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    So happy to see this addressed! Most people awake and paying attention know why they’re spying as evidenced by their crackdown on dissent by lefties and missing the multiple domestic terrorist attacks that happen almost daily.

    Also too missing from (most) corpress reporting and completely ignored by congress, is the fact that almost every single one of the young shooters in the past 20 years are either on or just coming off psychotropic drugs.

    Can’t wait for Greenwald’s piece naming names!

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    Mostly a lurker, but followed you here from Digby’s. We will miss you terribly. Thank you. Blessings and light to you and your family.

  • Shocking? Naw. More like mission accomplished.

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    As for the last sentence, one of the protesters told me that a couple of people, “maybe Teabagger types, I don’t know,” he said, showed up and started screaming insults. A Cleveland cop came over and asked them, politely, to depart. One of them said, “But we’re on YOUR side.” The cop replied, “No you’re not. [...]

  • He’s going to crash and burn the party, straight down the ticket.

    To those of us who refer to 0bama as “the closer,” this was the plan all along. Remember Rove’s prediction all those years ago about a permanent Republican majority? The 1/2 white, really cool, no drama guy with a D after his name was “the one” alright.

  • Thank you for this. Nuclear industry is powerful enough that mainstream (corporate) media has moved on. The disaster continues. People need to be aware and take proactive steps to protect ourselves. My friend msinla is involved with the Simply Info group and posted this: I’ve upped my daily doses of Chorella and Kelp, too.!/SimplyInfo1 [...]

  • I know this is over, and I know this is not keeping on topic of the book, but I feel this information needs to be shared. Sent from a friend in LA:

    Turns out there was a serious nuclear accident in Simi Valley, CA that Boeing / Rocketdyne kept covered up for over 45 years. There was a class action lawsuit quietly settled out of court with area residents suffering from cancers and thryoid ailments (and on the behalf of already deceased residents dead from cancers) I had never heard about this. At the time of the settlement (around 2005 I think) it was described as the third largest release of radioactive iodine in the world. And not a word was “leaked” to the public. Many died. Read the article and see the comments from people affected who lived nearby. –msinla

    A Nuclear Incident “Worse Than Three Mile Island”