• The reason no US representative participated in the Paris activity was because we have a government that does not prescribe to freedom of speech.

  • you stated the issues very precisely and don’t forget – - freedom of speech – post something on social media, that is not positive, about your employer and you will be fired – - freedoms that are protected by the constitution – can someone show me one – just one of our so called freedoms that still exist????

  • yes my vote does count — I have not voted for either party since 2009 — third party only, or write-in – and yes, my vote still counts although – it is about all that is left of our rights – unless your live in a southern state and are a person of color – then you don’t even have the right to vote.

  • Did anyone else read the report from Princeton about democracy? It is officially backed by scientific based research, we no longer live in a democracy – our form of government is officially an oligarchy!

    This upcoming speech is more data to add to the pile!!

  • Obummer is at it again – - promises that are pipe dreams when your party doesn’t control congress – hell, pipe dreams even if his party held majorities in congress ( we have already experienced that, with NO results for us common folks).

    The most insulting thing about this is – his assumption that the citizens are so stupid or ignorant that we would believe whatever he is going to say.

    It is going to take millions of people in the streets to fix this country and it will make the riots/protest marches of the 60s look like a picnic in the park. Oh, sorry, I was dreaming again.

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    I voted ONE TIME for Obummer and realized my mistake in less than 6 months. As a FORMER Democrat, I am very tired of his tricks and lack of back bone.

    Obummer will most certainly sign the pacific trade policy that will reach his desk around March – - – the two party system is not working for the working people – get a clue people – - both parties are bought and paid for and don’t even complain about the citizens untied ruling, if the masses actually got out and voted – the money becomes irrelevant – - – just a rally cry for the Dems and they are just as guilty as the rep.

    The sucking sound you hear is our democracy going down the toilet.

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    Two words: CITIZEN’S ARREST!!!

    Can we as citizens make arrests??? Imagine lining up the CIA, Congress members, and White House folks (including the pres.) and having them all do a perp walk!!!

    That is what should happen.

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    Every American should have their heads hung low and eyes fixed on the ground – - America is now in the same league as the Nazi SS group. We have no moral compass in this country any more. EVERY person involved with this should be put on public trial and put in prison for a very long time – - including all politicians that knew about it and supported it!!


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    name one bill EITHER PARTY voted for that helped the middle class.

    Also, when will the constitution be restored? Currently it is no different than a role of TP — both parties have move the constitution to the bathroom!!

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    you hit the nail right on the head — – - however, most folks still seem to think that the political process will come to the rescue – - we still have a long way to fall before the masses move.

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    It is obvious that you are not in education – - I am and what you are saying is partly true. Technology is really not the correct path to take for the following reasons: Districts restrict use of the technology and kids are over stimulated already with all the technology that is available.

    Education reform is nothing more than changing the names of programs – I teach 5th grade and the new math standards in the common core are the exact same standards we had in 1986. When NCLB passed, states started to dumb down the standards to increase the test scores to continue getting the federal dollars. The NCLB legislation was and is an attempt to convert public education to the private sector – the same path that the states took to hand over the prison systems to the private sector. Also, to break one of the last unions in this country.

    If the public actually knew what was going on in education today, hopefully, they would be storming their state buildings demanding a realistic change to the federal system that has a choke hold on the states.

  • R.I.P. Robin Williams: What else can be said, your energy and wittiness will be greatly missed. Let us hope the peace he was seeking was found, although, it is sad that it had to come to this.

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    Remember when a democrat would support workers? Remember when a democrat would support transparent government? Remember when a democrat would help the needy? There is no difference between republiturds and democratizes – - they both are bought and paid for. The people that continue to “blindly” support either party are just adding fuel to the downward spiral of the rights and advancements of the citizens of this country.

  • Hillary as the nominee will keep many dems home or send the true progressives to whoever the third party nominee is – - for me, it will be the latter since the dems are no different than the republicans – - the two-party system does not work!!

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    Surprise, surprise, surprise – welcome to Mayberry where every banking official gets the same treatment as Otis did, lock up is always an option but then again, the bankers are independent enough to determine if they should lock themselves up – - gotta love our justice dept.

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    The Dems. are no different than the Rep. – both want to destroy unions and they have done a really good job. Does anyone remember this: “I’ll put my tennis shoes on and walk the picket line with you.”

    If you want the American dream – move to Canada, unions account for over 70% of the work force.

    As a teacher, the Obama administration has done a very good job of destroying public education – if the masses actually knew what was going on, they would be storming D.C. with pitch forks, tar, and feathers.

    Public education these days is simply a testing bank for students and teachers.

    One fact you never hear from the media – - if you take out the 10 largest urban school districts in the US – - America is rated number 1 in all aspects of education in the world – - hope you have learned one new thing today :)

  • Erik, sorry to say that you are not listening to what is actually happening – if you think this is purely about the upcoming election, sir you are out of touch with reality. The Obummer white house is much worse than the Bush white house ever was. I voted for Obummer once, then he showed his true colors: Whistle blowers prosecuted, secret trade deals that hurt the middle class, let us not forget the single payer health care he ran on either. These are just a few of the lies Obummer has committed, oh yes, what about Gitmo? The king of drones has committed war crimes according to the international community. The biggest mistake so far was that Obummer was given the Nobel Peace Prize – - those folks must be hiding at this point.

    I voted for Jill Stein last time – at least I can look at myself in a mirror and know I didn’t support one of the weakest and lying presidents in a long time – - Nixon was more liberal than Obummer!!

  • Let us call it what it is – - WAR CRIMES.

  • Let me see if I understand this – the US is telling Russia not to do what America does on a regular basis — The US has no standing to tell Russia what to do – - The US is most likely a worst offender of national intrusion than Russia – or any other country for that matter.


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    why would anyone waste their time watching any of the current Sunday shows? The same people, the same talking points, the same lack of journalism, etc, etc,

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