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  • Seems like a bizarrely low price point that might even interfere with legit wholesalers even bothering.

  • Piketty at the Lake? What an exciting score for FDL!! Now I hafta convince mom that a Ma’s Day brunch would be more doable than dinner so I can be back by 5PM, lol. I had the same problem as the above posters when trying to enter; no FB or Twitter account, and locker dome [...]

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    Thanks for the tip, Ruth. I was planning to visit my fave, the Sackler, next week since I haven’t been museum-hopping since January’s jaunt to the Botanical Garden’s holiday exhibits. Now I’ll know to stop in next door too.

  • The first time I recall this technique being used by US forces was in Panama 1989 trying to oust Noriega by blasting music at the compound. It, like most of the torture/deprivation techniques past and present, just smacks of juvenile frat-boy solutions, and yet they expect us to treat their decision-making with respect and seriousness when those kind of actions deserve neither.

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    A knighted one as well? huh, pretty soon the musical “Sirs” will outnumber the royalty/gov’t Sirs. It’s fantastic that he continues to play.

    Ah well, 1:30AM here, time for bed. Knighty-knight CT!

  • Great to hear. Thanks for the article and the live-tweeting from the event, Kev!

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    Mayall helped so many incredible musicians cut their teeth in his band before going off to bigger things. My favorite is Mick Taylor who left to join the Stones for their ‘golden’ period 1969-1974, best exemplified (live) on the Brussels 1973 concert. For Mayall’s 70th b’day, Taylor, Clapton and others showed up for some major blues-breakin’.

    Thanks for posting; hadn’t heard this lineup or song before.

  • Thanks Jon, Edward and Bev. Much appreciated.

  • Jon, while we still have you in the Book Salon, any quick observations on hemp? I’ve heard some countries have developed strains without even the minuscule amounts of thc it traditionally had. Will we be growing victory gardens in every state for our paper, rope, clothing, etc., or will it stay under the thumb of Big Textile when it gets green-lighted?

  • Lol. Yeah, a re-write of the first draft, which was called Limiting Unsafe Reefer-Impaired Driving (LURID) Act.

  • Even more outrageous than the Pot War has been the demonization by association (“Hey! Stay away, that’s Evil Pot’s cousin!”) of hemp. Especially surprising, given its role in our history. Will full, no-restrictions, hemp growing across the nation take off for industrial uses or will it stay besmirched and/or under the thumb of Big Textile?

  • Hey Jon, congrats on the tome. When those figures come out next January for Colorado’s first full year of stats, there’s going to be some major reconsideration of the backwards mindset.

    What do you envision: a POTUS rescheduling or a congressional law after X number of states pass it, or do you see POTUS/Congress dragging their feet until more than 3/4 of the states and several other countries go the legalization route?

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    I’ll bet your visit did too! I can’t imagine how happy he was to get to converse with kindred souls; it must’ve meant the world to him.

    Thanks to you, Kev and Bri for all of your hard work on John’s behalf, educating us all on the plights of modern-day whistleblowers.

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    This has actually been going on in the environmentalist world for 20 years now. It was in 1994 that federal agencies first began expanding the formal definition of terrorism to include domestic tree huggers so that the FBI stings against folks like Earth First!, Judi Bari (sp?), tree-spikers, etc and the lawsuits brought by logging companies and BLM hacks against greens would carry stiffer penalties and discourage widespread public approval/sympathy for their actions.

    This was also the first appearance of the term ‘eco-terrorist’ being used against the good guys, when up to that point the term was used by the environmentalists to describe the environment-destroyers. Case in point: the infamous field guide to preventing environmental destruction through dedicated monkey-wrenching was called “EcoDefense” and was nationally banned before the 3rd edition went to print. The first and second editions were copyrighted and published 1985-1989, so it took the FBI and corporatists only 9 years to figure out that they should propogandacize and reverse the terminology for their 1994 re-write of the law.

    We can take back the true meaning of the word by calling BP, Shell, Monsanto, Novartis, etc eco-terrorists every time we talk about or mention them; and conversely describe those individuals and organizations dedicated to eradicating and halting the actions of those planet raping eco-terrorists as “Eco-Defenders”. Every time we talk or write about them.

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    Wow Zach, very intriguing experiment! Will definitely be following along.

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    I went to the march in DC today. It was very well attended. There was a rather large number of seniors near the front of the march who had been to the original one back when they were students and young adults. Signs I saw at today’s march: -Where is the freedom? -Injustice anywhere is [...]

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    Great article, Brandon. -Just getting in the door now from downtown DC where I caught the tail end of the main event. Will definitely be going back on Wednesday; such an important event in US and world history.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

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    Anytime the GOPukes wring their hands over raising the debt ceiling as if they’re worried about our nat’l debt or are proving they are fans of small gov’t, remind them loudly and repeatedly that under their beloved St. Ronnie, the debt ceiling was raised, on average, more than once every six months. I believe the total ended up being 17 or 18 times over his two terms.

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    Or even a GOP-less debate between the Dem, Green and Libertarian candidates.

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    Just as exciting: “RNC Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said the party would consider holding its 2016 nominating convention in June or July, rather than August, to reduce the amount of time Republican candidates spend competing against one another to win the nomination. An earlier convention also would allow the Republican nominee to focus on the Democratic opponent.”

    Here’s hoping that the GOP’s Clown Car Class of 2016 ends up in a dead heat until May and causes more implosions and confusion at their convention.

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