotte

    Charlotte can win Kay this election

  • Is it because this man had mental health issues, so it is not as bad, good … when St. Louis police arrived and when 25-year-old Kajieme Powell …

    sounds like what happen in NY, the neighbors knew Powell had mental health issues.

  • arcadesproject was talking about Powell case, not Mike Brown

  • Powell was mentally ill when he got shot.

    no one really wears winter coat when it is 90 degrees out side!

    when you watch the video above, you will see that Mr. Powell is mentally ill

    Van Jones, says neighbors knew Powell was mentally ill

  • ISIS is not leading by much, the ST. Louis/Ferguson Police are keeping it close.

    I think the Video of USA cops killing the mentally ill guy should be sent to ISIS, when USA cops kill you, they still put the hand cuffs on.

    some USA cops are trying to say the killing of mentally ill guy is normal?

    if this is normal, the USA is one sick nation.

  • the Cops don’t like living in a glass house?

    clearly some of the COPs understand the rules of a Glass House a lot of don’t know the rules of a Glass House

    I think the St Louis/Ferguson cops are in the ball park with ISIS when it comes to nasty killing, however I still think ISIS is leading.

  • this is not going to be a mass strike

    if the cop goes free, you can count on Riots

    this is not news, everyone knows this.

    the USA likes to blast nations about Human Rights, I think with nations like IRAN, CHINA, RUSSIA, calling the USA out base on what they see in Ferguson is laughable, but it will keep the USA from yelling at other nations about Human Right violations.

    also a UN Leader from South Africa, says the Cops in Ferguson made her remember how the cops of South Africa use to be when the apartheid was in effect.

  • I like others feel this is the calm before the storm.

    I doubt if the cop who killed Mike Brown serves a day in jail.

    Which is going to result in mass protest across the USA.

    Keep in mind the Rodney King Riots happen after the Rodney King verdict.

    the cops may need the tanks? who knows?

    Rodney King was before twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube,

    Obama and Eric Holder are trying to get a lead on what’s to come.

  • it is a national horror! and this may be an understatement.

    CNN just had a cop/professor tell the world, the cops who kill the mentally ill person done the right thing? WOW

    Yes! COPs in the USA don’t communicate or try to calm down the mentally ill they just shoot them 10 times and put hand cuffs on the dead body.

    Keep in mind? CNN did not ask anyone in the community where the mentally ill person was gun down about how they felt? they asked a cop? knowing a former cop would agree with the force the cops use to kill a mentally ill person?

    It is amazing watching CNN reporters and COPS keep a straight face, trying to justify killing a mentally ill person, and a matter of seconds?

    One of my African American friends who is a lawyer is trying to call CNN and MSNBC, to see if they can ask COPS would they gun down a White Guy who was mentally ill like they gun down the Black guy?

    We all know, only a small percentage of cops would gun down a white man, like they gun down that black guy.

  • Yes! we may be looking at the canary in coal mine?

    USA inequality is at an all time high? keeping the poor and dis-enfranchise under control is requiring our police to act like Marines fighting in Iraq, etc.

    some COPs are clearly clueless when it comes to dealing with New media, like camera phones, instagram, twitter, facebook, etc. etc. keep in mind a lot of news out of Ferguson is being driven by social media, and not corporate media.

    I think Obama and Eric Holder along with NSA have been watching social media and saying the dark side of the USA is being expose, USA inner cities are war zones, and the cops act like Marines in the inner city.

    Eric Holder and Obama are trying to calm RIOT tensions, because both probably know the COP is not going to Jail, however communities all over the USA are going to erupt if the COP does not go to jail. “Like the FEDs done with Rodney King, they are trying to stop RIOTS from happening.

    social media is really changing everything about how conflicts like this one are covered.

    some USA cops are failing badly.

  • we are learning that some USA police officers are out of control.

    I repeat every lawyer in the USA needs to go Ferguson.

    the COPS in Ferguson/ST Louis do not understand, the video of killing the guy with a mental illness is being shown all over the world!

    YES? everyone in the neighborhood knew the guy was mentally ill and COPS, kill him in cold blood, not knowing that there was someone watching them.

    locking people up in VANs, and CARs, for hours is not right!

    the COPs are showing us all how they treat the POOR.

    once the un-intelligent COPS meet the intelligent community, things are going to come un-done!

  • I have a feeling the 1% don’t want the world viewing how their COPS keeps the poor under control.

  • The video below shows why COPS do not like Cameras,
    however, every USA citizen should demand that Cops have body Cameras

    today the Cops are killing black men like dogs, next they may be killing the rest of us like dogs.

    Obama got mad at ISIL for killing Mr. Foley, what is Obama going to say about the St Louis Cops who killed Mr. Powell?

    Clearly a guy wearing a winter coat in August when the temp is above 90 degrees may have mental issues.

    When ISIS killed Mr. Foley they did not put hand cuffs on him after the kill him? When you look at the video above you see the cops killing Mr. Powell, after they kill him, they put him in hand cuffs, and one cops stands over Mr. Powell’s dead body with his gun pointed at it.

    this can not be normal operating procedure for COPS in the USA? If it is we are all living in one very sick NATION!

    we should send this video to ISIL, to show them how USA cops kill USA citizens, imagine what we will do to you ISIL?

    every COP needs a body camera now!!!

