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  • JF commented on the diary post Sunday Talking Heads: September 21, 2014 by Elliott.

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    What a roundtable of doomed foreign policy failure at Face the Nation: Lieberman, Harman, Kagan, and Morell. At least Harman disagreed with everyone else on the panel that wants to overthrow Assad while simultaneously fighting ISIS. Gee, was I dreamin’ that there were no al-Qaeda or affiliates in Iraq until AFTER we deposed Saddam Hussein, [...]

  • JF commented on the diary post MH-17 still exactly where it fell – two months after crash – with no investigation of wreckage by operationmindcrime.

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    If an investigation were to happen, they might discover what actually occurred.

    Can’t have that.

  • JF commented on the blog post 1 In 4 Americans ‘Open To Secession’

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    Secession is merely an extension of the “state’s rights” dog whistle, in an attempt to exclude and/or discriminate against others.

    This is an argument over an anachronistic level of government anyway. Why do we need 50 different drivers licenses, or 50 different license plates, or 50 different voting rules, and on and on and on ?

    What do state governments provide that justify that extra level of tax burden ? Many nations only have local government and a federal government.

  • JF commented on the blog post Late Night: President Obama, Syria, and ISIS

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    All of those air-strikes were launched by Israeli (U.S.) jets from outside Syrian airspace and guided into Syria utilizing smart technology. Interesting that the RightWing Likud won’t enter Syrian airspace.

  • JF commented on the blog post New Russia Sanctions May Finally Target ExxonMobil And BP

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    There is little doubt that Russia will shrug off the sanctions and find other companies to help them get the oil. Did the US and EU just create yet another business opportunity for China?

    As someone who can see Russia from her house would say, “YOU BETCHA !”.

  • JF commented on the blog post Obama Preparing To Launch War In Syria (Again)

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    They’re gonna have to pick a friggin’ side. Obama’s claim that he wants to destroy IS but also wants Assad to go is simply unsustainable. The real “fantasy” is that the so-called ‘moderate rebels’ will become a democratic government.

  • JF commented on the diary post Is There Still Hope for Peace in Ukraine? by David Swanson.

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    FRANCE24 sent one of their correspondents to Eastern Ukraine, to investigate the “evidence” of a Russian invasion and look for Russian soldiers. Gulliver Cragg reported that the local civilians showed him why the Ukrainian army had fled so rapidly. A column of 17 military vehicles full of Right Sektor ‘National Guard’ had been marauding around [...]

  • British PM David Cameron:

    The presence of Russian soldiers on Ukrainan soil is completely unjustified and unacceptable. But Russia appears to be trying to force Ukraine to abandon its democratic choices at the barrel of a gun.

    Talk about bassackwards, these folks must be from Bizarro World.

  • JF commented on the diary post Sunday Talking Heads: August 31, 2014 by Elliott.

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    * I see President McCain is still singing the same ole’ song: Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb de bomb. * Danielle Pletka of AEI was complaining that everything is falling apart in Iraq, everything is falling apart in Libya, and everything is falling apart in Syria, because of al-Qaeda, and other jihadists groups. What she [...]

  • JF commented on the blog post The Supreme Conservatives

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    * Money is only speech in a Plutocracy.

    * Corporations are only people in an Oligarchy.

    * Corporations only have religious freedom rights in a Theocracy.

    The gang of RightWing extremists on the U.S. Supreme Court are a threat to American democracy that must be removed.

  • JF commented on the blog post Pennsylvania to Expand Medicaid

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    This was stupid. They should have just waited the 4 months and let Governor Wolf accept the full Medicaid expansion on his inauguration day. Now he will be saddled with the for-profit private-sector insurance corporate whores.

  • pesky @ 25

    It’s called journalism.

    You must mean yellow journalism.

    It’s pretty easy to criticize the journalists on the ground, from your comfy couch. Their reporting is the summation of everything they see and hear over there.

    Except, he stated, “We didn’t see the troops coming in…“, yet his lede, as well as the newspaper’s lede, is that the troops did. Reporting hearsay as fact is disingenuous or worse.

  • ANDREW KRAMER, The New York Times:
    Yes, this was in the town of Novoazovsk on the Azov Sea. And we were standing on the outside of the town speaking with Ukrainian soldiers who were retreating.

    These soldiers were convinced they were fighting the Russians. At least many of them were. We didn’t see the troops coming in, but they were said to have come across the border from Russia into Ukraine.

    Isn’t this akin to people who say they were abducted by aliens ? They are convinced they were abducted, but nobody else has seen the aliens. Does the NY Times then subsequently report there were indeed aliens ?

  • Anybody catch Poroshenko’s opening remarks at Minsk ?

    “The fate of the world and Europe could be decided in Minsk.” “We must jointly find the only right decision. Peace on the continent depends on it.”

    Or, you could just stop shelling and bombing innocent Ukrainian citizens.

    Poroshenko sounds like he’s a megalomaniac or on heroin.

  • JF commented on the diary post Hamas uses civilian deaths as propoganda by agourabum.

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    In other words, you make claims that defy both common sense and multiple sources

    Gibberish. ~

    and expect us to take your word for it.

    No, I expect not to have to take you by the hand like a child or do your research for you, and then have you nevertheless dismiss it away anyway. * In [...]

  • @superiorwoman

    5. Why isn’t the State Dept. talking about the downed plane anymore?

    Because every time they’ve brought it up lately, they have been asked to release the satellite data to back up their assertions (The data from the keyhole lookdown satellite that had obviously been moved into position overhead. The type that can read a newspaper headline of someone sitting on a park bench.).

    But they can’t do that.

  • JF commented on the diary post Hamas uses civilian deaths as propoganda by agourabum.

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    * It was video that aired at a couple of different places over the weekend of a uniformed IDF spokesman answering questions at a presser.

    * The positions taken by those listed is not new news, they’ve stated those positions over a number of years.

  • JF commented on the blog post Right Wing’s Latest Target: Poor Children Who Need Food

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    there should be a stigma surrounding government dependency


    Corporate Welfare, one of our largest federal budget items, is a scourge on our society.

  • JF commented on the diary post Hamas uses civilian deaths as propoganda by agourabum.

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    Maybe you should read the whole sentence?

    I read it, but that’s NOT what the IDF is claiming. They’re not claiming, they hit what they were aiming at, but there was collateral damage. The IDF is claiming that those pesky little smartbombs did not go where they aimed them, and since Gaza is so densely populated, [...]

  • JF commented on the diary post Hamas uses civilian deaths as propoganda by agourabum.

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    Smart bombs are not perfect…

    Sure, nothing’s perfect, but the civilian death toll cannot be blamed on errant smart bombs. Statistically, it would only be a very tiny percentage. It’s merely another excuse to try and dance away from war crimes.

    If Hamas firing from populated locations is not a matter of choice then neither is Israel [...]

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