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  • TBogg:

    I’m not in your very special faction–I’m an Obot–and I don’t think Romney will be better for libs/progs, but I can imagine how he could be, with a probabality greater than zero.

    Eisenhower, it turned out, was good for the New Deal because his unwillingness to countenance the then-still-potent “Repeal” movement in the GOP allowed those gains to be consolidated. He didn’t advance the Progressive project, but he was also canny enough to realize that rolling it back wasn’t a realistic policy.

    Like I said. Not likely–but not impossible.

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    I read Part 1 and it was so boring I skipped part 2, but Part 3 was so stupid it wasn’t boring.

    The Southern “quasi-feudal gentry” is “LIBERAL” according to Mead.

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    The dogs will still be waiting for you when you come back Monday night.

    As long as you sic ‘em on Walter Russell Mead when you get back, I’m okay with that.