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    Bravo, a 132 pound scrotum reference! BTW, did you know that 132lbScrotum is a hashtag? As for trying to hide, he could always put a hoodie on it.

    Here’s hoping the temptation to snark is too much to resist, TBogg, and that you pop up often in the places we all frequent.

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    Can’t believe no one mentioned this one, my all-time fave:

    Naive Melody – Talking Heads

    It’s just…sweet.

    I could add to it the following:
    Boogie Chillun – John Lee Hooker
    The Big Payback – James Brown
    Been Caught Stealing – Jane’s Addiction
    Let’s Stay Together – Al Green
    Whiskey River – Willie Nelson (& family live)
    Comes Love – Billie Holliday
    Shattered – Rolling Stones
    Let’s Get it On – Marvin Gaye
    Guns of Brixton – The Clash
    Martha My Dear – The Beatles
    If I Had a Boat – Lyle Lovett
    Sunday Kind of Love – Etta James
    I’m also strangely attached to the Chumbawamba album Jesus H Christ.

    …and could go on like this all day.

    We’ll miss you, man.

  • The only way I’d be able to adequately express my feelings about this would be with a Leave Britney Alone! video. The Poor Man, Billmon, Doghouse Riley….you’re leaving a serious snark deficit, man. Hope we’ll see you guest-posting at other locales early and often.

  • This “any show of appreciation for the physical attributes of women = sexism” is pretty much the liberal equivalent of the conservative failure to grasp the concept of consent.

    Men are biologically programmed to find the gender-specific attributes of the female body attractive and arousing (unless they’re gay, in which case, substitute “male body” for “female body”). Noticing these attributes, or even commenting on their attractiveness, does not in and of itself constitute “sexism.” If there was any indication that tits and ass were the ONLY things TBogg appreciated about women, perhaps it would be an indication of such, but anyone who has read even a couple of TBogg posts knows that this is not the case.

    I purposely waited until the end to point out that there is a pretty fucking wide gulf – constituting an ocean – of difference between showing a picture of a shapely ass or pair of breasts and commenting affirmatively on such, and the uninvited groping of the same. The latter is motivated by this “sexism” whereof you speak, in which the groper has convinced himself that the shapely ass or pair of tits exists primarily for his own pleasure and to give him something to play with; as such they are his possessions to do with as he will without asking permission. This reduction of women as a group or any individual woman to the status of a possession, an object or a thing is what “sexism” is.

    Take notes and study this until you’ve got it down, so you don’t make an ass of yourself on this topic again.

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    That’s what’s so embarrassing about the whole thing…for Noonan. She doesn’t seem to realize that what’s she’s written says a lot more about who she is than it does about who Hillary is.

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    The only reason Nooners has escaped a very public bitch-slap or literal beat-down is that she takes out the shivs for politicians, who can’t really fight back without suffering public controversy. What’s so sick about this bitch is that she was, herself, a young career woman at the start of the women’s movement. She sniggers behind her hand – or not behind her hand, which is worse – at those who were unafraid to get out in front and voice their convictions, but had no compunction against profiting from the benefits. She was a writer for CBS Radio during the mid-seventies and then worked in radio in Boston before landing her Reagan-fellating gig.

    As for the “poor Hillary, didn’t really know how to be feminine” dig, consider the following: Nooners didn’t marry until she was 35, and then, it only lasted 5 years. One has to wonder how the poor man managed to hang on even that long. Hillary, on the other hand, in spite of what Nooners cattily portrays as cluelessness in how to get a man, has been in the same long-term, committed relationship since she was in her mid-20s. So when it comes to the “pleasing a man” bullshit, we have Hillary the hopeless, who not only managed to sustain a relationship for 35+ years longer than Nooners ever could, but who also attracted and won the affections of a man who would go on to become one of the most powerful men in the world, vs. Peggy the relationship expert, whose only apparent relationship with a man prior to her brief marriage was the hero worship of a guy married to someone else who barely knew she was alive, though to be fair that might have been due to the Alzheimers.

    If anyone appears in need of learning from the Virginia Kelleys of the world, Peggy could most easily find her in the mirror. Once she peels open those vodka-blurred eyes.

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    In the words of the immortal Rush:

    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

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    Special verse for Reince:

    Imma little Teatard, hear me spew
    The same old shit; just the name is new.
    When I wreck the party, fuck you!
    You egged me on and now you’re screwed.

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    Support for Weiner Climaxes Prematurely
    Weiner Withdraws
    Support for Weiner Goes Flaccid
    No Happy Ending for Weiner in Race
    Weiner Seeks Full Release of Blame for Past Sins
    Weiner Softens His Resolve
    Weiner Takes Burgeoning Scandal in Hand
    Weiner Probe Continues

    I could do more, and did, a couple of years ago, here.

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    You know what they say about the functional definition of insanity…

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    What a relief for him, to be assured the NSA won’t be logging info on the calls he makes or receives. Stuff like that never happens in Russia.

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    As I commented at roy’s the other day, in response to this disturbing image, the blame for which goes to one Substance McGravitas, I’m just waiting for the inevitable McArdle post about her new indispensable Kitchen Goatse™ and how it just wouldn’t be properly valued by those of the lower orders.

    Special bonus, in comments at the link:
    “The picture looks a lot like McArdle’s kitchen, mostly because there is a giant asshole standing in the middle of it.”

