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    The biggest story from last nights daily show was the clip showing Ronald Reagan from the 1980 presidential campaign declaring his supporst for unions. Here’s part of what he said. “Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost. They remind us
    that freedom is never more than a generation from extinction”.

    Here’s the link to the youtube video.

    It’s pretty sad when the most informative source of information in this country comes from two half hour fake news shows on comedy central.

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    Prostate cancer.It couldn’t of happened to a bigger prick.

  • Democrats with balls. Novel idea. Let’s hope it catches on.

  • What do you expect. Just another inbred cracker from one of southern inbreeding states.

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    When are some of you folks on the left going to wake up to the fact that this isn’t politics, it’s war fare. You come to the table thinking that your reasoned argument is all you need. While the right is out there using every underhanded trick in the book.
    You better wake the fuck up and start fighting back.

  • If he was a democrat, they would have disowned him years ago. The only place such a ethically bankrupt creature as Newt Gingrich is allowed to exist is the party of the amoral majority… The republican party.

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    ~~~Edited by Moderator. Do not wish violence on other humans~~~ Petraeus. You might not learn the truth, but damn, it would sure feel good.

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    This is the kind of crap that happens when the media becomes filled with people who do nothing but offer their “opinion”. Nice gig though, just lie your ass off and when you get caught say that you are doing nothing but offering your opinion.

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    The democrats are almost equally responsible for the hard right shift this country has taken in the last 30 years simply because they’re a bunch of limp wristed pussies who don’t know how to fight back. The party needs its own litmus test. If you don’t have the balls to fight, don’t run.

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    Not sure if it’s the polls that are flawed or the dumbasses who responded to it. If such a large percentage of the public would like both parties to work together, then why does the republican party seem to feel that compromise is equal to capitulation.

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    Heck of a job tubby.

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    Here’s a good cartoon that sums it up.

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    I’ve seem Democrats do this kind of shit since that A-hole Reagan was in office. And I’m tired of it. If Barack wants to get re-elected, he’ll do it with out both my help and my vote.

  • Fuck Dana Milbank. Obama didn’t cave to the liberals in congress. He caved to the corporate interests that own Washington. Look at all the bogus legislation he’s given us in the last two years. Half-assed health care legislation, and a phony financial reform bill that doesn’t do anything to reign in the criminals on wall st.I’m done with that ass hole Barack Obama. I’m going to do in 2012 what a majority of younger voters did this past November. I’m staying home.

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    It’s just too bad that some of the people who get this stuff on the ballot don’t seem to have very good timing. I live in California where this thing would have gone over huge if it had been on the ballot in 2008.But instead, they put on the ballot in 2010 when most of the young people stayed home because the big “O” has turned out to be such a monumental disappointment.
    By the way, I just came from the Huffington post site. Man, do they suck. Nearly every comment you make has to be reviewed by one of their nazi censors before it’s allowed to be posted. HP sucks, go FDL.

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    Fuck him. Hope that piece of shit Limpbone gets hit by a truck. This world would be a much nicer place to live in if certain people weren’t in it.

  • They call themselves moderates because Maine won’t elect right wing crazy. But you can bet that their first priority is the same as Mitch ” the chinless wonder” McConnell. Make sure Obama is a one term president.

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    This is the perfect example of what’s wrong with the Democrats. The wide range of opinion that’s allowed to exist within the party makes it nearly impossible to get anything done.Just look at the last two years. Every piece of decent legislation had to be compromised away in order to get the votes of their conservative members.We shouldn’t reduce ourselves to allowing only an extremely narrow point of view as the Republican have. But their needs to be a basic belief system that all in the party can agree to.

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    Now Harry. Lets hope you remember that it wasn’t the insurance companies and health care lobbyists who put you back in the senate tonight. It was all the people you fucked when you gutted heath care reform.

  • Glad to see ya go Blanche. I hope the lesson you southern Dems learned tonight is that if you’re going to run as a Democrat, then you better god damned well act like one. Hope everyone of you weasels finds out what it’s like to be unemployed in an economy that’s as bad as the one you helped create.

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