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  • jefferyk commented on the blog post How Coverage of Julian Assange Provokes Liberal Outrage

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    What is happening to Wikileaks media star Assange is NOTHING compared to what is happening to Bradley Manning, the person who actually allegedly leaked the documents and has been held as a political prisoner is the U.S. for what, two years now? Pull your head out of your ass.

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    “Our gadgets and tablets make our lives easier . . .” Do they? Are you sure? I know that my gadgets make spending money easier. Otherwise they make my life harder.

  • Sorry — I’m keeping my gay dollars out of North Carolina. These politicians want our money while discriminating against us at the same time. It’s like, in order to get elected, they go on and on about how horrible we are, and then their ideas are written in to law, and they then turn around and tell us that they didn’t mean it, please don’t boycott us??? C’mon — how stupid are we? Arguing that certain parts of North Carolina are worse than others is hair splitting — because I am gay, I am second class no matter where I am in North Carolina. And I am staying far, far away. P.S. Where exactly were our supposed allies in North Carolina? They couldn’t even bother to vote.

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    “And despite wasting over a year on health care reform, almost no one has gotten new or better insurance as a result. In fact, the number of people with health insurance is even lower now than prior to passage of the Affordable Care Act.”

    And in fact, my health insurance premium is going up 109% come January 1. It is more than doubling. So, what health care reform?