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    While it’s reassuring that you appreciate Rorty and his existentialist forebears, the frustration expressed concerning poststructuralism and deconstruction seems rooted in a desire for an unachievable “final vocabulary.” Rorty is quite consistent in his belief that private and public realms be kept separate, and complaints that such rhetorical strategies have bled from the private into the public always lead to charges of irresponsibility (which he dealt with thoroughly in Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity). He sees logic and rationality as ancillary to dialectic and dislikes the sort of classification you are promoting. “If there is no center to the self, then there are only different ways of weaving new candidates for belief and desire into antecedently existing webs of belief and desire. The only important political distinction in the area is that between the use of force and persuasion.” I’m not sure where you find his advocacy of rational decision-making, but I’d love to see a citation.

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    Clearly, Wittgenstein, Derrida and Rorty are to blame for the state of American politics. If only a Kantian perspective still reigned supreme, the sewer of public rhetoric would not be clogged with Republican cant. You need to get beyond the idea that humans are rational creatures capable of voting with economic self-interest as a priority. They are not. These philosophical and literary approaches are meant to expand the empathy of readers and help them to identify with those they might otherwise ignore (when categorized in the “normal” binary fashion.) That these tools can be used by others for their own purposes (rightwing-generated confusion, skepticism of facts, promotion of lies) doesn’t make them any less double-edged than scientific advances, which in the wrong hands sometimes create enormous problems.

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    Obama is a moderate Republican who is betting that when Americans listen to the Perry/Bachmann drivel on next year’s campaign trail they will realize how fortunate they are to have a timid collaborationist corporate hack rather than the big-time crazy. His only electoral threat comes from the Left and a palpable one doesn’t seem to be in the cards. The best we can hope for is that the public becomes so disgusted that Congress flips and the Senate remains Dem, though the apathy and despair that’s being inculcated tells me that outcome is unlikely as well.

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    Having just watched “Inside Job,” I was struck by how many millions the banks make, after their unregulated escapades, laundering drug money. The War on Drugs is very profitable to the MOTU. If you haven’t seen the film, do. The interviews with the two rightwing academics from Columbia, Mishkin and Hubbard, are priceless.

  • Hallelujah! It couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of people.

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    As long as there is no credible threat from the Left (primary, third party candidate), this strategy will continue. Because Obama will always look moderate compared to the crazies.

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    Criminal Republicans + Spineless Democrats + Corporate Media = Fascism

  • If only we had an opposition party. In the film The Mission, after the Bishop has sanctioned the slaughter of thousands of Indians and Jesuit priests, the Portuguese ambassador tries to absolve him of responsibility by saying: “The world is thus.” The Bishop, wracked by guilt at this point, responds with: “No, thus I have made the world.” Axelrod employs the classic retort of every unprincipled clown who pretends he’s forced to do something and has no choice. But then we now have confirmation in the press that Bush would have voted for Obama. And while most on the Left would agree that McCain is not a bright person, I don’t believe he’s quite so stupid as to have picked Palin without some serious arm-twisting from the duopoly. They had no chemistry and he obviously didn’t like her. But she was necessary to make sure the masses, even the most hesitant skeptics, bought into the soaring rhetoric of Obama. He’s their guy, and we now know why.

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    Saying “Obama doesn’t get it” shows a lack of comprehension on the observer’s part. Obama gets it alright and is doing exactly what the duopoly wants. He’s a corporate whore whose intention is to undermine progressive reform and increase voter apathy. He’s playing his role perfectly, pretending that he’s on our side while doing the [...]