  • Is this all about Pipelines?

    the idea that the USA would let some ARAB cowboys take over Iraqui Oil Fields? is not logical, rational, etc. etc. the USA destroys nations for Oil Fields.

    ISIS is almost to good to be true?

    Iran and the USA?
    Iran has Natural Gas, who needs Natural Gas Europe? who supplies most of the Natural Gas to Europe now? Russia.

    Pipeline route?
    “Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zangeneh said May 3 that “as a country that has the capacity to supply gas in large volumes, Iran is always willing to export natural gas to Europe via pipeline or in the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG).”

    He also proposed a second pipeline route through Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon and a third pipeline route through Armenia, Georgia, and under the Black Sea.”

    Why this is a pipe dream?
    That is the fact that today Iran is in no position to come online as a natural gas supplier to the European market anytime soon.

    Petro Dollar?

    By accepting and encouraging countries to pay for its oil in currencies other than the U.S. dollar, Iran has deliberately taken the same action that, I argue in Making the World Safe for Capitalism, led directly to the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

    Yes? ISIS main purpose may be to keep IRAN under control, by making it very, very, hard for IRAN to build a pipeline to Europe.

    the USA hates nations that attack the Petro Dollar, ISIS may be a tool helping to protect the Petro Dollar.

    You can always go with USA propaganda, a group Arab cowboys can take over Oil Fields in the Mid-East, and sell their oil via the Petro Dollar? wink wink

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    view the video below? the Department of Justice better get on top of this!

    the cops in this video execute a guy who stole 2 sodas?

  • jedimsnbcko19 commented on the blog post FDL’s Kevin Gosztola Reporting from Ferguson

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    a lot of people associated with this case are out of touch with REALITY.

    Most African Americans think the Cop is going to go free? Keep in mind the jury saw the Rodney King tape, and said the Cops done the right thing, and let all of those Cops go free.

    George Zimmerman followed? chase a black child and kill him, and went free? I doubt if a USA jury would allow a black man to follow? and chase and kill a white boy?

    Like my African American friends say, Eric Holder knows that USA inner cities are a tinder box, and it will not take much, to create a situation where you have Riots all over the USA?

    clearly the Cops and DA of Ferguson are developing a defense for the Cop, trying to ignore the obvious, the kid was shot 6 times? “two shots in the head” the Europeans in Ferguson may think that this is reasonable? However, the people who live in the inner cities will not see it this way.

    Eric Holder in Obama are trying to stop National Riots.

    it does not take someone with a Rocket Science degree to see what coming, if the Cop walks out of the Court room a free man.

    Eric Holder is not stupid.

    Yes! and the entire world is watching.

  • U might be on to something? Sounds like the leaders of St. Louis love dumb cops and natural guardsman.

    read below:

    “I’m just going to be honest with you,” Lemon recalled. “Last night, one of my producers said that they — I won’t say if it’s a he or a she because I don’t want to give anyone a way — said that they came in contact with one of the members of the National Guard. And that they said, ‘You want to get out of here because you’re white. Because these n-words, you know, you never know what they’re going to do.’”

    “True story. I kid you not,” the CNN host lamented. “2014, a member of the National Guard, and my producer doesn’t lie.”

    the IQ of the security forces in Ferguson is very low!

  • Ferguson Police still acting like it is 1964?

    by Rosa Alicia Clemente

    An hour ago, Jessica Care Moore Talib Kweli, folks from the Fellowship of Reconcillation, Philp Agnew of Dream Defenders, Bgyrl ForLife Malik from Occupy the Hood and Trymaine Lee from MSNBC and many others were chased like animals by the cops.

    We ran to get away and were surrounded on a small path on bridge, surrounded by all types of police and told to lie down and put our hands up. We complied and we were told if we did not stop moving we would be shot. We were breathing. The young brother lying on my feet as I was holding him was not able to control his breathing he said “I’m choking” the cop told him to stop or he would shoot him. I told him “try not to move, just lay still I got you.” The gun was at his chest.

    I looked at the cop and said “please, he is not doing anything” I tried to record but the cop had his finger on the trigger. I could feel Talib’s hand on my back and Jessica behind me. We laid there until one Black officer said “Let them go, we got who we wanted.” In all my life I have never been so terrified. The young brother Devin said thank you I think you saved my life. What is going down here in#ferguson in all my years of activism, organizing, I have never seen.

    Yes? I predict more Tear Gas Tonight

  • this is very shocking? what the hell is going on in Ferguson?

    if the Police are willing to act like this with the national media around, one can easily assume the cops murder people in Ferguson.

    the cops are treating everyone like combatants!

    I repeat lawyers from all over the USA need to go to Ferguson! ASAP!

    USA military policies are in full effect in Ferguson

    the President better send the General that went to New Orleans after Katrina to Ferguson ASAP!!!

  • I would tell the British, German, Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Egyptian, news media they have not seen anything YET!!!

    Like my African American friends say, wait until the verdict? There is a 90% chance that the Police officer who killed Mike Brown will walk out the court room a free and innocent man.

    After this happens there will be police all over the USA dress in military gear trying to stop riots.

    After the Rodney King verdict, few if any African Americans believe in the USA Justice system.

    Yes! I would tell the Foreign Press get your pop corn ready!

    George Zimmerman the guy who followed and then killed Trayvon Martin would have been put in jail in Britain, Germany, Russia, China, Iran, Egypt, etc. not in Florida!

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