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  • Hello Jane,

    This is a follow up comment (I apologize for being mostly off-topic, although bent sophistry is probably enough to find a connection :) ) about getting TOR to work in your Ubuntu setup. I have found what I think is a better approach* for you to try:

    Read though the whole page and let it sink in a bit, the folks there tell you how to get TOR running under Ubuntu as well as getting it to work with browsers and what not -without- you needing to have skills rivaling the best of sysadmins.

    * this approach, in essence shows you how to tell your OS to find the software, install it and then keep track of updating it, as long as you let your OS maintain updates in general. You do not have to worry about keeping things updated, nor about how to fix problems with compiling softwares.

  • This is a wild guess, but in looking over the instructions, you may not be running your Ubuntu as an administrator but as a non-privileged user. Doing so makes installing some new softwares tricky.

    Try this for the command line instructions…

    Download the software, change to the directory and extract the software as the instructions tell you ( up to and including to the tar -xvf stuff).

    Then do one line at a time:

    sudo make
    sudo make install

    After you type in each line hit the carriage return and then wait until the computer finishes and gives you your prompt back before entring the next command. Special note: you will be asked to enter your password to use the sudo command lines, which also means at some point you must have had your account added as having administration priveldges, of you do not, then it is easy enough to get them hit the web and look up how to add to the sudoers file.

    Once each line is finished it should tell if if things went well or things broke. After the sudo make install is done, then you should be able to use the software.

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    If you can, grab an 8GB SD card and pull a copy of Arch Linux off of the Raspberry Pi website downloads sections. It starts out as a command line os, but one can put LXDE or XFCE or KDE or many others as the desktop and choose between them as they so wish.

    The advantage is that Arch is a bit leaner and allows you to use more recent software releases (Debian is more cautious and uses older versions much longer). — Some think the Debian approach is better. But Arch is a bit leaner, Arch + XFCE + Enlightenment + LibreOffice + Gimp + XBMC + music apps + quite a few others takes less than 6 GB of that 8 GB card.

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    It is counter-intuitive, but if you are going to charge rates based on connection speed, the slower speeds should be the higher priced ones, not the higher speeds. The higher speed connections allow someone to get the file they want and get out of the way of other users in a hurry, so to speak, [...]

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    To be fair, Danny Glover did sent out messages opposing the strikes:

    (excerpt from his email):

    That’s why I’ve worked with Just Foreign Policy and the Win Without War coalition (of which MoveOn is a member) to set up a petition at Avaaz calling on Congress to vote no on the war. We want to engage the huge membership of Avaaz, which is worldwide.

    Can you help us reach Avaaz members with our anti-war message? You can sign and share our petition here:

    Tell Congress: Vote NO on Bombing Syria

    The petition statement is the statement that the Win Without War coalition is sending to Congress, which means that MoveOn and many other groups have already endorsed it. Here is the statement:

    He sent it out Sept. 06 at 10:30 a.m.

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    Yup, change is constant.

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    The Microsoft iinvesting in Dell idea needs watching down the road. This could close off another avenue the open source based software groups (Linux, etc.) use as their get-the-foot-in-the-door. (Microsoft is not a big fan of competing operating systems running on the hardware, especially free ones.)

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    One of the big problems though of applying The Razor ™ (or the solution to its predecessor- the Gordian Knot) to problems is as softly stated by Albert Einstein in elismattu’s observation and more bluntly stated by H.L. Mencken: “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.” These simply [...]

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    Slate is claiming in an update to their article about this issue that Instagram is backing away from this idea:

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    Note: IANAL.

    “Publishing without copyright notice loses it as well,”

    That is not true, but the gist of your thought is on track. You are probably thinking of Trademarks, where you as the holder have to activiely protect the mark.

    These may help you:

    You do not have to register your copyright to get protection as long as you have some proof you ‘created’ it, but if you need to pursue legal remedies it needs to be registered so the courts can determine appropriate responses (ie. no registration not much money, registered – some money). I suspect contract lawyers wil have something to chat with judges about on those click-through agreements.

  • Unless I missed something, they also get to keep the advertsing revenue and other paid-for expenses they generated during that time.

