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    Neither. Birth control is cost-neutral for insurance companies; the money it cost is more than offset by the reduction in pregnancies (which are very, very expensive). This shouldn’t affect pricing at all. If anything, it should slightly reduce premiums. But by all means, keep hating Obama for “caving.” One of these days, you might even [...]

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    As a testicular cancer survivor, I can tell you that it’s nowhere near as dangerous or deadly as breast cancer. Testicular cancer is extremely responsive to chemotherapy, in a way that breast cancer isn’t. Indeed, if we eliminated TC tomorrow, we’d save fewer lives than if we reduced the mortality of breast cancer by one percent.

    There are cancers that kill more people than breast cancer — lung cancer’s leading the charge there, and prostate, colorectal, liver, and pancreatic cancers are close. But breast cancer deserves the focus it gets — it really is a killer that hits too damn many women (and men — more men die of breast cancer annually than testicular cancer). That’s why it’s too damn bad that SGK chose politics over health.

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    McMegan is not only obnoxious, she’s wrong; the best pie crust in the world is my mom’s (and no, I’m not bragging on my mom; my ex-wife agrees with this statement), and she makes it the way her mom did — by hand, no food processor whatsoever. Of course, she takes her time and does it right and puts some love and effort into it. All things that are anathema to McMegan.

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