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  • JF commented on the blog post The Media Has Failed the Public on Ebola

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    Chris Christie is an even bigger jackass than one could have imagined. He claimed that nurse was “sick” and “symptomatic”, when she was neither.

    Then today he explodes at some guy who had the temerity to point out that Christie has dropped the ball on Sandy relief. Glad he showed the whole country that he is such a buffoon.

  • Sorry, but anyone who pens stuff for the likes of NewsMax/FOX et al, is either drinkin’ the RightWing Purple Kool-Aid and is as crazy as a loon or is so desperate for cash that it’s just all about the Benjamins.

  • JF commented on the diary post Israeli Chooses “Honorable Life” Over Joining Military by David Swanson.

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    Perhaps Israel’s third offer of a Palestinian State would have been accepted

    Now THAT’S a knee-slapper !

  • JF commented on the diary post Sunday Talking Heads: October 26, 2014 by Elliott.

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    On ‘Face the Nation’, when asked to comment on the revelation that James Foley had been waterboarded by ISIL prior to ultimately being beheaded, just as the CIA had waterboarded detainees, Mike Morell, the former deputy director of the CIA responded:

    In my mind … no equivalence. What the United States did to a very small [...]

  • JF commented on the blog post Voters Like Democrats But Think They Are Incompetent

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    By far, the biggest issue with voters this election is the economy. On that issue, Republicans have a six-point advantage among registered over the Democrats

    Yet business publications like Barron’s and Business Week have documented that the national economy, the stock markets, employment, and Middle-class incomes, are all ALWAYS much better with Democrats.

    I guess “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” should have been “What’s the Matter with America?“.

  • JF commented on the blog post Ukraine Army Fired Cluster Bombs On Civilians

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    About those Israeli cluster bombs… Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mark Regev added, “[I]f NATO countries stock these weapons and have used them in recent conflicts – in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq”

    And which societies has NATO had under illegal military occupation for decades ?

    “the world has no reason to point a finger at Israel.”

    Of course they do. If only they would.

  • I’ve long said that David Duke and the Republican Party share the same agenda, with the only difference being that Duke states it publicly while the Republicans only discuss it behind closed doors.

    Oh, it occasionally slips out, a la Gingrich, Trent Lott, and on and on, up to the recent group of Repub Senate candidates true feelings about rape. Then they have to resort to claiming they were misquoted or misconstrued by that dastardly liberal media.

  • JF commented on the diary post Sunday Talking Heads: October 19, 2014 by Elliott.

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    Out Of The Mouths Of Babes Nurses

    Jean Ross, of National Nurses United, on Face the Nation:

    “Unfortunately, in this country, we have a profit-driven healthcare system, and you cannot put a price on nurses and other healthcare workers lives”

  • JF commented on the blog post CIA Study Shows That Supporting Syrian Rebels Unlikely To Work

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    Of course, there was one exception to the general trend of failure when it came to arming rebel groups – the mujahedeen in Afghanistan.

    Ah, so what’s missing for the Syrian “rebels” is THEIR Osama bin Laden !

    Oh wait.

  • JF commented on the blog post Riots Hit Kiev, Neofascists Hold Torch-Lit March In Ukraine

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    You all must be confused. These are just the same brave Grandmother protesters carrying flowers that Victoria Nuland testified to Congress about.

  • JF commented on the diary post Do Soak The Rich by masaccio.

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    Martin and Hertel-Fernandez claim that we can’t raise enough from the rich, but they don’t say why. They claim that “Emphasizing redistribution as the central principle for tax policy is needlessly divisive, leads to smaller government revenues overall, and thus misses the positive benefits that having more revenues can offer if invested wisely in promoting success [...]

  • JF commented on the blog post Much Of ISIS’ Ammunition From US Government

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    Why I’m shocked ! SHOCKED !

    Gee, remember those who were warning that any arms provided to the so-called “moderate rebels” would end up with the jihadists ? Did they listen ? Of course not.

  • That was disgustingly Neanderthal, but there’s still plenty that remain that the RightWing Likud is in violation of.

  • Assuming for a moment that you’re not a TrollBot…

    Oh get off it already. Israel is defending itself, period.

    Sorry, but the RightWing Likud state-sponsors of terrorism have relinquished their right to self-defense as long as it has the Palestinian society under illegal military occupation.

    To claim otherwise flies in the face of the Geneva Conventions, international law, international treaties, and the Geneva Declaration on Terrorism, all of which the U.S. is a signatory to.

    According to the Geneva Declaration on Terrorism, fighting back against illegal military occupation is not only NOT terrorism, it is legal, just, and quite appropriate (sorry Bibi).

  • JF commented on the diary post MENA Mashup: Abbas, Bibi, and ISIS by CTuttle.

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    Obviously Netanyahu has lost touch with reality, particularly in refusing to acknowledge the fact of the occupation itself or the actions of the Israeli army of occupation in committing massacres and war crimes

    Gotta be the understatement of the year, so far.

  • JF commented on the diary post Sunday Talking Heads: September 21, 2014 by Elliott.

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    What a roundtable of doomed foreign policy failure at Face the Nation: Lieberman, Harman, Kagan, and Morell. At least Harman disagreed with everyone else on the panel that wants to overthrow Assad while simultaneously fighting ISIS. Gee, was I dreamin’ that there were no al-Qaeda or affiliates in Iraq until AFTER we deposed Saddam Hussein, [...]

  • JF commented on the diary post MH-17 still exactly where it fell – two months after crash – with no investigation of wreckage by operationmindcrime.

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    If an investigation were to happen, they might discover what actually occurred.

    Can’t have that.

  • JF commented on the blog post 1 In 4 Americans ‘Open To Secession’

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    Secession is merely an extension of the “state’s rights” dog whistle, in an attempt to exclude and/or discriminate against others.

    This is an argument over an anachronistic level of government anyway. Why do we need 50 different drivers licenses, or 50 different license plates, or 50 different voting rules, and on and on and on ?

    What do state governments provide that justify that extra level of tax burden ? Many nations only have local government and a federal government.

  • JF commented on the blog post Late Night: President Obama, Syria, and ISIS

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    All of those air-strikes were launched by Israeli (U.S.) jets from outside Syrian airspace and guided into Syria utilizing smart technology. Interesting that the RightWing Likud won’t enter Syrian airspace.

  • JF commented on the blog post New Russia Sanctions May Finally Target ExxonMobil And BP

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    There is little doubt that Russia will shrug off the sanctions and find other companies to help them get the oil. Did the US and EU just create yet another business opportunity for China?

    As someone who can see Russia from her house would say, “YOU BETCHA !”.

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