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    If you must troll, at least make an effort to be less tiresome. Your plaintive cries of oppression don’t even make sense – they contradict one another. As in

    Want to talk about food? How about Michelle Obama’s initiative for healthy food in schools, which force-feeds foods kids hate on those who still qualify for free-lunch programs(purchased with our tax dollars from Big Agra, of course, you corporatist @##$$%^),

    That’s so chock full of dumbass that it’s hard to know where to begin, so let’s start with the perfidy of serving kids healthy food in schools. An outrage, I agree, to suggest replacing the current system, which DOES source everything from Big Agra, and plans menus according to whatever crap Big Agra will shell out at the lowest cost, with a menu that’s based on stupid shit like “what’s healthful for kids.” I sure as hell don’t want MY hard-earned tax dollars going for BROCCOLI, for fuck’s sake. I mean, if Monsanto, Cargill, and ADM don’t collectively control at least 75% of the market for that commodity, it can’t rightly be called FOOD, now can it?

    I’ll further note that I can remember a time, not all that long ago (but much longer than I like to think about) when the decision about what to eat, at every meal, wasn’t up to the kids. When dinner (or supper, depending where you grew up) didn’t come in a carry-out bag and there weren’t fast food joints on every corner. When soft drinks were something served once per week at lunch when the housekeeper was there because she liked them. When kids weren’t “force-fed” but merely encouraged to try new foods and learn to like tastes other than fat, salt, and sugar, and if they didn’t like what was on the menu for dinner, they were welcome to fix some bread and butter and have that instead. And the funny thing is…THOSE KIDS WEREN’T A BUNCH OF FAT FUCKS. And a surprisingly small portion of their daily diet, in comparison to today, was the product of “Big Agra.” Big fucking surprise, but maybe kids aren’t the best judge of what they should be eating, and left to their own devices, with no other guidance, they’re not choosing wisely. Hoocoodanode?

    I can’t begin to fathom why TBogg didn’t “suppress” your trenchant analysis “dissent,” because once this thing hits Wal Mart, they’ll be no stopping it!

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    Wassamatta, Brother Rod? Did Tinky-Winky whiz in your Wheaties?

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    Tuning out is not the answer. Developing a better bullshit detector is. It doesn’t matter who’s saying it, what matters is, does it pass the smell test? None of what the Bush administration advanced as a cassus belli did, and what’s more, anyone following it knew that every goddamn reason they advanced for going to war was thoroughly debunked before it started, in some cases 8 or 9 months previously. IMHO, “I trusted the gov./the MSM” isn’t much of an excuse in the face of such blatant and obvious BULLSHIT. Mobile bioweapons labs? FFS, I lack the imagination required to even dream up such obvious bullshit – but I goddamned well know it when I hear it, and have no desire to “trust” anyone – least of all a guy who fucking STOLE AN ELECTION – enough to make me ignore the fucking obvious.

    As for Edwards, anyone who didn’t notice he was smarmy and too slick by half wasn’t paying attention.

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    To add to petesh’s excellent observations @ 46: I’m not a big fan of litmus tests, but I do employ a few of them myself. For example, my litmus test for who I’ll vote for for president is that I’ve got to be able to tell that they are at least as smart as I am. This is, I think, a very excellent litmus test (for me personally, at least; it would no doubt be far less useful for a stupid person) because I know there’s a pretty good chance I would suck as a president – to wit, I am at least smart enough to know my own limitations and weaknesses. Someone who’s less smart than that has no fucking business being president.

    Here’s one of the other litmus tests I use: whenever I know or learn that someone supported going to war with Iraq, it lets me know that they’re either an idiot or, if all other evidence says they’re not stupid, that they’re a belligerent asshole, looking to “take it out” on someone whether or not it’s the party or parties responsible.

    Sooper genius Glenn Greenwald either bought into a fairytale about Saddam’s dronez loaded with anthrax, or he chose to ignore that any time someone is trying to sell their good deal, right thing to do with such towering and putrid bullshit constructed of plotlines from an Austin Powers movie, it’s because their deal sucks and is a bad idea. Greenwald has, as an attorney, even less of an excuse for buying into such a weak-sauce “case” that he would hesitate to bring it into a local circuit court himself for fear of reprimand by the judge. Kind of the first precept of his profession is that you present the strongest and most indisputable set of facts you have. If you have those, you don’t have to float one bullshit, quickly refuted, rationale after another to try to make your case. By the time we got to Saddam piloting remote controlled toy planes from Iraq to spray our homes with anthrax, we had already been through corroded aluminum tubes, numerous claims of weapons locations and alleged weapons manufacturing sites which all turned out to be bullshit, mobile weapons labs, and more which I have blessedly forgotten in my advancing age and senility. In other words, “ok, well maybe we made that one up, but what about THIS bullshit reason we just made up?”

    Because I don’t believe Glenn Greenwald is a stupid guy, it leaves only the possibility that he chose to suspend critical thought in support of the Iraqi adventure. That would put him in the belligerent asshole camp. QED and all that.

    I should also note that I have, from time to time, detected this quality in his argumentation.

  • Eh….maybe you ought to read what Reynolds wrote.

    I see nothing wrong with applying redneck stereotypes to a racist Southerner, since they’ve already made clear that they’re a walking stereotype. I say this as a life-long Southerner, who has in almost 50 years of life failed to say anything as bigoted or asinine during my entire lifespan as Reynolds publishes in the course of a typical day.

    Fuck that cracker-ass bastard.

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    Suggested tag upgrade: IN JAIL NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU TWEET.

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    I think I gotta agree with Derelict’s take on it.

    While in most other contexts “For quite some time we’ve been imprisoned in a worldview that’s neither honoring toward our fellow human beings, nor biblical” would be a weasel-word construction to get out of the much simpler and more blunt “We wuz wrong,” to get a self-labelled Christian organization admitting of their own volition that they were misrepresenting God’s will is pretty fucking huge – MUCH bigger than “I wuz wrong” would be in most cases. Though they did avail themselves of the passive construction of “we’ve been imprisoned in a worldview,” which takes the onus off of them personally for having both welcomed and embraced that worldview, and of attempting to force it on everyone else.

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