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    If you want to fight the man by being the man, you can form your company to do similar things like Google or Yahoo or Bing or whomever, but it will take some serious money to get going. This will give you a vague shadow of an idea of what is involved:

    but take what you read here with a lot of spoons of salt. To do this as a large scale competitor, non-or-for profit, you will need lots of equipment, some highly educated talent and the means to support them both. You will have to break Google’s clout, older computer folks might remember a marketing slogan ‘No one got fired for recommending IBM’. IBM ruled the tech world until that clout was ended. Right now, now one gets fired for recommending Google’s advertising.

  • I think you are close to why she is among others that are suddently pouncing on this report… because it is getting some airplay, so to speak, inside the US. News articles about reports like this one from Amnesty International:

    have been around for a while, but do not get much notice in the US media. This one from Stanford and NYU is from the home crowd which means folks inside the US will have access to the information.

  • This also helps give them an inside track when enough people get tired of the patent portfolio wars and call on Congress to finally stop the ongoing fiasco.

    In other tech meets politics news, apparently folks attending the next Super Bowl in New Orleans wil not have to worry about the planned circling drones falling out of the sky and hitting them while they are watching the game. Someone decided to cancel that particluar permit to let the drones fly during the game.

  • It must be synchronicity that you have decided to not only launch a tech with politics section, but that you also talk about tech with sex as an early article.

    Gizmodo (a big tech site) has an article that brings out some of that lucrative sex advertising:

    That title is correct, the article is nsfw.

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    You might get a kick out of this list from the good ‘ol days of 2009:

    All 15 got over 54 mpg (the lowest is 56 mpg) with quite a few getting over 60 mpg. None are sold in the US.

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    How many reports are there of large groups of Afghanis or other peoples climbing in big boats to head this way and do harm to us? Of course we do have lunatics like these folks:

    Eventually we are all taking up a bit of space 6 foot deep, so the questions is are we going to spend our living time hiding in fear, helping those in charge keep us afraid?

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    Vastly simplifying the difference between China and Brazil: both have huge markets, but Brazil’s labor pool is proactively protected, while China’s is not. “Brazil currently puts a hefty fee on imported goods. Despite these (which reportedly can triple prices) iPhone already accounts for an estimated 10 percent of local smartphone sales.” “There are some countries [...]

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    You are mistaken in your claims.

    The OS (operating system) is open source, called Darwin, it is free, you can install it on a variety of hardware setups. The GUI (graphical user interface) is what Apple restricts to their own hardware — that makes sure it actually runs on the hardware. Should you really push it, there is a thriving online community (look up Hacintosh) that will show you how to get the GUI part running on generic computers.

    The price of the complete OS and GIU package has never been very high, the most any Apple OS and GUI package has cost is $129 — without needing any special phone home license numbers — compare that to the ‘generous’ terms offered by Microsoft, which are not. Nowadays the complete OS and GUI costs around $49..

    Also, your claim about the hardware lockdown is misleading. Open up a Mac Tower computer. Making internal equipment changes does not get easier. Adding memory to any Mac machine that can actually use it is straight forward. Yup the iPhones and iPads are sealed pretty tight, but most folks do not want to open them up. As well as most folks do not want to replace motherboards on their computers, so those are a bit more harder to get at.

    Lastly, now pay attention to what is written. the complaints about about the high prices and low quantities were from the older times when Apple had assembly lines here in the US. Not now, then. Long before the idea of unibody computers was even thought of. Now the prices are low and requested quantities are available.

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    Ms. Rosalind, you might want to reread the report you are citing. It mentions Apple twice in the whole thing, first in a chart that lists corporate incomes and second in a line saying that Apple is asking for a repatriation holiday. None of the mentions are connected to the paragraph you quote.

    In 2010, Apple paid an effective 24% US income tax (they paid $4.53 billion in US taxes. In 2011, they paid $8.52 billion in US taxes) much higher rate than many other US companies, especially upper income US companies.

    The income Apple has outside the US comes from selling products outside the US.

    Apple employs quite a few seasonal, part time and full time employees in the US abd also creates quite a few indirect jobs as well. (Yes, they create quite a few direct and indirect jobs in other countries as well, but they do it here as well.)

    btw, GE has over 90 billion parked outside the US.

    This is a weird attack on Apple, it used to be when Apple had assembly lines in the US, folks complained that the prices were ‘too high’ and ‘not available in large quantities’ so business buyers would not buy Apple’s products in large quantities, except for graphics departments.

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