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  • jeffbarea commented on the diary post Journalism is not an Attack, Wikileaks is not Warfare by Josh Mull.

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    Where’s the cocksucker who used my secret name Cthulhu in vain?

    What? Jane? Did you really think I was just some asshat commenter?

    Anyway, I have a war to run.

  • This is so cute. John Hampshire meets his first Scientology War barrage.

    I warned ye.

    Can you just believe me the first time next time?

    Scientology tech is required training for the LA County Sherriff’s Department including Narconon crap.


    Now you get to experience the levels of depravity that the Church of Scientology will go to to protect its money making enterprises. Pretty sure there might be some celebrity delivery services/perks that would be impacted should anyone be able to access freely legal things. N’ah mean?