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    No kidding. I’m actually starting to get offended that some people actually expect me to be dumb enough to participate in the kabuki theater, thus legitimizing it. I’m going to the polls in November to support marijuana legalization for my state, and am leaving the rest of the ballot blank.

  • Voting is the fig leaf that gives ostensible legitimacy to the oligarchy. The more people understand that it’s a sham, the quicker we’ll be able to move on. In other words, DC is no different from the rest of us; the actual fact of the situation is just better spelled out there.

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    It’s ingeniously evil, that’s for sure. You see, stuff like this makes people not feel bad about the coming societal collapse. That’s probably why I’ve been having so much success of late convincing people that the crap will hit the fan soon. Those who can’t see it at this late date are willfully blind.

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    After reading about Obama’s speech the other night, I assume it’s the Democrats you are equating with the ICP?

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    Wooo a generous helping of lies “my highest priority is the protection of the American people”, mixed in with promises of more eternal warfare on the exact other side of the world. Because we’re the good guys and bad guys hate good guys. Or something. I particularly enjoyed how Obama promised to shower ISIS with [...]

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    The difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Democrats will sweet talk you a bit before they screw you, and then apologize for it afterwards. Although even those niceties have been wearing thin lately on the Democratic side lately; as if they don’t even bother doing all that great a job to keep up the facade anymore.

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    Some of those “known reserves” being accounted for were in the arctic and in various shale formations. As an example of how some of those “known reserves” are faring, all the major oil companies have withdrawn or are in the process of withdrawing from the arctic (they’ve discovered much to their chagrin that they can [...]

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    Great, but it stopped being postponed in 2005-2006. We’ve been on the downward slope of energy returned vs. energy invested ever since. So now we have to deal with the reality of all the good stuff being gone and only the crap being left.

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    I thought Fukushima would be the wake-up call, but I guess we’ll need some more unmitigated, horrifying disasters to make people better informed about nuclear power. By the way, there’s a lot of cheap land in exotic Fukushima prefecture now. All the nuclear-shills should put their money where the mouth is and go live next [...]

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    Oh believe me: we’re going to have 0% carbon emissions in the next several decades whether we want them or not. By definition, a system that unsustainable eventually will become sustainable in the future, guaranteed. Although I have to admit, I find it to be particularly amusing, reading about all the different kinds of delusional [...]

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    More than anything else, Fukushima is what really made me start to questions the sanity of our elites. It’s certainly a given that they self-interested narcissists who will do anything for themselves, their families, and their class. But not even caring that their children and grandchildren are going to be just as irradiated as everyone [...]

  • Eh this is why I’ve been studying Chinese. The American empire is clearly going down the drain. Might as well get a head start on the upcoming international language and make some useful connections.

  • Even though American’s access to energy and industrial products will be cut by around 90% or more in the years ahead, the quality of our lives will nevertheless improve, if we handle it correctly.

    I mean come on: who really enjoys getting up every morning just to deal with asshole bosses, boneheaded commuters, grub-like office plankton all day anyway? The end of empire means that all these unpleasant individuals will be out of your life for good, and that we get to have pleasant repasts with friends and family day in and day out to get by. All this extra crap we’re doing/dealing with is only their because we have to support the empire.

    Of course the sheer gross stupidity and desperation outlined in these latest Snowden revelations is a pretty good clue that we’re a lot closer to that pleasant future than a lot of very misguided and delusional people suspect.

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    Well if no one owns them, can’t we just go haul them away from scrap metal then? I mean, since no one owns them they’re abandoned property and no one will complain when they are gone, right?

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    Just to let you in on the joke, erik is trolling you. He always has good, ironic commentary on the vilest and most hypocritical aspects of Democratic partisan hacks; you just have to read between the lines a bit. So don’t take it so seriously.

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    I can consider that a positive; the healthiest and most well-adjusted people in America are the ones who are ignoring the kabuki show and are instead making alternative arrangements. As Max Keiser said, the US was an experiment and it had a good couple hundred year run, but now it’s time to move on.

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    Well personally I enjoy the GOPs style of telling you how they’re going to screw you before they do it, to the Democrat’s style of being two-faced about it then screwing you and making up all kinds of excuses about why they had to do it to you. I guess it’s just a preference thing.

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    There is not a plan or a program. There will not be a plan or a program. This failing society will resolve its problems the same exact way all other failing societies have solved theirs: by collapsing. Now people who prefer to live in the real world, rather than ideological political fantasies, will understand that [...]

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    Well to be fair empires that fail to exploit the periphery and constantly expand collapse. Ukraine and Syria et al. is the US empire’s way of staving off collapse a month or two longer. And if it ruins the lives of millions of people and decimates the environment in the process, well that’s never stopped past empires. The US is following an old script.

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    By the way, it appears to me that rather than trying to fundamentally rearchitect society in a sane manner, Occupy only ever aimed to spread around the loot more “fairly”. Industrial civilization is pretty much at the end of its life cycle, and trying to get in on it is kind of like trying to [...]

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