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  • I’ve long said that David Duke and the Republican Party share the same agenda, with the only difference being that Duke states it publicly while the Republicans only discuss it behind closed doors.

    Oh, it occasionally slips out, a la Gingrich, Trent Lott, and on and on, up to the recent group of Repub Senate candidates true feelings about rape. Then they have to resort to claiming they were misquoted or misconstrued by that dastardly liberal media.

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    Out Of The Mouths Of Babes Nurses

    Jean Ross, of National Nurses United, on Face the Nation:

    “Unfortunately, in this country, we have a profit-driven healthcare system, and you cannot put a price on nurses and other healthcare workers lives”

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    Of course, there was one exception to the general trend of failure when it came to arming rebel groups – the mujahedeen in Afghanistan.

    Ah, so what’s missing for the Syrian “rebels” is THEIR Osama bin Laden !

    Oh wait.

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    You all must be confused. These are just the same brave Grandmother protesters carrying flowers that Victoria Nuland testified to Congress about.

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    Martin and Hertel-Fernandez claim that we can’t raise enough from the rich, but they don’t say why. They claim that “Emphasizing redistribution as the central principle for tax policy is needlessly divisive, leads to smaller government revenues overall, and thus misses the positive benefits that having more revenues can offer if invested wisely in promoting success [...]

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    Why I’m shocked ! SHOCKED !

    Gee, remember those who were warning that any arms provided to the so-called “moderate rebels” would end up with the jihadists ? Did they listen ? Of course not.

  • That was disgustingly Neanderthal, but there’s still plenty that remain that the RightWing Likud is in violation of.

  • Assuming for a moment that you’re not a TrollBot…

    Oh get off it already. Israel is defending itself, period.

    Sorry, but the RightWing Likud state-sponsors of terrorism have relinquished their right to self-defense as long as it has the Palestinian society under illegal military occupation.

    To claim otherwise flies in the face of the Geneva Conventions, international law, international treaties, and the Geneva Declaration on Terrorism, all of which the U.S. is a signatory to.

    According to the Geneva Declaration on Terrorism, fighting back against illegal military occupation is not only NOT terrorism, it is legal, just, and quite appropriate (sorry Bibi).

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    Obviously Netanyahu has lost touch with reality, particularly in refusing to acknowledge the fact of the occupation itself or the actions of the Israeli army of occupation in committing massacres and war crimes

    Gotta be the understatement of the year, so far.

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    What a roundtable of doomed foreign policy failure at Face the Nation: Lieberman, Harman, Kagan, and Morell. At least Harman disagreed with everyone else on the panel that wants to overthrow Assad while simultaneously fighting ISIS. Gee, was I dreamin’ that there were no al-Qaeda or affiliates in Iraq until AFTER we deposed Saddam Hussein, [...]

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    If an investigation were to happen, they might discover what actually occurred.

    Can’t have that.

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    Secession is merely an extension of the “state’s rights” dog whistle, in an attempt to exclude and/or discriminate against others.

    This is an argument over an anachronistic level of government anyway. Why do we need 50 different drivers licenses, or 50 different license plates, or 50 different voting rules, and on and on and on ?

    What do state governments provide that justify that extra level of tax burden ? Many nations only have local government and a federal government.

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    All of those air-strikes were launched by Israeli (U.S.) jets from outside Syrian airspace and guided into Syria utilizing smart technology. Interesting that the RightWing Likud won’t enter Syrian airspace.

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    There is little doubt that Russia will shrug off the sanctions and find other companies to help them get the oil. Did the US and EU just create yet another business opportunity for China?

    As someone who can see Russia from her house would say, “YOU BETCHA !”.

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    They’re gonna have to pick a friggin’ side. Obama’s claim that he wants to destroy IS but also wants Assad to go is simply unsustainable. The real “fantasy” is that the so-called ‘moderate rebels’ will become a democratic government.

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    FRANCE24 sent one of their correspondents to Eastern Ukraine, to investigate the “evidence” of a Russian invasion and look for Russian soldiers. Gulliver Cragg reported that the local civilians showed him why the Ukrainian army had fled so rapidly. A column of 17 military vehicles full of Right Sektor ‘National Guard’ had been marauding around [...]

  • British PM David Cameron:

    The presence of Russian soldiers on Ukrainan soil is completely unjustified and unacceptable. But Russia appears to be trying to force Ukraine to abandon its democratic choices at the barrel of a gun.

    Talk about bassackwards, these folks must be from Bizarro World.

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    * I see President McCain is still singing the same ole’ song: Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb de bomb. * Danielle Pletka of AEI was complaining that everything is falling apart in Iraq, everything is falling apart in Libya, and everything is falling apart in Syria, because of al-Qaeda, and other jihadists groups. What she [...]

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    * Money is only speech in a Plutocracy.

    * Corporations are only people in an Oligarchy.

    * Corporations only have religious freedom rights in a Theocracy.

    The gang of RightWing extremists on the U.S. Supreme Court are a threat to American democracy that must be removed.

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    This was stupid. They should have just waited the 4 months and let Governor Wolf accept the full Medicaid expansion on his inauguration day. Now he will be saddled with the for-profit private-sector insurance corporate whores.

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