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    I shit you not. She went on and on and on about what a genius Obama is. She said the Super Congress was a great win. Listening to that from her was quite disheartening.

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    Are you serious? Cuz Randi Rhodes thinks Obama made a home run with this deal. You see, according to her, we won.

    She’s lulled all the Obama-bots back to sleep, once again. I wonder how much Obama 2012 is paying her.

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    But Lawrence O’Donnell and Democratic Underground tell me Obama won huge last week, that he has the Republicans by the short ones.

    I’d be so confused if I weren’t paying attention.

    I’m so sick of hearing people tell me not to believe my lying eyes. Obama has been a huge disappointment.

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    The powerful eat too. I don’t understand how anyone can defend these policies because unless there’s a special repository of food that’s just for them, they eat these toxins too. Perhaps there are secret farms down in Crystal City,_Arlington,_Virginia.

    This is just scary and infuriating at the same time.