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  • jgordon commented on the blog post A Week Out, Things Are Looking Bad for Democrats

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    “and younger voters are less reliable”

    My take, from experience, is that younger voters tend to be far less delusional than their elders and thus have little affiliation with either backstabbing, corporate-owned party. And why should they?

  • jgordon commented on the blog post Things Are Not Looking Good for Democrats

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    You could have turned this into a positive and uplifting article by simply changing the wording around a bit to: “Things are looking good for Republicans”. Since there’s no difference really, either in the semantics or between the parties, you could have just phrased it that way to keep things upbeat.

  • Just as an FYI, the black people I know always used to look at me distinctly cock-eyed whenever I said “African American” so I just went back to saying black. I mean, if you think about it, that makes sense: I don’t going around wanting people to call me “Caucasian American”. Rather, “white” will do just fine, even though I’m really a sort of pasty-tan/pinkish color.

  • To put it mildly, Democrats are back-stabbing liars. I’m genuinely surprised that there is still 39% of the electorate out there with such a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome.

  • jgordon commented on the blog post Not Even Thomas Duncan’s Fiancee Contracted Ebola

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    The powers that be have proven themselves to be vile liars over and over again. And then some more. If they really wanted people to not panic they could try telling the truth once in a while. I know radical concept. But still.

  • Reminds me of a black gentleman I was talking to a couple of weeks ago who cares very deeply about the issues blacks face in America today. I mentioned to him that I was just offended by the injustice and oppression on display in Ferguson as I was about the injustice that Muslims and gays face in America today… and in all seriousness he told me that I was out of my mind because “injustice committed against blacks today is much worse than injustice committed against other minorities because of the long history of racism and oppression that blacks have already had to deal with.”

    Uh… yeah. There’s a guy I want to be standing side by side with while we fight injustice together. Not.

  • jgordon commented on the blog post Obama Appoints Ebola Czar, Third Health Worker Isolated

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    You kidding me with that weak straw man? Everyone From Obama on down is demonstrating obscene incompetence and malfeasance in handling this ebola outbreak. What you should come clean and admit is that Obama no better than Perry et al. They are all exactly the same grossly incompetent political hacks. Actually Obama may in fact be a shade worse than Perry, because it is certainly such a brazenly obscene act to put a lobbyist and political schmoozer in charge of the ebola response–I’m not 100% certain that even Perry would have descended that far into blatant depravity as Obama has.

  • jgordon commented on the blog post Hating the Other Party Really Drives Turnout

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    And if I really hate both parties that means I’m even more likely to vote than someone who only (foolishly) hates one party? Well it could work like that. I remember that before I quit voting altogether I was really motivated to vote for straight third party and independent tickets for a while.

  • jgordon commented on the blog post Obama Appoints Ebola Czar, Third Health Worker Isolated

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    As a famed insider and political operative, we can rest assured that he will be able to spin the horrific ebola epidemic that will soon be sweeping America as the fault of the bad nasty Republicans and not all the fault of Obama. While he’s at that, he will surely funnel large Amounts of money to Obama and other corporatists. He truly is the right man to handle this.

  • jgordon commented on the blog post Republicans Have Edge on Most Big Issues

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    The difference between Democrats and Republicans:

    …the Democrats actually bother to lie about their plans to screw you.

    Although maintaining that facade has become increasingly less of a priority of late. That probably explains why the base is so demotivated. They’re used to sweet lies and they are just getting the kind of service anymore.

  • jgordon commented on the diary post MENA Mashup: Kobane, ISIS, and our MIC by CTuttle.

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    It certainly appears to me that the plans of the deep state were way to intricate and involved way to many moving parts and that they’re consequently going out of control.

  • jgordon commented on the blog post Holder And FBI Looking To Stop Civilian Use Of Strong Crypto

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    Many here want to trust these criminals to pass and enforce new laws regulating guns as well. I’m sensing a bit of schizophrenia in all this: it’s ok to trust power-mad criminals with violating some rights, but not others. Hmmm.

  • jgordon commented on the diary post Yes, We Can Pay for Increasing Social Security Benefits by letsgetitdone.

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    Things happen the way they do because we have an empire to maintain and certain activities are required to maintain an empire. The monetary system and social arrangement we have today are a side affect of empire maintenance, not the driver. Focusing on monetary gimmickry is a lot like looking at a dog’s tail and [...]

  • “Who woulda thunk a party filled with dastardly, despicable, black-hearted bastards would be so unpopular?”

    I’m not clear on which party you’re referring to there. You should include a characteristic that’s unique to one or the other so we can tell.

  • “many of the close races could come down to how successful Democrats are at getting young people to turn out. At the moment it looks like Democrats still have a lot of work to do on that front.”

    Why not talk about Republican chances instead of Democrat chances? Like there’d be any difference. Actually a libertarian like Rand Paul might accidentally legalize various (stupidly illegal) substances, restore some civil liberties, and curtail wars while he’s in office, even if he sucks on every other issue. And that’s better than, say, HRC who sucks on every issue.

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    The carelessness and lies coming from the federal government on this makes the theory that the elites are looking for a way to radically cut down the population pretty plausible. I mean seriously–the ambulance driver and the ambulance that transported the ebola victim weren’t taken out of commission until two days after the fact? Half naked cleaners power washing ebola vomit onto the lawn the next day? Sending five sheriff’s deputies into the ebola den with no safety equipment… to serve a court order by order of the feds?

    Seriously. Even if you all aren’t afraid the government is maliciously out to get you with ebola, then at the very leas you should be afraid of how criminally incompetent the federal government is here.

  • jgordon commented on the diary post Imagine There’re No Countries by David Swanson.

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    Err no. We are doing all that bad stuff because it serves the interests of empire. Were to stop doing the things on the list you just went down, America would almost immediately lose access to the 1/4 of the world’s energy and 1/3 of the world’s industrial production that it now enjoys. While it [...]

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    As political systems scale linearly, the amount of energy and resources it takes to maintain them go up exponentially. And it’s taking just about all the world’s resources to maintain the US empire as is, which is the closest thing to a global government we have at the moment. Anyway, just cut our energy budget [...]

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    Unfortunately between Alex Jones and MSNBC… well Jones is far more credible. At least Jones accidently gets some truth out there sometimes. MSNBC et al is all lies, all the time, with armies of fact checkers to ensure that no unspun facts will ever get on the air.

  • jgordon commented on the blog post We Could Have Hired 10,000 Teachers– Instead, We Got a War

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    How much do unemployed teachers “donate” to politicians, especially as compared to the MIC.

    That is the entirety of how policies are decided today. So we no longer have a concept of justice, ethics, or sustainability it’s easy to see how the empire is at the end of its life. Although come to think of it, I surely would not want more kids educated with the trash being taught in public schools in America today, so in the bigger picture this all worked out well. I much prefer being around the uneducated to being around boring nose-to-the-grindstone fragile cogs in the machine anyway.

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