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    You had me until that last image and then, what could I do but quote the late great HST:

    I wanted something original, but there was no escaping the echo of Mistah Kurtz’ final words from the heart of darkness: “The horror! The horror! … Exterminate all the brutes!”

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    All quiet so far…

    Do Lord Remember Me – Mississippi John Hurt
    The Stars (Are Out Tonight) – David Bowie
    Pimp's Paradise – Black Thought, Damian Marley & Stephen Marley
    Big Tears – Elvis Costello & The Attractions
    The Glorious Land – P.J. Harvey
    All I Really Want To Do – Sussan Deyhim
    Dancin' In The Streets – Grateful Dead
    Warm Beer And Cold Women – Tom Waits
    Elvis Imitators – Steve Goodman
    Midnight – Ray Charles

    Summer special bonus – Everyday People – Sly and the Family Stone

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    A hearty thank you from this running dog lackey for more of Shakira's ass in this week's gif. On to a somewhat jazzier than normal random 10:

    Walking On Broken Glass – Annie Lennox
    I'll Fly Away – The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
    Martha – Jefferson Airplane
    Milestones – Jerry Garcia & David Grisman
    Hindsight – Cedar Walton
    Love Letters – Max Roach Quintet
    Mrs. Dubose – Drive-By Truckers
    Supplication (6/21/76) – Grateful Dead
    A Love Supreme (Pt. II – Resolution) – John Coltrane
    I Found You – Alabama Shakes
    and an appropriate bonus: The American Pageant – The Firesign Theatre

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    More ass, please.

    Emenius Sleepus – Green Day
    (Kind Of) True – The Golden Palominos
    Summer Wages – David Bromberg
    All Downhill – Lyle Lovett
    Day For Night – Matthew Sweet
    We Learned The Sea – Dar Williams
    Happy Woman Blues – Lucinda Williams
    Dance The Night Away – Cream
    Boots Of Spanish Leather – The Airborne Toxic Event
    Low Budget – The Kinks
    and the bonus is … Boogie Stop Shuffle – Charles Mingus

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    I only come here for the articles. Honest.

    Ebony Queen – McCoy Tyner
    Little Red Corvette – Prince
    On The Surface – Pere Ubu
    Day For Night – Matthew Sweet
    King Henry – Richard Thompson
    White Bird – It's A Beautiful Day
    Victim Of Love – Eagles
    Don't You Tell Henry – Bob Dylan & The Band
    Over Her Head – John Cale
    Pure And Easy – The Who
    and the emergency spare tune: Best Of Me – Maria Muldaur

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    Hello, It's Me – Todd Rundgren w/ Edgar Winter
    Katie's Been Gone – Bob Dylan & The Band
    Night – Bruce Springsteen
    Elevation – Television
    Hoe Down – Oliver Nelson
    No Sentiment – Cloud Nothings
    Naima – John Coltrane
    In My Girlish Days – Maria Muldaur
    Dwarf Nebula Processional March & Dwarf Nebula – Frank Zappa
    Route 66 – Asleep At The Wheel
    and the bonus, because we care Slippin' And Slidin' – Justin Townes Earle

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    Sure, why not. Let's see what the ramdomizer doohickey serves up.

    Catch Hell Blues – The White Stripes
    New Dawn Fades – Joy Division
    Blackleg Miner – Richard Thompson
    Kid Next Door – The Bottle Rockets
    Midnight Special – Pete Seeger With Willie Dixon
    Moments In Love – Art Of Noise
    Down Along The Dixie Line – Gillian Welch
    Clean Up Woman – The Pretenders
    If I Lose – The Band
    Samson And Delilah – Grateful Dead
    And a spare: For No One – Rickie Lee Jones

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    Gotta admit, nearly all of the music I’ve bought in the past few years has been downloads. Anyway -

    Old Fashioned Fun – Jimmy Heath
    I Love You So Much It Hurts – Ray Charles
    Restless Farewell – Mark Knopfler
    It Takes You There – Rickie Lee Jones
    Nowhere Man – The Beatles
    Positively 4th Street – Merl Saunders with Garcia, Kahn & Vitt
    Accordingly – Chris Whitley
    Wonderful World Of Sex – Steve Goodman
    Mango Tree – Angus & Julia Stone
    Black Caffeine – Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell
    and an extra oldie: No Pity (In the Naked City) – Jackie Wilson

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    Southern Rock Opera is a classic. ETA, it was kinda jarring to walk into a Starbucks in NYC (they are the de facto public restrooms here) and hear Patterson Hood coming over the speakers. Anyway -

    Eyes Of The World – Grateful Dead
    Everyday People – Sly and the Family Stone
    The Horse Life – Maria McKee
    Under African Skies – Paul Simon
    Detouring America With Horns – Yo La Tengo
    The Other One – Grateful Dead
    Stay By Me – Annie Lennox
    Straight Up And Down – Eric Dolphy
    Chimes Of Freedom – Bob Dylan
    Careless Love – Ray Charles
    Bonus track: Chieva – Willie DeVille

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    Looks like my randomizer was stuck in the last century.

    Silent Springs – Pere Ubu
    Uncle Sam Blues – Hot Tuna
    For Your Pleasure – Roxy Music
    Come Together / Dear Prudence – The Beatles
    Misty Mountain Hop – Led Zeppelin
    Texas Flood – Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
    Out Of My Hands – Dave Matthews Band
    Motel Matches – Elvis Costello and the Attractions
    The Envoy – Warren Zevon
    Sam Stone – John Prine

    Bonus: Dr. Free-Zee – Max Roach Quintet

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    Kind of a mixed bag tonight as the snow falls.

