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  • “gop-dim”?

    Let’s not forget that it’s a Democratic president who has pinned his heart and soul on having this steaming pile of traitorous trash passed. I think you should give up on the ad hominems and the whole partisan thing as well. There are plenty in the GOP who aren’t so gung ho to sell us to the highest bidder and plenty of Democrats who would throw their mother under a bus if the “donation” were big enough.

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    The US puppet regime in Kiev shot down the plane and then tried to blame it on the Russians/rebels as well. Of course the US got behind their puppets in a heartbeat after that and was all about bringing down fire and brimstone on Putin for his alleged role in Kiev’s crime. Of course all [...]

  • Yeah… prohibition is one of the lamest and most bone-headed ideas our Fascist control-freak leaders have come up with yet. It’s all just an elaborate scam to give government an excuse to make the American people more miserable then they already are while simultaneously enriching police, the prison industry, and weapons merchants. It’s a win-win for everyone (who counts), at least until the plebs become disgruntled enough to realize that they don’t have a criminal problem, but a political problem–and then start acting on it. As we have begun seeing the beginning stages of over these past few months.

  • Prohibition of the 30s resulted in the rise of organized crime across the United States, crime syndicates that went on functioning just fine even after prohibition ended. Nixon’s “war on drugs” has had a similar role in fostering and sustaining violent criminal syndicates that stretch across the Western Hemisphere. One would think that the government objective of prohibitions is not the states goal of ending substance use, since generally said substances become cheaper and more abundant after a prohibition is enacted, and rather about creating organized criminal gangs which government is then “obligated” to lavishly fight. A perfect self-licking ice cream cone for the MIC and police state thugs.

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    There’s a great video on this page. You’ll be able to get an idea if it’s what you’re looking for if you watch I think:


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    Check out Vanguard camera bags on Amazon. When I started commercial photography I spent some time researching bags myself. The shoulder-worn VanguardHe ralder messenger bag that I decided on has performed absolutely flawlessly since I got it. I’m so impressed that a Vanguard daypack is next on my equipment list to pick up.

  • Looking at the trainwreck of the institution of marriage in the US, there’s no way in hell I’m getting married here. American politics, culture and economics is just not set up to make marriage a viable option for most people these days. So I decided to just get out.

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    I think the concept is pretty admirable for the image and that there’s a lot to learn from it. I take it you’re not a big fan of post-production though? With commercial photography and competitions in the US we can’t get away from it =/

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    Oh damn, nice picture. It almost seems like he’s not a complete venal crook in it. Must take some incredible photography skills to make that happen.

  • “Obama’s Principles”

    I must have unknowingly entered the Star Trek mirror-world, and we are now dealing with “evil” Obama who has principles. Although I just checked the news and it appears that he doesn’t have a goatee. What’s going on?!

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    You have to admire Jon Walker. He goes to FDL to shill for Democrats time and time again despite knowing that he’s going to get cut down for it every time. Although to be fair to Jon he should know that shilling for Democrats is a lot like shilling for gonorrhea because syphilis is “worse”.

  • Third Way eh? I guess if the corporate mouthpiece of the Money Party is getting behind legalization then it’s a sure bet now. Only question is how will the Republican wing of the Party drag their pot-hating base into it.

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    Systems do not adapt; they die. Since you are already part way to acknowledging this truth, you should start looking into the sorts of useful things we could do today to make life slightly less horrific after the collapse. OK, good luck at NC! But Emptywheel? I just can’t deal with/understand the bizarre sports fetish thing there, so I stopped checking it out.

  • I like how you throw around the word “stupid” so liberally. Are you by chance Mr. Gruber? Or are you just demonstrating the common casual contempt for the people that Democrats have been revealed to have of late?

    I myself used to vote straight Democratic tickets, but would now vote for a Republican over a Democrat just to have the prevaricating, back-stabbing, lying piece of shit Democrats not “representing” me–thanks in no small part to Obamacare. I guess I am one of the “stupid” people you and Mr. Gruber despise so much–you fucked us and now we are stupid because are not properly enjoying the fucking and now your party is being destroyed by all the stupid people out there as a consequence. Jeez who would have thought.

  • Jon Walker’s post alternate between being trite pablum and obnoxious/offensive pablum. This latest piece falls into the offensive category.

    This is all the more puzzling since infrequently Jon shows some recognition (could revealing that be accidental?) that Democrats as a party are hopelessly corrupt and utterly depraved. Could this be a glimpse of the inner struggle of having to say nice, or at least anodyne, things about the status quo elites despite know that they are utterly evil and malignant? I guess that begs the question why there is some motivation to say nice things about them in the first place.

  • People don’t have an economics/monetary problem. They have a political problem. Doing more “stimulus spending” because “debt doesn’t matter” will have the effect of doing exactly nothing to change the fact that the lives of the people are continually getting more miserable than they already are. What will change things is a good house cleaning, [...]

  • Lol. Your posts are always worth a good laugh.

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    The US can’t help but endlessly stumble from one self-inflicted trainwreck to the next. Fairly typical as far as failing empires go, though the scale is a bit unusual this time around.

  • “arguable did the prudent thing and called police”?

    If we lived in a just nation the paranoid/snitchy caller, the clueless dispatcher and the mal-trained/trigger happy officer would all be facing murder charges. It’s utterly sick that we live in a country with “people” who do this stuff.

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    Jon Walker: you’ve presented enough evidence yourself on this topic: please just stop running stories where you give the regime and the various Obamatards the benefit of the doubt and instead just start prefacing all of your stories with “Obama and Democrats are known, inveterate liars. Anything any of them say is probably a lie–this includes any kind of data any of them report.”

    If you did that you wouldn’t come off as being so naive you know. Gruber and Obama see the American people as being way too “stupid” to see through any of the transparently obvious lies that these liars tell. We should at least make some effort to show them wrong in that.

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