    Cold Jordan – Grateful Dead
    Great Balls Of Fire – Joe Ely/Sue Foley
    Cry Baby – John Mellencamp
    Joan of Arc (Live in Belgium) – Jennifer Warnes
    She's Only Happy in the Sun – Ben Harper
    China Gate – Chris Whitley
    Lead Highway Blues – Leon Russell & New Grass Revival
    Going Home Tomorrow – Dr. John
    Satellite Radio – Steve Earle
    So Cold – Rocket From The Tombs

    Bonus: Wholy Holy – The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

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    Private Life – The Pretenders
    Steve McQueen – Drive-By Truckers
    Baggage Claim – The Bottle Rockets
    Overlap – Ani DiFranco
    Slave To Love – Willy DeVille
    Lovers Unloved – Black Dub
    The Picture Of Heath – Jimmy Heath
    Why Don't You Try? – Leonard Cohen
    You Rise And Meet The Day – Dar Williams
    Crow Jane Alley (For Jack) – Wiily DeVille (yes my iTunes also seems to have Spaghetti Lee's repeat problem today)
    Bonus: It's Too Late – Carole King

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    No need for that if you just go into shuffle mode on your music library, the little file list icon thingy on the right of the top song window opens up the list of what will be playing next.

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    Sure, why not.

    Just Like A Butterfly That's Caught In The Rain – Diana Krall
    Amen – Leonard Cohen
    Factory Girl – The Rolling Stones
    Madison Time – Donald Fagen + The New York Rock & Soul Revue
    Sweet Bird – Herbie Hancock (from River – The Joni Letters)
    One To Grow On – Matthew Grimm & The Red Smear
    If I Needed Someone – The Beatles
    The Battle Of New Orleans – Jimmie Driftwood
    The Oldest Baby In The World – John Prine
    Is Anybody There? – John Hiatt

    Bonus: Revue – World Saxophone Quartet

  • For old times' sake:

    You Know What My Body Needs – Lonnie Brooks
    Lipstick Sunset – John Hiatt
    Compostion 305 (+ language improvisation, 44) – Anthony Braxton / Taylor Ho Bynum
    Peddlin' Dreams – Maria McKee
    Blind Willie McTell – Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman
    Desolation Row – Bob Dylan
    Hold On – Tom Waits
    Waltz For Debbie (Take 2) – Bill Evans
    Lola (Live) – The Kinks
    40 Shades Of Blue – Black 47

    Bonus: Boxcars – Joe Ely

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    Even if most of the L&T C’s classes are in Midtown, the main NYU campus is down by Washington Square and she’s likely to have to trek down there from time to time. When she does, she’ll be right by the late Steve Gilliard’s fave split pea soup at Cozy’s Soup & Burger, and there’s nothing like a bowl of that soup and a grilled cheese sammich on a raw fall day.

    Oh, and some notes on life in the city. Probably as a function of the fact that most of us live in places that are smaller than a good sized walk-in closet, we tend to go out a lot just to hang out rather than stay home or drop by a friend’s place. So part of learning the city is finding comfy places to have a cup of coffee or a beer while you’re reading a book. And yes, it’s fairly common to see someone sitting at a bar just reading the paper or a book.

    Also as a function of living in rabbit warrens with small kitchens, a better strategy for grocery shopping is to buy just a couple of days worth of fresh produce on your way home from work rather that a once-a-week mega shopping trip. And there’s always Fresh Direct, which is like the only successful attempt at an online supermarket.

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    A quick gloss on live music.

    Best buskers are in Washington Square Park.
    Concerty venues: Bowery Ballroom, Irving Plaza, Roseland, Terminal5.
    Mercury Lounge, Webster Hall for smaller acts.
    Rodeo Bar for americana, rockabilly, killer margaritas and no cover.
    Paddy Reilly’s for bluegrass, punk-irish and Guinness.
    Otto’s Shrunken Head, because it’s Otto’s.

    I’m sure I missed a ton of places and we haven’t even talked about Brooklyn.

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    Like Spaghetti Lee above, I don't know much beyond their hits. I do know folks who were friends and neighbors and they're pretty torn up. 47 is way too young.

    Yazoo Street Scandal – The Band
    Uncle John's Band – Grateful Dead
    Worry Later – Thelonious Monk
    Knock on Wood – The New York Rock and Soul Revue
    Four In One – Anthony Braxton (from Six Monk's Compositions, a little gem)
    Born To Lose – Ray Charles
    Transfusion – Rocket From The Tombs
    Brokedown Palace – Grateful Dead
    I Know There's an Answer – The Beach Boys
    Daisy Glaze – Big Star

    And another one who died too soon: From One Island to Another – Chris Whitley

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    From the apparently stuttering iTunes DJ:

    I Got It – The Chambers Brothers
    Hard Road – Lucinda Williams
    Chieva – Willy DeVille
    After All – Dar Williams
    See My Friends (live) – Richard Thompson
    Basket Case – Green Day
    Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day
    Monopoly On the Blues – The Hangdogs
    Lush Life – John Coltrane
    Mas Y Mas – Los Lobos
    bonus – In My Dreams – The Hangdogs

    Something extra for May Day: One Big Union – Matthew Grimm

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    Well the randomizer thingy came up with a Band song, so that's good.

    A Pict Song – Billy Bragg
    Enter In – The Blackbyrds
    Happy Music – The Blackbyrds
    I.G.Y. (International Geophysical Year) – Donald Fagen
    The Long Way – The Bottle Rockets
    Buck's Boogie (Live) – Blue Öyster Cult
    Little Red Rooster – Grateful Dead
    Up On Cripple Creek – The Band
    In Search of a Sound – Bill Dixon
    The Mind of Love – k.d. lang
    and a proper Friday evening song: I Wanna Be Sedated – Ramones

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